Chapter 114: Seriously injured Luo Bing

Song Qingshu didn’t know that this was a sword technique from the Tianshan Sect. Each move of this sword technique was only used to one-third of its form. When the enemy tries to parry, the sword move would change, and thus one move from this sword technique contained three moves. However, due to the heightened sensitivity, Song Qingshu could immediately see through the inadequacy of this sword technique.

Holding up the Wooden Sword, no matter how his opponent changed their moves, Song Qingshu always stabbed the opponent straight with his sword. 

Chen Jialuo was taken aback and quickly stepped back.

Song Qingshu secretly rejoiced that Chen Jialuo was short of time and did not have so much time to fight with him. So he just used the strategy of besieging Wei and saving Zhao to deal with him, and kept attacking him to stall him. 

After all, Chen Jialuo cared too much about gains and losses. If he was a decisive man like Xiao Feng, he would be able to realize that if he continued to attack Song Qingshu, he himself would only be slightly injured, but his opponent would be seriously injured. 

Xiao Feng would continue to attack his opponent without hesitation, which would keep Song Qingshu occupied, making him no longer able to deal with the Chang twins who would then be attacking together.

In the blink of an eye, several first-class masters were forced back. At the moment, Song Qingshu had already lost a lot of his inner qi, and there was very little inner qi that could be used for a prolonged fight. Therefore, he used soft force and parried the Darkness Eradicating Palms of the Chang twins.

“Protect the Emperor!” At that moment, Duo Long and the others finally rushed over. They were shocked when they saw the situation, and rushed over with their drawn swords.

The Chang brothers’ offensive couldn’t help but slow down, and Song Qingshu finally had some space to breathe. With the sudden arrival of the imperial guards, the situation was quickly under control.

The members of the Red Flower Society immediately gathered around. When they saw that in the blink of an eye, four of the top martial artists on their side were seriously injured, their faces turned ashen.

Knowing that it was impossible to succeed today, Chen Jialuo shouted in a low voice, “Let’s go!”

“Take them down!” Emperor Kangxi finally calmed down and said bitterly when he saw everyone in the Red Flower Society starting to flee.

“Heh!” Duo Long looked back and sneered, “Want to leave? Is it so easy?” He hurriedly took his men to surround them.

Song Qingshu didn’t move, he stood in front of Emperor Kangxi, and whispered, “The Emperor’s safety is the most important thing, I’ll stay here to guard against any sudden surprises.”

Emperor Kangxi had just seen Song Qingshu use his bare hands to defeat several opponents in a row, and he already admired this young man’s martial arts in his heart. So, he could only feel at ease when Song Qingshu was guarding him, and he nodded subconsciously when he heard that.

Song Qingshu watched the battle on the scene, and sighed in his heart, ‘I can only do this much so I don’t get myself into trouble. You guys can’t ask for more help than this.’

There were more and more guards circling them, and the members of the Red Flower Society were quickly separated into several places. They were in a dilemma, whether to keep fighting or run away.

Chen Jialuo knew that if he didn’t step up today, their whole group would be wiped out, and he quickly shouted, “When the Red Flowers meet the harsh breeze, its petals part ways for a better tomorrow!  Everyone break through!”

At this moment, in the Red Flower Society, his combat power was the most intact. Chen Jialuo was rushing around in the battlefield, constantly helping the leaders of the Society who were in danger, and prevented the guards from making any advances.

Yu Yutong, the Golden Flute Scholar, just repelled the two guards in front of him, but two more guards took their place. He was overwhelmed and fell into a disadvantage. Several guards took the opportunity to slash with their swords, and Yu Yutong shouted in his heart, ‘My life ends today…’

Unexpectedly, several guards on the opposite side screamed and fell to the ground one after another. Yu Yutong looked at them at the same time, and noticed that several thin gold needles were stuck in their faces, “The Golden Lotus Needles!”. 

Li Yuanzhi, dressed in guard clothes, quickly came over. They looked at each other, and exchanged countless stories in their eyes.

“Follow me!” Li Yuanzhi dragged Yu Yutong and attempted to rush out, but Yu Yutong shook off her arm.

When he saw Li Yuanzhi staring at him suspiciously, Yu Yutong gritted his teeth and said, “Today, I am afraid that the Red Flower Society will be wiped out. Miss Li, this Yu knows your heart, and I will definitely pay you back in the next life.”

After saying that, Yu Yutong returned to the battlefield, “Fourth sister-in-law, I’m here to help you!”

It turned out that Wen Tailai was seriously injured by Song Qingshu just now, and he only had less than 30% of his original fighting power left.

Luo Bing could not bear to run when her husband was in trouble, so she ran to his side to fight with him to the end, while taking the opportunity to protect her husband.

However, although Luo Bing’s martial arts skills were good, and she was very skilled as the Mandarin Ducks Saber, it was a pity that there were too many guards around, and she also had to take care of her husband Wen Tailai. Therefore, it didn’t take long for Luo Bing and her husband to be surrounded.

It turned out that Yu Yutong turned around and saw this scene just now. He always had a different feeling for this mature and charming fourth sister-in-law. So he thought, ‘If the fourth sister-in-law dies today, then what’s the point of living in this world?’

Having made up his mind, he firmly rejected Li Yuanzhi’s rescue and returned to the battlefield without hesitation.

With a scream, Zhang Jin (the hunchback) was hacked to death by a random guard, and everyone in the Red Flower Society was stunned. Wen Tailai shouted, “Chief, you don’t have to worry about us, you must go first. As long as the Red Flower Society survives, those who are alive will avenge us in the future. Brother Chang, we will cover the retreat of the Chief together.”

The Chang brothers looked at each other and replied, “Okay!” 

When they came close to Wen Tailai, they suddenly grabbed his vest and threw him to the group of guards in front of them.

“Fourth brother!” Luo Bing was so frightened that her rosy face turned pale, and she saw her husband fall on to the enemy’s bright steel swords.

“Keep that person alive!” Emperor Kangxi still remembered how rude this guy was to him just now, so how could he let him die so easily?

“Haah!” Betrayed by his brothers, Wen Tailai was furious, and when a group of guards put their sword on his neck, he couldn’t hold on any longer and fainted.

No one on either side had expected this kind of accident just now. And at that moment, a gap appeared in the defense line of the imperial guards, and the Chang brothers took the opportunity to rush out.

“Chief, don’t worry about them, we’ll deal with them in the future, I’ll cover you, go!” After the fight  just now, Zhao Banshan still had few hidden weapons left, and at this moment he shot all the hidden weapons at the guards around Chen Jialuo.

At this point, Chen Jialuo knew that he had to leave, he killed several guards blocking the road, jumped over the wall, and fled.

Looking at the beautiful fourth sister-in-law beside him, Yu Yutong suddenly worried that she would be humiliated if she fell into the hands of the Qing soldiers. So he could only plead, “Save her!”

Luo Bing was already exhausted, and fainted as soon as she fell on the ground.

Li Yuanzhi, who was hiding in the rockery, saw that her sweetheart went back to save another woman, and she felt sour in her heart. But seeing Yu Yutong’s resolute attitude as he desperately held back the Qing soldiers who wanted to capture them, she had to endure the grievance in her heart and carried Luo Bing on her back to run away.

It’s just that there was martial law everywhere and the palace was way too vast. Li Yuanzhi didn’t know which direction to run. After hesitating for a moment, she couldn’t help stamping her feet, and carried Luo Bing to the courtyard where she lived for the past few days. On the way she thought in her heart, ‘I’ll deal with Song Qingshu when he finds out, now I have no other way.’

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      2. Although I hate pushovers and licking dogs to the point I wish they go to a place worse than hell, Qingshu must have his reasons. First, he is a villain with a bottom line, he is a good guy in the core with a lot of bad intentions. It might not make sense, but he is not someone without blood and tears. Second, he waste his past life being obsessed with a worthless girl, he would take that path again. And third, he is adapting to the world. He is strong, but his resources are limites. For the sake of his long term goals, he has to endure his current situation. At least that what I can see until now.

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