Chapter 10: Belated revenge

This chapter is quite steamy. Kids should stay away.

Zhou Zhiruo happened to be a little thirsty, so she picked it up and drank it all. Then the two spoke a few customary words and became silent again. So, Zhou Zhiruo had to say: “It’s getting late, let’s rest.”

After saying that, she came to the bed and sat down, but was surprised to find Song Qingshu was also behind her, and she said with a slightly unhappy face: “What are you doing here? Your bed is over there.”

Song Qingshu had a weird smile on his face, and sat down on the bed: “I want to sleep in this bed.”

Zhou Zhiruo became angry in her heart, but she remained composed, and stood up, “Then I will go to sleep on the ground.”

“No need, I want to sleep with you.” Song Qingshu merrily laughed.

“You!” Zhou Zhiruo suspected if there was a problem in his head. She raised her hand and tried to slap him, but suddenly her eyes went dark and she fell weakly on the bed.

Song Qingshu smiled and looked at the bed. He gazed at Zhou Zhiruo’s eyes which blinked with surprise and said “Miss, how does it feel to be weaker than your husband?”

Zhou Zhiruo was startled, then she thought of the cup of tea he had just handed over, and whispered, “Song Qingshu, are you crazy?”

“I’m crazy?” Song Qingshu laughed strangely, “I’m indeed crazy. I watched you and Zhang Wuji dancing up and down in front of me, but I still had to pretend to not know anything.”

“What dancing?” Zhou Zhiruo was shocked and thought that Song Qingshu had found out about the agreement between her and Zhang Wuji. So she said with a guilty conscience: “You knew? Impossible, were you not…”

“Didn’t I get my acupuncture points sealed?” Song Qingshu touched her smooth face and slowly said, “Fortunately, the heavens have eyes. I woke up by a coincidence and saw everything. I also vomited out all the medicine, and only then did I know the ugliness of you two adulterous couple.”

If it wasn’t for these two people pretending to heal him, while secretly having their lovers rendezvous, Song Qingshu would not be so angry. He would have left peacefully. But, their act of betrayal made him decide to take revenge.

“Song Qingshu! What do you want?” Zhou Zhiruo felt her scalp turn numb after being touched on her face.

“Such a beautiful night, you and I are lying on the same bed, and we are also husband and wife. What do you think I want?” Song Qingshu began to unbutton the buttons on her collar, one after another, and he deliberately did it very, very slowly.

“Song Qingshu, how dare you!” As her clothes were untied little by little, Zhou Zhiruo blushed and she scolded with raised eyebrows.

“I’m your husband, what’s wrong with asking you to do your wife’s responsibilities?” Song Qingshu finally released the restraints on the outside of the dress, admiring the pale pink coat inside, “Oh, the embroidered mandarin duck!”

“Song Qingshu, I will definitely kill you!” Feeling a chill in her chest, Zhou Zhiruo was trembling with anger as she thought of the nightmare that was about to come.

“Dying under such a beautiful flower, I will be a happy ghost. Also, I think it’ll be worth it to be able to enjoy a good night with such a famous beauty of this world.” Song Qingshu held her fragrant shoulders, helped her up, and slid his hand through the hair on her head. The bun on Zhou Zhirou’s head was loosened, and the blue silk was scattered on the snow-white skin of her shoulders. Her beauty made Song Qingshu’s breath stop for a moment.

“Qingshu, can you please let me go, you used to be so good to me, why are you doing this now?” Zhou Zhiruo saw that Song Qingshu was not threatened at all, and her heart became more and more flustered, and she couldn’t help whispering and pleading.

“When I saw you lying under Zhang Wuji, not refusing…that was the moment when the previous Song Qingshu died.” Song Qingshu said coldly, his fingers pulling on the knot on the back of her neck, Zhou Zhirou’s pink coat Silently slipped down to her waist.

“You misunderstood…” Zhou Zhiruo had thought that Song Qingshu was so angry because he knew of her promise to be together with Zhang Wuji, but now she knew that was not the case at all.

“Misunderstanding?” Song Qingshu smiled coldly, “Will there be any misunderstanding when I’ve seen everything with my own eyes? Stop spouting nonsense! It will only make me look down on you even more.”

“I have done nothing wrong with him!” Knowing that all explanations were in vain, Zhou Zhiruo closed her eyes in pain, and a drop of clear tear fell from the corner of her eyes.

“It’s so fragrant!” Song Qingshu raised his head from her mounds, feeling that the time was almost right, he untied her belt and lowered his waist.

“Zhiruo, although you refuse me with your mouth, your body’s reaction is exactly the opposite.” Song Qingshu raised his finger covered with shining liquid and shook it in front of Zhou Zhiruo.

“Shameless!” Zhou Zhiruo felt very embarrassed at the moment, she hated her own physical reaction, and coldly said, “It will hurt even if I am bitten by a dog. Does it mean I like being bitten by a dog?”

“You can call me Brother, just like Zhang Wuji.”

Zhou Zhiruo felt a pain when she heard him mention Zhang Wuji. Knowing that her innocence was no longer intact, her mind went blank.

Song Qingshu explored her hidden cave with his shaft for a while, and he felt dissatisfied with only savoring her skin, then he recalled the taste of her mouth, so he looked for her lips.

Zhou Zhiruo dodged hard to prevent him from succeeding, and said viciously, “Although I have no internal strength, I will definitely bite it off!”

“As long as you dare to bite, I will hang you on the city gate and let the people of the world appreciate the beautiful figure of the leader of Emei.” Song Qingshu coldly laughed.

“You! Uh… Uh…” Zhou Zhiruo was taken advantage of as soon as she opened her mouth. She didn’t dare to bite it at the moment, so she had to let him taste her own tongue and let out a humiliating whimper in her mouth.

Zhou Zhiruo silently endured the shameful escapades her opponent performed on her body, and finally after releasing Song Qingshu lay motionless on her. As his fluids were left inside her body, Zhou Zhiruo resisted that disgusting feeling, and secretly tried to gather her scattered true qi.

“Huh?” Song Qingshu looked down and found the red stain on the bed, and said in shock, “Why are you… why are you still…”

Zhou Zhiruo gave him a resentful look, bit her lip, and said nothing.

At the moment, Song Qingshu was stunned, but he also felt ecstatic. He rested for a moment, and embraced that soft frame again. However, he was not in a hurry to continue his previous actions. Instead, he took out a dagger and placed it on Zhou Zhiruo’s neck, “Zhiruo, I know you will definitely want to kill me when you regain your martial arts, so I have to do this first.”

Zhou Zhiruo was startled, and the infuriating spirit that she had just shown collapsed again.

She suddenly realized that her opponent understood the situation quite well. As long as he was not stupid, it was really impossible to let her go. When she thought about it, she became calm again, “If you want to kill, then kill. But, if you want to take the opportunity to threaten me and make me promise not to pursue this afterwards. That’s a foolish dream, even if I become a ghost, I won’t let you go.”

“Okay, I’ll give you a chance to take revenge,” Song Qingshu smiled strangely, “I know that you were trying to recover your strength just now. It just so happens that you are such a fairy-like girl, I also feel that it would be a shame to kill you. Then I will perform our previous exercise a few more times. It will depend on you whether you have the ability to regain your strength during this time. If you agree, just nod your head. If you don’t agree, I will send you to the underworld right now. Anyway, I can still do the deed while your cave remains warm.”

Zhou Zhiruo felt extreme shame when she thought that she would not be able to escape his insult even if she died. At the moment, she hated Song Qingshu to her bones. But, thinking that she had already experienced it once anyway, and it wouldn’t be a big deal if she had to endure it a few more times. So she decided that she should hurry up and recover her strength. As long as she can kill his beast, anything would be worth it.

“Have you not come to a decision yet?” Song Qingshu looked at her with a faint smile, and his sharp knife traced around her neck.

“Yeah~” Although Zhou Zhiruo was embarrassed, she finally nodded helplessly.

“This time you begged me to do it. Don’t forget this in the future.” Song Qingshu’s words made Zhou Zhiruo almost spit out blood.

After a few rounds of intense exercise, Song Qingshu was sweating like rain, and while lying down Zhou Zhiruo’s face was flushed. Every time Zhou Zhiruo gathered a little bit of internal energy, she was immediately hit hard by her opponent, and this caused her heart to be shaken, as a result she had to start all over again.

That night, Song Qingshu worked until he was tired as hell, but he managed to release it six times in the end. Zhou Zhiruo couldn’t gather her internal strength, so she could only limply lay down on the bed and closed her eyes in resignation.

Goblin: Song Qingshu is definitely an S. So what are your thoughts about this type of revenge? Is what Song Qingshu doing justifiable?

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  1. I guess it can be justifiable lol. I mean they are supposed to be married and he thinks she’s cheating so it’s fine i think ?

    1. Except he is not the original Song Qingshu. But, this Song Qingshu also has the reason to be angry. At one point he just wanted to live in peace with Zhou Zhirou…but she destroyed that possibility. It’s complicated ?

        1. Its completely justifiable unless you’re some sort of feminist simp. She married him. Which means she is required to offer herself. She also cheated on him from his POV. Personally I think killing her would have been the better option but this revenge makes sense as well

        2. “Justifiable” is irrelevant. While rape is wrong, she is just as wrong. There is a reason infidelity was punishable by death for 99% of human history. Modern women have become so irresponsible and arrogant that it often makes womens’ rights look like a mistake, especially when none of the currently living women have truly earned or fought for it, and still are exempt from drafts and conscription.

          If you want to say rapists deserve death, I’m totally fine with that, so long as this cheating scheming bitch dies too.

      1. Humanity's Sorrow

        Considering the era they are living in, she got off easy. After all, if she were caught cheating, it wouldn’t be wrong to kill her. Or, if she prefer to keep her virginity, she could have killed herself. To me, I think this is completely ok

  2. Complicated, considering this world I think it’s fair. He thinks she cheated on him, of course he would be pissed about it. I hope he can get fixed again, there’s def other women out there who will actually love him (I hope lol)

  3. in todays world were life has a lot of value, completly un justifiable, however in the world were peoples lives were worth less than a bunch of flower, completly justifiable. Especially after she made him think there was hope before quickly crushing it.

  4. Not translating half the chapter does not actually erase it from existence, all it does is take away from the overall story, either translate the whole thing or nothing at all and let someone else pick it up in the future, as for the question at the end, yes it’s justifiable provided the MC grew up in the world described in the novel as opposed to the world he came from which is actually civilized, so in his case, not it’s not justified and he should know better instead of being a scum.

    1. I translated the whole chapter I had in the version of the raws I have. I excluded nothing. So I don’t get what you’re talking about. But, if you have the a version of the raw where there are more details, then I would be grateful if you send it to me. I will add that here.
      There are many detailed description of protagonist doing the deed in the future chapters and I don’t intend to exclude any of them. I will translate them as is. So, be assured that what you’re saying will not happen.

      1. Sorry, i have not realized there might be versions out there with some details ommited, here’s a link to full chapter 10, keep in mind it’s not raw and rather machine translation. as for where to find unedited raw version of it, I unfortunately have zero idea.

        1. I went and checked. You see, the author probably edited his chapters several times while writing. So, different sites have different versions for some chapters. This chapter was probably edited by the author at some point, but it wasn’t updated in the raw source I’m currently using. That’s why this happened. I thank you again for pointing that out. Please continue to do so in the future as well. I’m only a person and there bound to be some mistakes in the future as well. I hope I will have your help in case there are some mistakes.

      1. Although I hated it this time, when it is not forced then I absolutely want all the gooey details! I remember reading one novel, and the fucking translator omitted the good parts, it made us readers so incredible angry in the comments

        1. I also read a ton. I’ve been reading since Ren was translating at cnet. So I know how readers feel.
          I won’t actively omit anything, unless it’s not in my version of the raws.

  5. its justifiable from song qingshu POV as he thinks she is someone who cheats on him but its not justifiable from my POV as i think he should just leave her and after fixing his meridian go his own way

  6. The spicy or steamy is kinda bad. Barely can be considered steamy. It’s definitely rape though. Was he right? No. ?

    1. You do realize that this novel has over 2000+ chapters. The first few hundred chapters are there to build up the plot, more serious things will happen in the future.

  7. It dod not really feel good and satisfying, I would have felt better if he just left her and bot act like a douche, then make her regret in the future… I really hate all this build up and this scene, its so unsatisfying, sure he raped her for revenge but unfortunately, MC did not see everything cause he was unconscious so what he did is unjustified… He should have just let her know he knew everything and left quietly, making just letting the girl feel extreme guilt and so on while he goes on a journey to heal himself… Tsk, such a dissapointing development

    1. Yes… what he did was quite naive. But remember he’s just been through a major hurt, both in this and his previous life. But he’ll change and develop. That is the charm of this novel.

  8. I think it was justifiable cause it was ancient times and there were even more worse punishment for cheating specially in noble /clans etc
    If the martial society came to know about the “cheating” from the “victim” MC’s mouth then she would be insulted , publically rediculed and night be punished by some elder too..she might even had to commit suicide
    The timeline, and society wise it’s justified…

  9. Alright, I was right and now I kind of hate the MC. Don’t rape, how`fucking difficult is that for people to understan? It’s not okey. I don’t understand though, she was a virgin before, right? So he just didn’t notice? Fucking brute

  10. Ancient Egyptian

    What he did is expected but at most subpar… His wife cheated on him, The least you could do is expose this to her family but just sleeping with her “roughly” is nothing big, she is your wife in the first place, and sleeping together is what is expected of you both, so using it as revenge is pathetic.

    But I understand that he is helpless.

  11. Justifiable. They are in love and all the crap, but Zhirou is doing things to satisfy her hypocrisy. That surname Zhang is not willing to make things up for Qingshu. Everything can be summarize as his fault: he let the woman he loves marries to another man just to regret it; he wants to have two women, but he hadn’t done things in the proper way. In some senses, Qingshu is the victim here, he has the right for revenge. Just like in his previous life, they are not treating him as a human being.

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