Chapter 11: The hardship on the way to escape

Song Qingshu got out of bed, and quickly got dressed, he felt light on his feet, but his mood was terrible.

Looking back at Zhou Zhiruo lying weakly on the bed, Song Qingshu squatted down and brushed his fingers across her cheek, “Miss, I love you so much, so why would I be willing to kill you? Don’t worry, your internal strength will slowly recover after dawn. .”

No matter how great her anger was, she was tossed about so many times, and Zhou Zhiruo felt her body was almost destroyed. Zhou Zhiruo gave him a complicated expression and said coldly, “You will regret it.”

“Even if I die in your hands in the end, I will never regret it.” Song Qingshu kissed her fragrant lips, picked up the luggage, and walked out. When he went out, he seemed to remember something, and turning back he said, “Don’t blame me for reminding you now, except you and me, no one knows what happened tonight. You wouldn’t be so stupid to tell Zhang Wuji the truth, would you?” After speaking, he laughed and went away.


As time passed slowly, the sun began to rise. Zhou Zhiruo opened her eyes and sat up from the bed. The numbness and pain coming from below made her almost lie down again, watching the fair-skinned body full of love bite everywhere. Zhou Zhiruo grabbed the traces on the bed from last night and smashed the bed with her hands. She gritted her teeth and said, “Song Qingshu, I will make sure you die a gruesome death!”

“Achoo!” Song Qingshu, who was dozens of miles away, sneezed, looked up at the sky, and smiled bitterly: ” I’m afraid that woman is already awake. Was my behavior a little bit too extreme?”

Song Qingshu learned at that moment that she was actually still a virgin, and the reason why he continued to humiliate her like that later was actually to arouse Zhou Zhiruo’s hatred towards him, so as not to make her commit suicide in sadness and despair.

Although he knew that if Zhou Zhiruo caught him, that would be a dead-end for him. If she really had done anything with Zhang Wuji, Song Qingshu might have really got rid of her cruelly to end his troubles. But, now that Song Qingshu knew he was her first man, he had confidence it’ll work out in the end…probably.

Besides, even if he was a cruel person, he was not stupid. He clearly considered that killing Zhou Zhiruo would do more harm than good. So, he let her live.

For example, Zhou Zhiruo will quietly pursue and try to kill him the next day, but she won’t dare to say anything to anyone. On the contrary, if Zhou Zhiruo is killed and she goes missing, then he will become the biggest suspect, and everyone in the world will think that he killed her. Not to mention Zhang Wuji and the Emei faction’s endless pursuit and killing, people all over the world will spurn him, and then his reputation will be completely rotten.

Don’t underestimate the word ‘fame’. In this ancient world, if there was bad fame stuck on his back. He’s afraid he won’t be able to stand up for a lifetime. Everyone knows that no matter what the  King of Pingxi Wu Sangui did, there were a lot of people who would jump out and pull him by his legs to take him down. That was the inevitable result of notoriety. Song Qingshu still wanted to make a name for himself in these troubled times, thus how could he be so unwise to bear the notoriety of killing his wife?

Song Qingshu estimated that Zhou Zhiruo was already on the way to kill him. He had mentioned the four great genius physicians in the world, and Zhou Zhiruo should have guessed that he was going to seek them to treat his meridians.

Hu Qingniu was dead; of the remaining three great doctors, Kaifeng’s Ping Yizhi was the nearest from here, and Songzhou city’s Xue was the next best doctor. The Poison King’s whereabouts is the most secretive. Ordinary people don’t know where to find him, but for Song Qingshu, it’s not that difficult. 

Song Qingshu, as a modern person, was very familiar with the plot of Jin Yong’s novels. He knew very well that King of Venoms was probably staying in the White Horse Temple, which was located at Wuchang-Yueyang areas in the Dongting Lake basin.

If there are no accidents, Zhou Zhiruo will surely go to Kaifeng and Songzhou first, and finally, find the mysterious Poison King. He should be safe for the time being. Song Qingshu was determined in his heart and strode towards Dongting Lake.


After half a month of rushing, Song Qingshu finally came to the vicinity of the Dongting Lake basin. He began inquiring about the location of the White Horse Temple in many cities, and people who were asked said that they had never heard of this place.

Hungry and thirsty along the way, Song Qingshu found a restaurant in the town, ordered wine and food, and drank the wine while thinking about his future.

It was no wonder that he was depressed, not to mention whether the King of Venoms could heal his meridians. Now he couldn’t even find the White Horse Temple. In addition, who knew where the plot of “Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain” was going. If the Poison King was already dead, then he really will have nowhere else left to cry.

He felt no pleasure of being a tourist. Since Song Qingshu had transmigrated into this chaotic world, the only fortunate thing was that he was alive. But he had no intimate feelings for this world, the heaven was vast, and he was like a stranger, all alone. He has never regarded Song Yuanqiao as his father, not to mention that the Wudang Sect had already severed their ties with Song Qingshu because of Mo Shenggu’s affairs, and his meridians were also given by the Wudang Sect. 

Thinking about it, the person closest to him was his nominal wife Zhou Zhiruo, but she was now chasing him all over the world to kill him.

With a wry smile, Song Qingshu suddenly felt that life was full of gloom and gray.

“Get up, give your seat to this uncle!” With a bang, a foot stepped on the bench next to Song Qingshu, and a knife was also thrown on the table as a demonstration.

In the world of martial arts, a restaurant was indeed a troubled place. Song Qingshu was depressed enough, but he didn’t expect this kind of thing to happen to him. After looking at the other empty tables, Song Qingshu stared strangely at the three big and five thick men around him, ‘Wasn’t there many empty seats around him? They want to sit only in this particular location?’

“Old Master here wants to sit in your position.” It was obviously the boss who spoke, “You have a good view here. If you know better, get out of Old Master’s way and save yourself a beating.”

The other guys laughed in unison and said: “Our boss hates this kind of fresh face, this guy is unlucky today.”

“This kid has the face of a white rabbit, he must have just walked out of his rabbit hole.”

Song Qingshu laughed, he was in dire straits, so it was all right to be bullied by great figures like Zhang Wuji and Zhou Zhiruo, and now even some local ruffians came to pee on his head.

From the experience of his previous life, in this situation, he had at least four or five ways to avoid conflicts, and not look so helpless. However, ever since he came over to this world, he has always had a surreal feeling in his heart, and after discovering that this was the world constituted by Jin Yong’s novels, he had a vague sense of uncertainty. In his opinion, the characters in this world were just low-level creatures. That was it.

As soon as he woke up, he found that his meridians were all broken, and then his nominal wife was in love with another man, and when he touched her body, she began to chase him all over the world, hell-bent on killing him. Now if he bows his head and it was to this kind of passerby NPC, then he could truly be regarded as the shame of all the transmigrators out there.

Song Qingshu smiled lightly, ignored the ruffians around him, and took a slow sip of the wine before him.

“Oh!” The ruffian leader smirked and slapped his wine glass away to the ground with a slap. Song Qingshu didn’t get angry, picked up the chopsticks, picked up a shrimp, and slowly delivered it to his mouth.

“Fu*k!” The ruffian leader before him realized that he was ignored, his face twitched, and he picked up the staff of the person next to him and hit Song Qingshu on the back.

“Puff!” Song Qingshu staggered, and the sip of wine he had just drunk was also sprayed out, colored with a trace of blood. He made this decision just now and was ready to be beaten. Some things may seem ridiculous to others, but he has to persist.

Of course, he was not a fool, if he was still north of the Yangtze River, he would not dare to be so rash. It was fortunate that now he was in the prosperous area of the Song Dynasty. Unlike the war-torn North, the deterrent power of the government still existed here. These small fries will at most beat him up, but they don’t have the courage to kill him in front of the public.

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