Chapter 115: Teasing Dongfang Bubai (part 1)

Even after all the members of the Red Flower Society were finally subdued, Emperor Kangxi’s face was gloomy and uncertain, and he didn’t know what to think. He hesitated for a while and ordered, “For the time being, put them in the prison, and We will bestow a verdict upon them the next day.”

“Duo Long, as the chief of the imperial guards, it was a serious crime to let a group of rebels infiltrate the palace, but We think you were doing your best to save us, so We shall fine you half a year’s salary.”

“Thank you for your kindness, Emperor!” Duo Long knelt on the ground with cold sweat on his face, thinking that if something really happened, even chopping off his head ten times would not be enough.

Seeing the corpses of the guards everywhere, Emperor Kangxi showed grief and said, “These guards were truly loyal, and they tried to stop the rebels until the last moment of their lives… Duo Long, I order you to investigate the situation in their homes and formulate a pension plan. Give the plan to Us.”

“Hah!” Duo Long sighed in his heart after understanding the emperor’s intentions, this time it was likely that these dead guards would be rewarded.

“Song Qingshu, hear me!” Emperor Kangxi looked back at Song Qingshu.

“This offitial is here!” Song Qingshu’s heart skipped a beat.

“If Song Qingshu hadn’t arrived in time just now, We would have been killed by the rebels.” Emperor Kangxi rejoiced for the rest of his life, “Song Qingshu is loyal to his monarch and the country, and his martial arts are strong. From henceforth, he will be serving as the deputy chief of the imperial guards, he shall be bestowed a yellow cloth and will be leading the ‘Pole Arms’!”

“Thank you, Your Majesty!” Song Qingshu’s face showed neither happiness nor sadness, and seeing that Emperor Kangxi nodded secretly.

“By the way, what is the result of the battle of Cult Master Dongfang?” Emperor Kangxi asked while the guards had begun to clean up the scene.

Song Qingshu and Duo Long looked at each other and he replied, “I immediately rushed here to rescue you, I don’t know how the battle between the two is going.”

After pondering for a moment, Kangxi said, “Duo Long, take your men to search the palace thoroughly to see if there are any fish that slipped through the net, Qingshu, go to the Hall of Supreme Harmony to see how the battle is going, and if necessary, secretly help Cult Master Dongfang.”

“No need!” A cold voice sounded, Song Qingshu turned around in surprise, only to see Dongfang Bubai standing on the outer wall that was several meters high, his face seemed paler than usual.

Emperor Kangxi was surprised and asked, “Was Cult Master Dongfang able to win? What about Feng Qingyang?”

“Feng Qingyang has already left the Forbidden City, but his vitality is mostly gone. He won’t be able to survive more than three days. The Emperor doesn’t have to worry.” Dongfang Bubai’s words shocked Song Qingshu, and she continued, “This Dongfang wants to go back to the Sun Moon Holy Cult, I have come here to ask the Emperor for his agreement.”

Although she had deliberately restrained her voice, but when listening to her speech, Song Qingshu still noticed that her internal breath was disordered and her qi was insufficient. She must have suffered a severe internal injury. Noticing Emperor Kangxi’s reluctance, Song Qingshu hurriedly said in a low voice, “Your Majesty, Cult Master Dongfang is severely injured. I’m afraid he needs to go back to Sun Moon Holy Cult to rest for a while.”

Emperor Kangxi suddenly realized the situation, and quickly said, “I will send someone to escort you back to Sun Moon Holy Cult immediately, and Cult Master Dongfang can rest assured.”

“Thank you for the Emperor’s kindness.” Dongfang Bubai said coldly, “But even though this Dongfang is injured, he is not someone who will need an escort.”

“Your Majesty, now the capital has gathered martial arts masters from all sects in the world. Just in case, it will be better for this official to escort Cult Master Dongfang away from the capital.” Song Qingshu said quickly.

“Alright!” Emperor Kangxi said happily, “Cult Master Dongfang is also well aware of Qingshu’s martial arts, so let him escort you.”

Dongfang Bubai’s pair of phoenix eyes carefully looked at Song Qingshu, she hesitated for a moment, nodded her head, and then disappeared from the place with a flash.

“Your Majesty, this Song will be leaving first.” Song Qingshu quickly chased after him.

Aware of Song Qingshu approaching behind her, Dongfang Bubai stopped and turned to look at Song Qingshu, her eyes full of alertness.

“This Song specially came to escort Cult Master Dongfang out of the capital, why is Cult Master Dongfang so suspicious of this Song?” Song Qingshu spread his hands and looked quite relaxed.

“Friend and foe are difficult to distinguish, so how can this Dongfang not be on guard?” Dongfang Bubai couldn’t help coughing as soon as she finished speaking.

“It seems that you are seriously injured, otherwise, with your usual martial arts realm, why would you be so cautious when facing me?” Song Qingshu spoke after giving Dongfang Bubai a deep look.

“Do you want to take the opportunity to attack me?” Dongfang Bubai’s expression was that of a smile but not a smile, and an embroidery needle slipped into his hand from his sleeve.

“To be honest, with such a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, it is quite difficult to not be tempted.” Watching Dongfang Bubai’s sleeves move slightly, Song Qingshu took a step back and changed the topic, “If I had this good opportunity ten days ago, then even if I had to suffer or be seriously injured, I would definitely take action against you.”

Feeling the flow of true qi in Song Qingshu’s body and noticing that he was not showing any signs of making a move, Dongfang Bubai relaxed a little and said, “What about now?”

“Naturally I won’t take action.” Song Qingshu smiled.

“Why?” Dongfang Bubai asked in a deep voice.

“Because Cult Master Dongfang has become Miss Dongfang, how can I bear to destroy such a pretty flower?” Song Qingshu said, staring at the pretty face of Dongfang Bubai.

Dongfang Bubai’s face blushed for a moment, and he snorted coldly, “If this seat was not injured, and you had said this in front of this seat, you would now be dead.”

“It’s a pity that Miss Dongfang’s injuries are very serious now.” Song Qingshu said with a regretful expression. (Goblin: What a troll!)

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  1. Hey Goblin, thank you so much for translating this novel. I hope that you don’t drop it, it will be a long run with 2000+ chapters but its definitely a good read.
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  2. This is getting complicated, Qingshu wants to have Qingqing and Dongfang. However there is no wsy he can have voth of them. Qingqing’s hatred for Dongfang is irreconcilable. Unless something impossible happens, he will have to give up one of them.

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