Chapter 117: Naturally seductive (part 1)

“Thank you Madame for saving me, this concubine is named Luo Bing. May I ask the respected Madame’s name?” Luo Bing woke up and saw a very beautiful woman applying medicine for her. When she noticed that Xia Qingqing’s hair was twisted up in a bun, Luo Bing naturally thought she was married and called her Madame.

“I didn’t save you.” Xia Qingqing smiled lightly, “The person who saved you is outside.”

Just when she looked up suspiciously, Song Qingshu happened to push the door in at that moment, and after seeing his appearance clearly, Luo Bing’s face couldn’t help but turn pale. She gritted her teeth and said, “Emperor’s dog, it’s you!”

Song Qingshu was almost taken aback by the scolding as soon as he entered through the door, and spoke with a wry smile, “Beauty, we haven’t gotten to know each other well enough to flirt as soon as we meet, right?”

“You!” Luo Bing became too agitated, and the wound on her body almost burst open. Li Yuanzhi hurriedly ran over to comfort her, then she turned around and glanced at Song Qingshu reproachfully, “Brother Song~”

This girl’s voice was always so delicate, and after reminiscing about Li Yuanzhi’s long tail, Song Qingshu’s body was half shriveled, and smiled, “Alright, alright…I was wrong.”

After seeing Li Yuanzhi, Luo Bing said in surprise, “Sister Yuanzhi, why are you here? Where is this place?”

“Sister Luo…” Li Yuanzhi helped Luo Bing to lie down slowly, “This is inside the palace.”

“Did you save me?” Luo Bing recalled the scene before she lost her consciousness, and asked quickly, “How is my fourth brother? Did the leaders of the Red Flower Society manage to escape?”

Noticing that Yu Yutong’s name was not even mentioned in her words, Li Yuanzhi couldn’t help feeling sorry for her sweetheart, and replied, “Chief Chen, Daoist Wuchen, and the Chang brothers managed to break through and escaped, but leader Zhang Jin was killed by the guards on the spot. Fourth leader Wen and the rest of the leaders of the Red Flower Society were subdued by the inner palace guards and are now locked in the Heavenly Prison.”

Hearing that her husband was still alive for the time being, Luo Bing finally breathed a sigh of relief. But thinking that the Red Flower Society would have succeeded in their mission, if not for Song Qingshu suddenly appearing out of nowhere, she said angrily, “Sister Yuanzhi, why are you together with this dog official of the Qing court?”

Song Qingshu’s eyes swept lightly on Luo Bing’s mature body, and thought, ‘If you keep cursing me so much, it wouldn’t be too much for me to take a good look at you. I don’t have to act polite.’

Luo Bing was stared at by his piercing gaze, and she subconsciously tightened her collar. Li Yuanzhi on the side said, “Sister Luo, Brother Song is actually a good person, don’t scold him like that.”

“Is he a good man?” Luo Bing sneered, “A Han man, but willing to be a lackey of the court! Today we could kill Kangxi, but he came out and obstructed it, causing our entire group to be wiped out.”

Seeing Xia Qingqing staring at him coldly, Song Qingshu hurriedly retorted, “It’s none of my business if you want to kill Kangxi or not, but why did you people from the Red Flower Society pretend to be members of various sects? If Kangxi were to be killed, and then the court found out that you were brought into the palace by me, what do you think would have happened to me?”

Luo Bing defended their stance, “The palace was heavily guarded, and everyone in the Red Flower Society racked our brains to think of this method of infiltrating the palace. Besides, if you didn’t become an official of the Qing court, then how could you be implicated?”

Song Qingshu laughed in anger, “What strong words!”

“Oh, stop arguing!” Li Yuanzhi said anxiously, “The top priority right now is to figure out how to rescue the leaders of the Red Flower Society, this is not the time to hold anyone accountable.”

“They have already been imprisoned in Heaven Prison, how can they be rescued so easily?” Luo Bing was in despair and muttered to herself.

“Brother Song, you must have a way, right?” Li Yuanzhi looked back at him with hope in her eyes.

“Don’t look at me, I’m not a god.” Song Qingshu spread out his hands with a helpless expression.

Seeing Song Qingshu’s ‘not my business’ appearance, Li Yuanzhi rolled her eyes. After thinking about it, she hurriedly stretched out her hand to shake Xia Qingqing’s shoulder, “Sister Qingqing, please help me convince Brother Song.”

Hearing Li Yuanzhi’s cheeky voice, Xia Qingqing felt a chill, and said with an unnatural expression, “It was useless when you asked him yourself, what role can I play?”

“Brother Song listens to you the most.” Li Yuanzhi thought to herself, ‘From the way you two usually look at each other, it’s obvious that you two have an adulterous affair, and you want to hide it from this girl, humm!?’

“What nonsense!” Xia Qingqing flared up and turned red as if a layer of rouge was smeared on her cheeks, “If he really listened to me, he would have accompanied me to kill Kangxi right now.”

Song Qingshu smiled bitterly, “You Y… Madame Yuan, I have already promised to help you take revenge, but it will really take a little more time, so you have to trust me.”

Hearing his soft words, Xia Qingqing’s heart softened and she blankly said, “But you are now a high official in the Qing court. I am not even sure if you are telling the truth or have been lying to me all this time.”

“Sister Yuanzhi, what’s the matter with them?” Luo Bing quickly pulled Li Yuanzhi close and asked quietly after seeing that the two were acting like characters in a romantic drama.

“It’s just a matter between men and women.” Li Yuanzhi said disapprovingly, with her small mouth pouting, “The man and woman have intentions, but it’s a pity that the woman is a new widow, and the ethics does not allow them to be together…”

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  1. Thanks for the chapter~!
    Some time ago, I also rushed a presentation. Fortunately, it wasn’t anything too complicated so I managed to pull through. I don’t think the teacher noticed any errors though so it’s alright I guess.

  2. This novel is not improving at all.
    I read that TL note in last chapter but MC is just too much of a pushover.
    I don’t think he will improve in future.
    I will have to agree with Novelupdate’s reviews about this novel.
    Anyway, i will drop this novel here.
    Thanks for translations.

    1. Thank you for reading. It’s possible that maybe you haven’t noticed, but the mc has changed a lot, and he will chance a lot, regardless of what anyone thinks. And I don’t think it is wise to go mindlessly look for trouble. The MC has a brain, he uses that brain to make plans, and slowly realizes that plan. This MC is a cool and calculaive one, and not that hot blooded. He knows that he’s alone and hot bloodedness will only get him killed. He doesn’t have a magical “Old Monster” in a ring, a cheat system or mysterious artefact to save him, so he has to be causious to survive and grow.
      This novel is 2500+ chapters long, and there’s a lot of time to grow. And, I understand if some people won’t like this kind of story. We are all free to have our own opinions.
      Anyways… I again thank you for reading as long as you have.

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