Chapter 09: The eve of revenge

After Song Qingshu woke up in the night, he saw Zhou Zhiruo lying on the opposite bed and quietly asleep. He suddenly felt a sense of disgust. His thoughts began to spin in his mind, and thought about how to take revenge. He also thought of Zhang Wuji’s martial arts and his status as the leader of the Ming Cult. The Ming Cult can fight against Mongolia in the Western Regions. It can be seen that his strength is enormous.

Song Qingshu himself, on the other hand, is now a cripple, and he has no martial arts and no power. So how can he get revenge? A sense of powerlessness spread throughout his already weak body.

Inadvertently, he glanced at Zhou Zhiruo’s beautiful face again, and Song Qingshu’s fighting spirit burned with a newfound hatred.

His meridians are broken? So what?
He just has to find a way to fix it. He can roughly remember the “Nine Yin Scripture” and the “Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms” from ‘The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber’, and coupled with the familiarity with secrets in this world, it’s not so difficult to practice certain peerless martial arts, and then find those treasures. With how chaotic this world is, it will be easy to build up a force, and finally fight against Zhang Wuji.

When his thoughts became clearer and clearer, Song Qingshu’s mood gradually calmed down. He also thought about secretly informing Zhao Min to come over and catch the adultery, but Zhao Min is a terribly smart woman, it is hard to guarantee that she will not expose him to Zhang Wuji for some reason, and then he will be in trouble instead, and then the three of them will definitely not allow him to continue living. He would die a miserable death…his body shuddered when he thought about it.


The next day, in front of everyone, when Zhang Wuji regretfully announced that he could not do anything about the broken meridians, Zhou Zhiruo was still a little worried that Song Qingshu would lose his temper. But she did not expect that Song Qingshu just calmly took a sip of tea, and flatly said, “It’s God’s will. So, this Song can’t blame anyone. I feel sorry for having troubled Master Zhang during this period of time.”

Now when even Zhao Min looked at him in surprise, Song Qingshu responded with a faint smile, but the storm in his heart kept developing his future revenge plan.

This ability was the result of his bitter experience from his previous life in the society. Unless victory is determined, he will never expose his resentment in advance. Otherwise, his opponent will prepare early and guard against it.

After chatting for a while, because of the intense war in the Western Regions, Zhang Wuji had to lead his group to leave early. Zhou Zhiruo ordered her disciples to pack up and set off on the road back to Emei.

“The Mistress seems to have become more and more beautiful recently.” The two young female disciples sincerely flattered Zhou Zhiruo along the way.

Zhou Zhiruo was beautiful before, but there was always a gloomy color between her eyebrows, which made people feel a little scared. Now there was a slight smile on the corner of her lips at all times. In contrast, she was indeed a bit brighter than before.

“Zhiruo is naturally beautiful. Of course, she will become more and more beautiful.” Song Qingshu gently took Zhou Zhiruo’s little hand, and looked at her affectionately. Feeling her smooth and tender skin, he sneered in his heart.
The disciples didn’t know the reason, but he knew it clearly!
For the past few days, Zhou Zhiruo was irrigated with the essence of Zhang Wuji’s Nine Yang True Qi every day, of course, she was even more charming and moving.

Because a disciple was watching, Zhou Zhiruo was too embarrassed to directly withdraw her hand. After all, Song Qingshu was her husband, but she was a little impatient in her heart, and her eyes gradually became cold. Although she regarded herself as Mrs. Song in front of Zhang Wuji, it did not mean that She really allowed Song Qingshu to do some intimate things between husband and wife.

Song Qingshu felt that it was enough, so he let go of her hands and leisurely sat on the carriage.

After a lot of probing over the past two days, he already has some plans in his mind. Although there is little hope of renewing his meridians, he still has to try something before he is reconciled. The four great physicians in the world, Ping Yizhi, Xue of Zhoucheng, Huang Yaoshi, and Hu Qingniu. Since Zhang Wuji couldn’t do anything, there’s not much hope they can do anything either. The only one left is the most mysterious Poisonous Hand Medicine King, and there is a possibility where he will be at White Horse Temple near Dongting Lake. After giving it a lot of thought, Song Qingshu determined that only this way he has the greatest hope.

If everything goes well and his meridians are cured, then not only will he be able to practice martial arts on his own, but also go and acquire all the magical secrets and treasures in this world.
That is only if everything goes according to his plan. If unfortunately, it’s really impossible to heal, then it’s not a major problem to not learn martial arts. Wei Xiaobao was not a martial arts expert. Yes, there is always a way, and he was a person who climbed up step by step in his previous life. There was no reason he could not do the same in this life!

Song Qingshu is the type of person who will continue to persevere unless he is dead, otherwise, he will not give up even if there is the smallest of hope.

‘I was ready to leave without saying goodbye, but before I leave, I have to charge some interest on some people.’ Thinking of this, Song Qingshu squinted his eyes and looked at Zhou Zhiruo’s back. Zhou Zhiruo, who was sitting in front, suddenly felt a trace of goosebumps all over her body, and couldn’t help tightening her clothes tightly.


After nightfall, the group of four found an inn in a small town. After dinner, the two female disciples cleverly went back to their room to rest. Zhou Zhiruo frowned and followed Song Qingshu into his room. Seeing only one bed, her expression turned a bit ugly.

Song Qingshu followed her gaze, quickly understood what was going on, and said with a smile: “Zhiruo, you sleep on the bed tonight.”

“Then what about you?” Zhou Zhiruo didn’t expect Song Qingshu to be so thoughtful, and her heart warmed. Suddenly her face flushed with a trace of red.

“I’m going to sleep on the floor.” Song Qingshu glanced at her cheek strangely.

“How can you do that? You hurt your bones, and the ground is too cold, it can make you ill.” Zhou Zhiruo’s words warmed Song Qingshu. It seems that she is not completely without conscience.

“What will we do if I don’t.” Song Qingshu glanced at the only bed in the room, and his meaning was obvious, “Should we sleep on one bed?”

“How can we do that?” Zhou Zhiruo immediately shook her head. If she didn’t make a future agreement with Zhang Wuji, maybe Zhou Zhiruo would agree to it considering they were a couple. Anyway, now she needed a quilt in order to stay in the same room. As she was stronger than him, she wasn’t afraid that he would have any bad thoughts.

Song Qingshu gave a wry smile: “Don’t worry, I’ll go to the store to get a few more mattresses and spread them on the floor.”

Thinking that one day she would abandon him and become the wife of the person he hates most, Zhou Zhiruo felt a little guilty. Hearing this, she quickly got up: “Your injury is not healed. Sit and rest. I will get it.” After that, she hurried out.

Seeing that a fairy-like girl came to borrow the mattress, the inn owner was ecstatic and enthusiastically got her a few. Before leaving, he looked at Zhou Zhiruo’s back and asked, “Fairy, do you need a quilt?”

Zhou Zhiruo was still a little happy until she returned to the room. Which woman didn’t like being praised by men for her beauty? She happily helped Song Qingshu tidy up the floor as well. It was inconvenient for the disciples to know that the two had no husband and wife relationship, so she had to do everything herself.

When the work was finally finished, Zhou Zhiruo raised her hand and wiped the fine sweat from her forehead. Song Qingshu poured a cup of tea and handed it over: “Zhiruo, you have worked hard, drink some tea.”

Goblin: Ah~ The much anticipated revenge is upon us!

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  1. Foreign Sister

    “the Eighteen Palms of the Dragon Slaying Sword” isn’t that should be “Eighteen Subduing Dragon Palms”?, i am a bit confused or the Author of this wn changed it?.

    1. It should be Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms….that was a mistake on my part. I changed it in the later chapters. I guess I forgot to correct this one.
      Thanks for pointing it out.

    2. Doesn’t matter, ig? There are 18 palms in both and both are used to suppress dragons, so both mean the same, doesn’t it?

  2. For the past few days, Zhou Zhiruo was irrigated with the essence of Zhang Wuji’s Nine Yang True Qi every day, of course, she was even more charming and moving.

    -what is the meaning of this?

    1. The protagonist thought that Zhou Zhirou had physical relationship with Zhang Wuji (which they didn’t). It’s written through metaphor.

  3. Man I really don’t want her in the harem. This kind of situation creates problems in the relationship later in the life. .. I like that wuji’s character more. ( but I’m really enjoying the story) it’s feels like author knows my psychological pattern and now is playing with my emotions.

  4. He is not going to drug her and do evil stuff, right? I bet he will rape her and find out that ooops, he was wrong… Please don’t, please don’t do it you bastard… Then he will feel guilty and run away, right? She will kill him otherwise

  5. Ancient Egyptian

    Wired… I want to say he is wronging her, but truthfully he is not, she is cheating on him even if it’s not all the way through.
    She meets another man behind his back, she doesn’t even respect his position as her husband, and she initiates the adultery by making her intention known, she allowed another man to touch, hug, kiss and feel her body… She is just 1% loyal.
    And using the excuse of not loving her husband to commit infidelity and plan to elope with different man is far from justifying her actions.
    She is a low woman.

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