Chapter 104: The girl in men’s clothes

“One day a group of two, three, four and five people were fighting, and so who will win?” At that moment, a voice was heard from behind him, asking him a question.

“I’m not good at arithmetics, how the hell would I know.” The leader replied impatiently, then suddenly as if he had seen a ghost, he turned his head quickly.

What he saw was Song Qingshu, who was lying on the ground just now, sitting on the big boulder with a smile on his face. Whether it was the bandits or Li Kexiu and his daughter, they all stood there in a daze.

“You’re not dead?” the bandit leader asked in horror.

“I’m an expert, of course I’ll not die so easily.” Song Qingshu turned back and smiled at the girl in men’s clothing, “Little girl, cover your ears, I’ll show you how to deal with them by moving your mouth.”

“Fu*k!” The bandit leader’s expresion turned dignified. Being insulted in public like this, all the other bandits were furious, and they pulled out their swords and slashed at him.

Song Qingshu’s expression changed, he took a deep breath, opened his mouth, and let out a clear roar. It was like a thunderous sound that was heard for several miles, making all the bandit’s head and hearts rapture violently, as if their brains were about to explode.

After half a stick of incense time, the bandits who were still alive till now, groaned in pain on the ground while holding their heads.

“Lion’s Roar!” Li Kexiu looked at Song Qingshu in shock. He didn’t expect him to have such a powerful internal strength at such a young age.

The bandit leader was half-kneeling on the ground. Looking at Song Qingshu with a grim face, he gritted his teeth and said, “Since your martial arts is so powerful, why did you deceive us like that?”

“Just now the two sides were evenly matched, so how could their gratitude to me be compared to the gratitude of being rescued by me after experiencing despair.” Song Qingshu said it as a matter of factly.

When Li Kexiu and his daughter heard his reason, their expressions turned black, and the leader of the bandits spurted out a mouthful of blood, almost dying from excessive anger.

“Don’t start a vomit show for now, and let’s talk business. I noticed your manner of speaking, and you really don’t seem like a mere bandit leader. What’s your name?” Song Qingshu looked at him and asked.

“Long Aotian!” The bandit leader hesitated, but said directly.

Song Qingshu was shocked and looked at him up and down in amazement, then spoke with a smile on the corner of his mouth, “I have a friend who is somewhat related to you. I planned to let you go from the beginning. Now that I heard your name, I will not embarrass you anymore, you can leave with your subordinates. They just got a little concussion from my attack, and they should be okay with a few days rest. Of course, the hero who hit me just now will probably have to lie down for a few more days.”

Long Aotian supported his men tremblingly and walked into the depths of the woods. Before disappearing, he turned his head and took a deep look at Song Qingshu, as if to remember his appearance in his heart.

“Why did you let them go?” The girl in men’s clothes pouted and complained while pulling off the rope from her body.

“Zhi’er, don’t be rude! Benefactor, the name of this little girl Li Yuanzhi. You… come here and thank the benefactor for saving your life.” Li Kexiu hurriedly glared at his daughter.

“No, no…” Song Qingshu smiled, “My purpose of saving you people was not very pure.”

Li Kexiu was stunned for a moment, but did not understand the subtext of these words, and still said enthusiastically, “May I know Benefactor’s name.”

The other party was also a member of the officialdom, Song Qingshu hesitated for a while, and finally said the truth, “Master Li, don’t be so polite, this humble one is Song Qingshu, we are colleagues.”

“Are you Song Qingshu, the number one master of the imperial guards?” The girl gave him a surprised look.

“I didn’t expect that I would be so famous?” Song Qingshu was feeling rather embarrassed.

“It turned out to be Lord Song who made a big wave in Mount Tai.” Li Kexiu suddenly realized, and quickly felt a lot closer to him.

After talking for a while, Song Qing said in embarrassment, “It would have been proper for me to escort you, but unfortunately, I have the emperor’s mission to carry out, and this Song is still in a hurry to return to Yanjing to resume his duties…”

Li Kexiu has been in the officialdom for many years, he understood the implication and immediately said, “Master Song, don’t worry, the people who were supposed to meet us will arrive soon, the emperor’s mission is more important, and Master Song should leave early.”

Li Yuanzhi showed a cunning look on her face. She came to Song Qingshu’s side, and spoke while pretending to worship him, “Master, accept me as a disciple.”

Song Qingshu was taken aback, and quickly stretched out his hand and held her forearm to help her up. Although Li Yuanzhi was born in the south, but grew up in the north, she had a sense of boldness and didn’t care about decorums as much as ordinary women. As for Song Qingshu, he would not care about the principle of ‘do not take advantage’ if he had the chance to take it.

“Miss Li, what are you doing?” Song Qingshu only felt that thunder was rolling in his heart, thinking that he originally wanted to be a hero saving the beauty. But this was something that went against his plans, how could he agree to be her master? 

“I want to take you as my teacher. Your martial arts are so high, if I can learn half of your skills, oh no…one or two fractions of skill, then my level will be much higher than now.” Li Yuanzhi said innocently with her wide eyes.

“Nonsense!” Even though he usually loved this daughter the most, and was reluctant to scold her, Li Kexiu also felt that it was ridiculous.

“You used the Golden Lotus Needle just now. It seems that the Wudang Sect disciples taught you martial arts. Between me and the Wudang Sect, haah…” Song Qingshu shook his head and said firmly, “In short, I will not accept you as a disciple.”

“Is that so,” Li Yuanzhi muttered with disappointment on her face, “But I really want to see the battle of the Forbidden City.”

“What?” Song Qingshu gave her a strange look.

Seeing that she had inadvertently revealed her true purpose, Li Yuanzhi became nervous, her face couldn’t help but reveal her shame, but she still gritted her teeth and said directly, “The most fierce rumors in the wulin these days are about the battle between the Mount Hua Sect Sword Saint Feng Qingyang and the Sun Moon Holy Cult Leader Dongfang Bubai at the peak of the Forbidden City. And there are different opinions on who will win. The most unfortunate thing is that the venue of the competition is in the palace, and all the people in the world can’t even witness it.”

“You are a guard in the palace. If you can bring me into the palace, I will be able to witness this extraordinary battle. When the time comes, I will come back and tell my master and father, I will make them envy me, hum!” Li Yuanzhi spoke very quickly. Although she spoke a lot, but her words were crisp and sweet.

Li Kexiu’s heart warmed, and he had mentioned it casually before, saying that it was a pity that he could not witness the battle between the two great masters in the world. Unexpectedly, his daughter had always remembered it in her heart…

“Bringing someone into the palace privately is a death penalty…” Song Qingshu thought to himself, ‘if that was the case then I would’ve died many times’ But in front of a high-ranking official in the Qing Dynasty, he had to act law abiding on the surface.

Who knew that Li Kexiu, this old fox, had long gone to the side to comfort his family, pretending not to hear anything.

Li Kexiu actually has his own ideas. He was Han Chinese. He has climbed to this position step by step with military merit, and had to put in several times more effort and suffered more hardships than others.

He thought that if his daughter was accidentally noticed by the emperor when she entered the palace, that would be a wonderful scenario. ‘Even if she didn’t have such good luck, it would be good if she can get close to a prince. By the way, it’s said that there is this Lord Wei who is in great favor with the emperor recently…’

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    1. Not many people actually get to cultivate internal energy, since the techniques are so rare. So there isn’t any well defined stages. Those few who cultivate keep it to themselves as trumpcards, so it’s hard to sort out the levels.

  1. Why is this guy letting bandits go???? He keeps simping for all these women acting like he’s some kind of hero, then he lets bandits go, and refuses to actually do anything to enemies. Does this ever stop or is this just a recurring theme? I know you said he finds his place in the world, but so far he’s just a retard there for vacation.

    1. He’ll change. Remember just a few months ago he was just a normal human. Normal humans doesn’t just magically become okay with killing. This protagonist is different from the one’s who become predators the moment they are reborn. He’ll learn things along the way. That’s why it’s 2000+ chapters long.

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