Chapter 12: A much older Xiao Longnu?

Song Qingshu endured every punch and kick that hit his body, calmly holding the vegetables as usual and drinking wine. Although he could hardly take a mouthful of the food under his opponent’s fist, he even managed to deliver a glass of wine to his mouth in a relatively smooth manner.

“Good man!” A boy who was about seven or eight years old stood up at a table not far away, he turned his head and spoke to a beautiful woman wrapped in snow-white fur, “Mother, I want to save him.”

This group of paltry ruffians were also tired from the fight. The main point was that Song Qingshu already looked like a dead person. He was not that responsive. At that moment, he heard someone coming up and stopped, then found that it was a seven or eight year old boy. He burst into laughter and waited to see. After clearly seeing the face of the woman next to the boy, his lust suddenly rose.

The ruffian leader opened his mouth and harassed, “Oh, if it isn’t a beautiful little lady, if you come and have a drink with this uncle, then uncle will not mind your baby boy.”

“Impudent, how dare you insult my mother!” The boy was immediately furious, he grabbed the bench beside him, and threw it over.

The leader of the ruffian didn’t expect that the boy would make a move. He was smashed by the bench due to his moment of carelessness, and called out to his brothers in a furious manner, “Beat that boy to death, don’t touch that little lady.”

“Be careful!” Song Qingshu was beaten with a bruised nose and swollen face. He didn’t know what was going on there. He only saw that a few angry men rushed towards a child.

Watching these people rushing toward him, the boy was not flustered. He took action and brought down a ruffian, and then stood in the middle, letting everyone surround him, and fought against them, many to one. They exchanged several blows but none could take advantage of him.

“Huh?” Song Qingshu took a closer look and saw that the boy had an unusually close fighting range, he raised his hand and kicked with his foot, and he couldn’t hit longer than that. But his techniques were so precise that he never showed any flaws on his body, so these few ruffians could not land an attack at all.

Song Qingshu discovered that this boy’s mastery was mainly defensive, and he had the essence of Taiji Gong, and he wondered if he was related to Wudang. Considering his identity as an abandoned Wudang apprentice, he planned to leave first, so as not to have an embarrassing conversation.

However, he noticed that although the boy was quite decent in his movements, but after all, he was young and too weak in strength, and he gradually fell into a disadvantage.

As a result, he didn’t have the composure to end the fight. Those few ruffians saw that they couldn’t defeat a child after so long, and their faces were a little bit awkward as well. One of them made a ruthless move, drawing a knife, he slashed at the boy.

“Be careful!” Song Qingshu was shocked, he grabbed a bench, and rushed over. If the kid died while saving him, he might feel guilty for a lifetime.

The woman wrapped in white fur also made a move and a white ribbon flew out, entangled the boy in a circle, and pulled him back out of the encirclement.

Seeing that Song Qingshu was now trapped instead, she hesitated, then lightly stepped on the table next to her, and flew over. Others only saw a flash of white light, and the woman rushed into the encirclement. Song Qingshu suddenly felt light on his feet, and he was sent to the boy’s side by a wave of tender touch.

Song Qingshu hurriedly looked up and saw that the white silk ribbon in the woman’s hand was like a white dragon, circling and dancing vertically and horizontally, and what followed was the screams of several men. In no time at all, the few ruffian’s weapons were all captured by the woman with the silk ribbon, and all of them fell downstairs.

Song Qingshu was stunned and stared at everything in front of him. He didn’t expect this delicate-looking woman to be such a powerful martial artist. Then he began thinking in his heart, a woman in white, who uses white silk ribbon as a weapon, wasn’t that Xiao Longnu? 

Looking at the boy who was so arrogant and fierce, Song Qingshu felt a little uncomfortable. Originally, he was full of sweet dreams about Xiao Longnu, but he didn’t expect her son to be so old.

The woman nodded politely to Song Qingshu, and then took the boy’s hand and walked downstairs. Song Qingshu couldn’t help but gulp a little.

The boy turned his head and made a grimace at him, then shrugged his shoulders with a helpless expression. This amused Song Qingshu quite a bit.

After hesitating, Song Qingshu decided to catch up. Xiao Longnu can be said to be the dream lover of all men. So what if she has a baby now, Song Qingshu does not want to miss the great opportunity to meet her.

“Miss Long, wait…” Song Qingshu chased while panting all the way.

Hearing him obviously calling herself, the woman stopped, and turned her wonderful back: “Did the young hero mistake me for another person? I don’t know any Miss Long.”

“Why do you call my mother a ‘Miss’?” The boy with the attitude stared at him angrily.

Song Qingshu was taken aback, wasn’t she Xiao Longnu? 

But he quickly apologized, “I saw the lady’s outfit and weapons, which are very similar to someone in my impression. I hope that the lady will forgive me. I am Song Qingshu, I want to thank the lady for her life-saving grace.”

The little boy interrupted at this moment and said: “Obviously I saved you. You didn’t thank me, but thanked my mother. It must be that seeing my mother’s beauty has caused bad thoughts in your heart. Just now I thought you were a decent guy, now it seems to be just a mediocre person.”

His words made both adults very embarrassed. The white-clothed woman glared at her son, “Fei’er, don’t talk nonsense!” After speaking, she cast an apologetic look at Song Qingshu, “This kid is not sensible, don’t mind my son. “

Listening to the woman calling him Fei’er, Song Qingshu’s mind flashed, and he blurted out, “Could it be that you are Madame Hu?”

The woman glanced at him warily, “I don’t seem to have seen this young hero before.”

Song Qingshu was very excited. He squatted down and grabbed the boy’s shoulders and asked, “Are you the Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain Hu Fei?”

The boy looked at him in surprise, “I’m Hu Fei, but not the Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain. Hey, this name seems quite prestigious. I will use it as a nickname in the future!”

Madame Hu quietly pulled Hu Fei over, and asked in a deep voice, “I wonder why the young hero recognizes us, mother and son?”

“I respected the heroes and righteous people ever since I was a child, and under my deliberate attention, I have a deep understanding of some things in the Jianghu” Song Qingshu arrogantly proclaimed, then suddenly frowned, he looked at the crystalline beauty in front of him, hesitatingly asked, “But from what I heard. In that year, when Master Hu unfortunately died, Madam Hu also died in the name of love…”

Madame Hu smiled slightly and glanced at Hu Fei dotingly, “Back then, I was indeed going to follow Big Brother Hu, but when I drew the sword, Fei’er burst into tears. I suddenly thought that although Master Miao is a gentleman, it is hard to guarantee what will happen in the future. A villain was also making trouble, so I decided to raise Brother Hu’s only blood.”

Song Qingshu didn’t expect that the plot had changed. It seemed that the butterfly effect of his world travel was beginning to appear. When he was suffering from gains and losses, Hu Fei excitedly pulled his sleeves and looked at him expectantly: “Do you know my dad? “

Song Qingshu came back to his senses, heard his question, and looked at the sky with fascination, “If he makes a stab, it is a stab to end the evil. He was a great hero and a hero that this Song has always admired. It is a pity that his life was fated to end short.”

Seeing him admiring her husband, Madame Hu couldn’t help but relax a little, as if recalling the days when she was still traveling with her husband, a sweet smile appeared on the corner of her lips.

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