Chapter 116: Chaste Luo Bing

Li Yuanzhi was taken aback, thinking that Song Qingshu was back, she hurriedly pulled the quilt to cover Luo Bing’s body.

“Sister Qingqing, it turns out to be you.” Li Yuanzhi patted her little chest in fear, “She is the eleventh leader of the Red Flower Society, the Mandarin Duck Saber, Luo Bing.”

After putting away the Golden Serpent Sword, Xia Qingqing came to the bedside and saw the woman under the quilt with a charming and pretty face, occasionally showing a painful expression in a coma, and asked doubtfully, “The Red Flower Society, which is as famous as the Heaven and Earth Society? How could she be in the palace and injured.”

Li Yuanzhi had no choice but to tell her about the Red Flower Society’s attack into the palace to assassinate the Emperor, and the matter of Song Qingshu rescuing him in time, causing the group to be almost wiped out.

After all, Li Yuanzhi was a lady from an official family. She didn’t feel what Song Qingshu did was wrong, she was just worried about Yu Yutong’s safety.

However, Xia Qingqing was different. Today, even the great sword master Feng Qingyang was defeated in battle. She knew that it was impossible for her to seek revenge from Dongfang Bubai in this life. Now all of her attention was turned to another great enemy, Emperor Kangxi. 

Song Qingshu did not help her to assassinate Emperor Kangxi before. And today, he even tried to stop the Red Flower Society. According to the situation described by Li Yuanzhi, if Song Qingshu hadn’t acted, the people of the Red Flower Society would have already succeeded in the assassination.

Listening to Li Yuanzhi’s words, Xia Qingqing’s face became more and more ugly.

“Sister Qingqing, can you help me hide her later?” Li Yuanzhi pointed at Luo Bing on the bed and said, “I’m worried that Big Brother Song will see her, and…”

“And what?” Xia Qingqing sneered, “Will he take her away to receive a reward from Kangxi? I would have advised you not to worry before this, but now, it seems that I can’t tell anymore.”

“Greetings Lord Song!” Hearing the voice of the guards salute not far away, Li Yuanzhi couldn’t help but jump onto the bed and covered himself and Luo Bing with the quilt.

Soon Song Qingshu pushed open the door and walked in. Seeing Xia Qingqing’s unsightly face, he couldn’t help but comfort her, “I also heard about the result of today’s duel, Madame Yuan, you…”

Xia Qingqing smiled lightly, turned away expressionlessly, sat by the window, and stared at the bright moon in the sky in a daze.

Song Qingshu was stunned for a moment, but he didn’t know how to comfort her at the moment, and turned his head to see Li Yuanzhi lying on the bed, covered tightly by the quilt, only revealing a pair of eyes.

Seeing this scene, Song Qingshu couldn’t help but smile and said, “Miss Li, are you going to bed so early?”

Li Yuanzhi hummed, and shyly said, “Brother Song, I have already taken off my clothes… Can you… can you go out?” A faint blush appeared on her face as she spoke.

Seeing her vivid expression, Song Qingshu felt strange, and said, “Luo Bing has lost too much blood, and her breath is already weak. If you cover her with the quilt so tightly, aren’t you afraid of suffocating her to death?”

“Oops!” Li Yuanzhi was startled, and quickly pulled the quilt away, only to feel relieved when she saw Luo Bing’s breathing as usual.

“Miss Li, are you not concerned when you show yourself in front of me like this?” Song Qingshu clasped his hands, leaned against the door, and looked at Li Yuanzhi calmly.

Looking down to see that her clothes were neat, Li Yuanzhi’s pretty face became hot. Knowing that he was insinuating her lie just now, she couldn’t help but play with her temper, “Brother Song, why are you so bad? You knew it from the start, but still teased me.”

Song Qingshu smiled slightly, threw the medicine bag in his hand, and said, “This is the Golden Sore Medicine I got from the imperial doctor. Quickly apply it to Luo Bing.”

“Sister Qingqing, can you come and help me apply it?” Li Yuanzhi jumped out of bed and looked at Xia Qingqing pitifully with the Golden Sore Medicine.

Xia Qingqing hesitated for a moment, and came to Luo Bing’s side. She was about to apply the medicine when she suddenly remembered something and said, “Kick him out, don’t let him peek.”

Li Yuanzhi originally planned to ask Song Qingshu about Yu Yutong’s whereabouts, but upon hearing this, she pulled Song Qingshu’s arm out of the house, and shouted, “Sister Qingqing, I will keep him in custody.”

Song Qingshu allowed Li Yuanzhi to pull himself out, and after coming to the center of the yard, he stared at Li Yuanzhi with a smile but not a smile, and didn’t say a word.

Li Yuanzhi’s face turned red, so she could only ask, “Brother Song, did Yu Yutong from the Red Flower Society manage to escape in the end?”

After asking, Li Yuanzhi looked at him with anxiety.

“He’s dead.” Song Qingshu replied casually.

“What?” The color on Li Yuanzhi’s pretty face faded, she felt her body go soft and fell to the ground.

Song Qingshu hurriedly supported her, feeling the softness from his hands, and also felt that his joke had gone a little too far, and said quickly, “I lied to you, he was captured by the imperial guards, and now he is in the Heavens Prison, although he is alive for now, but I’m afraid he won’t be able to escape death.”

Li Yuanzhi lightly pushed him away with her little hands, stood three steps away from Song Qingshu, and glanced at him angrily, “Brother Song, why do you like to lie so much.”

“Didn’t you also lie to me just now?” Song Qingshu said helplessly, “Why am I the guilty one for doing the same?”

Li Yuanzhi’s face turned red, and with her big crystal clear eyes, she looked at him suspiciously, “I was in the inner palace just now, did you already know that I was in the rockery?”

“Otherwise, how could you and Luo Bing escape?” Song Qingshu laughed.

Li Yuanzhi fell silent, lowered her head, drew a circle on the ground with her toes, and said, “Brother Song, you have such great ability, can you save Yu Yutong?”

Song Qingshu frowned and said, “I had already let him go at that time, and he could have escaped with you. Who knew that he was so stupid, and ran back to save another woman. Does such a man deserve you to treat him like this?”

“I can also guess what Big Brother Yu was thinking. Sister Luo is beautiful, gentle and warm towards people, and has often taken care of Big Brother Yu over the past few years. It is not surprising that Big Brother Yu will admire her.” Although Li Yuanzhi could understand, she still couldn’t help but feel a pang of pain in her heart.

“Luo Bing is obviously the wife of his fourth brother Wen Tailai, so you can understand what is wrong here?” Song Qingshu wondered if jealousy wasn’t a woman’s original sin anymore.

“Brother Yu’s behavior had never overstepped any boundaries after all.” Li Yuanzhi didn’t know whether she was defending her sweetheart or just convincing herself, and suddenly looked up at Song Qingshu in confusion, “Brother Song, why are you so clear about these things?”

“Because your Big Brother Song is wulin’s all knowing,” Song Qingshu said with a smile, “Let’s go inside first and see the woman who lingers in your sweetheart’s dreams, and then think about whether there is a chance to save Yu Yutong or not.”

Li Yuanzhi hurriedly stopped him and said, “In case Sister Qingqing hasn’t finished applying the medicine for her, if you go in, wouldn’t it, wouldn’t it…” Although she was a bold girl, but she was too embarrassed to say it out loud.

“Little girl, you care so much about her, but she is your rival in love…” Song Qingshu looked at Li Yuanzhi amusingly, “If I see something that shouldn’t be seen, then you should be happy, right?”

Before Li Yuanzhi could come back to her senses, Song Qingshu had already pushed the door. Luo Bing had already woken up by this time and was thanking Xia Qingqing for her life-saving grace.

Song Qingshu saw that although she had lost a lot of blood and looked a little haggard, it couldn’t hide the inborn charming spirit in the young woman’s bones. It was no wonder that stories of “The Chaste Luo Bing” were circulating on the wulin for so long. But it’s a pity that the writing was too rough and direct, and there were no elements that could arouse the desire in men’s hearts.

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