Chapter 103: A moody expert

Under the rule of the Qing Dynasty, there were really no sects that could be considered a major one. Sects such as Six Directions Sect, Weituo Sect, Merchant Manor, Green Bamboo Gang, Penglai Sect were all quite minor in the wulin. Speaking of which, the Mount Tai Sect could be regarded as the only major sect in the Qing Dynasty.

Everywhere Song Qingshu went, except for a few sects showing dissatisfaction, most sects were all surprisingly cooperative. Thinking that they could send their people to the palace to be a guard, they not only did not have the resistance Song Qingshu imagined there would be, but appeared to be very cooperative, and immediately wanted to go to the capital with Song Qingshu.

Song Qingshu couldn’t bear the enthusiasm of the heads of the various sects, so he hurriedly excused himself to go to other sects to pass the decree, and left them with relevant certificates, so that they could report to the commander of the capital guarding army within a month.

All the while he was thinking about Xia Qingqing, who was rushing to the capital. During these days Song Qingshu had always been on the road using the Traceless Sand Treading Steps. On the one hand, he exercised his dynamic vision, so that he could use it in the battle against the enemy, and on the other hand, it was to save time. 

He spent so much of his time and efforts on Xia Qingqing. If she was in an accident to save Gui Xinshu and his wife just because he was a step late in returning to the capital, it would be like letting the cooked duck fly away. Nothing would be more depressing than that.

Fortunately, all the other sects cooperated very well. Even the leader of the Mount Tai Sect, Taoist Tianmen, resigned to send his most proud disciple to the capital. Song Qingshu remained busy all the time, and it took him only ten days to travel to dozens of sects.

“A night of crying, sighing and groaning, akin to being trapped in the wilderness, everything withered…” Finally, Song Qingshu was on his way back to Yanjing, humming a song all the way. (Goblin: The theme song of the TVB drama “Jade Blood Sword” (2000).)

When passing through the junction of Shandong and Jiangsu, he heard the sound of swords clashing coming from a forest in front. Song Qingshu looked around and saw that a group of bandits were besieging a convoy, and the guards of the convoy should be from an official family.

“It’s none of my business~” Song Qingshu whistled and continued on his way. He didn’t like the Manchu Qing court himself, and wished for the Qing Dynasty to be more chaotic. The more trouble Emperor Kangxi was in, the more opportunities he had. He wouldn’t mind one or two Manchu officials being robbed and killed.

“Father, I’ll block them first, you protect mother and go on first!” Suddenly a clear and pleasant voice came to his ear.

“Huh?” Song Qingshu, who had already walked quite far, suddenly stopped, and when he looked back, he saw a handsome and pretty young man in the convoy was wielding a sword, holding back at least one-third of the bandits.

Song Qingshu saw that although he was dressed in men’s clothes, he was petite and graceful, and his voice was as sweet as a yellow warbler, this person was clearly a woman dressed as a man. (Goblin: Yellow warbler is a type of songbird.)

“The hero saves the beauty, I like this kind of drama the most.” Song Qingshu touched his chin, immediately changed his mind, and walked over there.

“What an atrocity! You bandits dare to openly attack the court officials in broad daylight, is there any law in this world? Is there still an emperor’s law?” Song Qingshu put on a distressed look as he walked on to the stage.

“Scholar, get out of here, these ruffians won’t have any benevolence and talk morality with you.” The girl disguised as a man saw a young man dressed as a scholar recklessly approaching, and couldn’t help but kindly remind him.

“Little girl, you are kind, you are obviously in trouble yourself, why are you still interested in meddling with other people’s business?” Song Qingshu found a big rock, carefully blew off the dust on it, and did not forget to wipe it with his sleeves, so that he could sit at his leisure. He clearly planned to sit back and watch the two groups of people in the scene fight to the death.

The bandits originally thought that it was some fool who was not afraid of death. After seeing that it was just a crazy scholar, they didn’t care much and continued to besiege the convoy.

Song Qingshu looked at them, most of the guards in the convoy had lost their combat effectiveness. Only the girl and her father were obviously extraordinary in martial arts, and this group of bandits could not gain an advantage.

Seeing the stalemate between the two sides, Song Qingshu was not in a hurry to meddle, and asked with a smile, “Little Miss, you are a lady from an official family, where did you learn how to play with knives and swords?”

“Little Miss, your swordsmanship is quite good, where did you learn it?”

“Little Miss… ouch!” 

Annoyed with the other party’s blabbering, the girl in men’s clothing angrily said, “Let’s see how you make more noise!”

“Golden Lotus Needle from the Wudang Sect?” Song Qingshu picked up the golden needle shot by the other party and looked at it in front of him. He was quite startled, but said, “Goodness me, you don’t use needles for embroidery, but use them as hidden weapons. Let me give you a warning, I’m feeling a little allergic to girls who use needles recently, so don’t make me angry.”

“You!” The girl in the man’s clothes was so angry that she was lost for words, and the bandits took advantage of the situation to attack, and the girl was suddenly in danger.

“Zhi’er, this person is just joking with you, don’t take it seriously.” After all, the older military official had more experience in life, and at a glance, he could see that Song Qingshu was not malicious, “This one before you is Li Kexiu, and I am the admiral of water and land in Jiangsu and Zhejiang. This time me and my family were besieged by bandits on the road, and I hope this gentleman can help us.”

“Her name has the word ‘Zhi’ in it?” Song Qingshu frowned, then shook his head like a rattle, “This name violates my taboo, won’t save, can’t save.”

Li Kexiu was stunned, thinking that the behavior of these people in the wulin was really weird, and he didn’t know how to proceed with the conversation.

“Is he an expert?” The girl snorted coldly, “Dad, don’t be deceived by this scholar. What kind of expert could he be while acting like a crazy person.”

“Little girl, don’t look down on people, I’m really a big expert! If you beg me, maybe I’ll save you when I’m happy.” Song Qingshu said with a smile.

“How big of an expert are you?” the girl said disdainfully.

“I’m quite big, as big as three or four stories.” Song Qingshu replied. (Goblin: There’s a pun here. But, it got lost in translation.)

The girl’s smart eyes suddenly lit up, and she asked between her moves, “Since you are an expert, how many moves will you take to subdue this group of bandits?”

“Subduing them?” Song Qingshu said disdainfully, “I don’t even need to use my hands, I just have to move my mouth.”

“Who are you lying to?” The girl said angrily.

Song Qingshu was about to open his mouth and continue to tease, when suddenly he was hit hard on the head, his eyes rolled, and he fell straight down.

“Bah!” A bandit behind Song Qingshu put away his staff and cursed his bad luck, “You’ve been making quite a noise here for some time now. I thought you were really an expert, so I had to endure you for a long time. If I knew you were just a fool, I would have dealt with you at the very beginning.”

Li Kexiu was startled when he saw the expert in his mind being dealt with just one blow, and he wondered if he had really misunderstood.

Seeing that Song Qingshu was so weak, the girl in man’s clothing was also stunned for a while, “Hey, although I didn’t have any expectations from you, you are too useless.”

 At that moment, several long swords had already been placed on her delicate neck, and the girl was stunned, and did not dare to move again.

Seeing that his daughter was captured, Li Kexiu was furious, but unfortunately he could do nothing alone and was soon subdued.

“Hmph, the Golden Serpent King is dead, and the remaining bosses are busy competing for the leader’s position. I just wanted to take a vote and leave, hehe, but who knew I actually caught a high-ranking official and found a tender man. Brothers, it seems that our luck is not bad.” Seeing that everyone in the convoy was subdued, the bandit leader let out a long laugh.

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