Chapter 115: Teasing Dongfang Bubai (part 2)

Looking at the other party’s complacent appearance, Dongfang Bubai almost couldn’t hold herself back from giving this despicable guy a beating regardless of her injury. But after all she was a master, and she quickly suppressed that impulsive thought, “Lord Song dares to touch even the Emperor’s favorite concubine, so your plans for this empire must be quite grand, so why would you give up your plans for such absurd reasons?”

“Hey, I’ve been seen through!” Song Qingshu became shy, and the more he talked, the more excited he became, “Actually, after I came to this world, I’ve always felt like it was all a game. Since it’s a game, how can I not play the game in a grand way? I want to build a Harem. A harem full of girls with various personalities such as gentle little sisters, legal loli*s, obedient girls, delicate girls, gentle older sisters…and more! They are all quite easy to find, but girls like Miss Dongfang with the best queen personality are hard to come by, that kind of hell-level difficulty of conquest, I’m really looking forward to it…” 

Dongfang Bubai had never heard of many of the words he just said, but she could roughly guess what they meant, and she laughed as if she had heard a big joke. After laughing for a long time, she looked at Song Qingshu with contempt, “You want this seat to be your woman? A kid like you?”

“Why can’t I?” Song Qingshu smiled confidently, “Miss Dongfang, even if you have a high martial arts realm, in the end you are still a woman. No matter what era, a woman, even if she is a goddess, will always be conquered by a man. I am a man, and I have satisfied the most difficult prerequisite, so why not?”

Dongfang Bubai laughed in anger, “You have a death wish!”

Song Qingshu started to walk back and forth, and suddenly said in shock, “I heard that if a woman in this world is even slightly touched by a man, then she will be able to keep her modesty only by marrying him. Miss Dongfang, can you tell me that if a woman’s breasts were to be fondled by another man, what should the woman do then?” 

“The assassin that night was really you!” Dongfang Bubai said through her gritted teeth, “Aren’t you afraid that I will come back to take your insignificant life after my injury is healed?”

Song Qingshu looked at her up and down, smiled and shook his head, “You were injured by Feng Qingyang’s innate sword qi, I am afraid that within three years, you will not be able to recover your vitality. And, I will naturally not be afraid of you after those three years. After three years, I believe that my martial arts realm will not be weaker than yours, so I naturally don’t have to be afraid at that time.”

Dongfang Bubai sneered and said, “It seems easy to dream about it. But in reality, it’s hard to move a hundred feet, and it’s difficult to advance half a step. You think that after three years, you will be able to reach the realm of this seat. You are just delusional.”

“If I don’t have even that much confidence, how can I have the confidence to become Miss Dongfang’s man.” Song Qingshu shrugged.

“Okay, very good!” Dongfang Bubai was trembling with anger, “We’ll meet again in three years.” After speaking, she wanted to turn around and leave.

Song Qingshu’s figure flashed, he stopped in front of Dongfang Bubai, and said with a smile, “Miss Dongfang, you have been using that man’s voice for so long, and it makes me have nightmares at night. Let me hear your original voice, otherwise I will not let you leave.”

Dongfang Bubai stared at him, “My patience is limited.”

“Then you don’t have to endure it!” Song Qingshu smiled, then he readied his wooden sword, and rushed over, “When you use your original voice, I will stop.”

Dongfang Bubai turned pale in shock, and quickly parried. Song Qingshu’s martial arts realm was only slightly weaker than Feng Qingyang. After being seriously injured, Dongfang Bubai had little chance of competing with him.

Her heart was full of grievances. Even if Dongfang Bubai was injured, it was not impossible for her to kill Song Qingshu, but in that case, she would have to use the true qi that was suppressing the sword qi in her body. Unfortunately, even if she won, she would have to pay with her life. The price was not worth it.

She knew that her opponent was taking advantage of that point. 

In the blink of an eye, the two fought dozens of moves. Seeing that she still couldn’t get rid of him, Dongfang Bubai couldn’t bear it any longer, and cursed out loud, “Song Qingshu, you lunatic!”

Song Qingshu retracted his sword and retreated a few feet away, and smiled with satisfaction, “It’s a pity that such a sweet voice has been hidden all this time.”

It turned out that Dongfang Bubai was really angry at Song Qingshu just now. In addition, Song Qingshu made one move after another, which was extremely fierce. The remaining true qi of Dongfang Bubai was subconsciously used to deal with him, revealing the originally pleasant sound of her voice.

Before Dongfang Bubai disappeared into the night sky, she turned her head and gave him a deep look, “Song Qingshu, you will regret what you did today.”

Song Qingshu didn’t intend to stop her in the slightest, as he watched her gradually disappear, he laughed to himself, “You can’t use conventional means to deal with this kind of woman. Rather than letting this woman ignore you, it’s better to let her hate you first! I hope I can prove myself in the end.”

Back at the palace, Song Qingshu suddenly became a little melancholic, “Feng Qingyang has lost, I wonder how Xia Qingqing is feeling right now.”

On the other side of the palace, Xia Qingqing returned all the way to Song Qingshu’s courtyard, pushed open the door, and saw a strange woman lying on the bed. She was immediately worried that their matter would be exposed, and she couldn’t help but turn pale with fright. She pulled out the Golden Serpent Sword and asked Li Yuanzhi who was beside her, “Who is she?”

Goblin: This was a very important chapter for the whole plot of the novel. This is the kind of mentality our protagonist has. He wants a harem full of girls with a variety of personalities. And, he’ll do whatever he has to for it. It’s all a game to him. Will there ever be a time when he’ll fall in love with them, that’s a possibility, let’s wait and see. 

I am sure many readers will be put off when the protagonist accepts a woman who was previously an enemy. But from the protagonist’s point of view they were always a mountain to climb, to conquer, and he didn’t think of them as enemies from the start. This sense of conquest is his coping mechanism against this absurd world where he suddenly woke up, where he is truly all alone. Some might consider the things he’s doing and will be doing in the future as evil, but he is just trying his best to survive in this cruel world.

So I hope this explains many of the decisions he’ll be making in the future.

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9 thoughts on “Chapter 115: Teasing Dongfang Bubai (part 2)”

  1. Your explanation sounds logical.
    I hope that we will be able to see a change in his mentality and a lot of character development.
    Until now he had it too easy. Even developing his martial arts and gaining power is done by him with very little effort.
    I dont think his character will change as long as this is the case.
    But he is already a very strong martial artist… so… what could happen to him? His enemies could gang up on him or trap him (a honey trap?)
    Will he be injured and (temporarely) lose his powers?
    I cant wait to read it all : D

    As always: thanks for translating

    1. Thank you!
      This is a world that is a good example of the fact that there is strength in numbers. No matter how powerful a martial artist is, he can’t possibly win against an army of thousands.
      This is why the MC will have to be a schemer, he will gain wealth through his schemes and his strength is necessary to protect all that he will gain in this world. Most of all, his women will play an active part in all his plans, they are not there to just look pretty.
      I like that the most about this novel.

  2. That was a great analysis and advice. That note alone will change the way , most of us look and read the novel from now on.
    Anyway thanks for the great translations!!

  3. Thanks for the explanation. I believe Qingshu isna great man, he is living his new life trying to achieve the dream of all otakus and living to the fullest. His way to live might cause some readers to disagree with or dislike Qingshu, but he is living on a different world and surviving a chaotic environment. He is having a hard time because he is not strong enough and lack resources to to face that world. He needs to endure being pushed around for a while for the sake of his goals. Well, he needs to improve a lot to be the great MC everyone wants.

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