Chapter 121: Scheme (part 2)

“Even if you help me out today, this Wen will not recognize this help, and I will definitely do everything possible to kill you in the future.” Wen Tailai’s eyes were full of hatred.

“If you can kill me, then kill me, there is no man who can bear the hatred of having his wife taken from him.” Seeing Wen Tailai’s angry expression, Song Qingshu suddenly thought of the incident with Zhang Wuji and Zhou Zhiruo. 

He seemed to see his own shadow in him, and his heart softened, “Fourth Master Wen can take Madame Wen to a place where this Song cannot find her, and the paper in this Song’s hand will become just a piece of paper without any value.”

“Thank you for your reminder.” Wen Tailai sneered.

‘I don’t know where my cheap wife is now. I deliberately didn’t hide my name after joining the Qing Dynasty. So it is reasonable that she should have come to me for revenge by now.’

Just when Song Qingshu was lost in his thoughts, he felt a sharp pain between his ribs and spurted out a mouthful of blood. He waved his hand and countered some of the attacks. After that Song Qingshu could no longer control his body and fell down with a muffled groan.

Wen Tailai landed a successful strike of the Thunder Palm on Song Qingshu’s rib and leaped to the top of the palace wall with the help of the anti-shock force. He was about to follow up the palm strike from a high place, but he suddenly saw a team of guards coming here not far away.

After hesitating for a moment, Wen Tailai thought that Luo Bing must be waiting anxiously for his whereabouts outside. Anyway, Song Qingshu was pretty much dead in his book, now that he had received the full power of his Thunder Palm.

Seeing the disappearing figure of the other party, Song Qingshu swayed and stood up, secretly cursing him in his heart. 

Just now, Wen Tailai made him lower his guard by saying that he would fight with him in the future, and how could Song Qingshu know that the other party was thinking of immediate revenge? 

Adding to that was Song Qingshu’s lack of attention as he was thinking of Zhou Zhiruo at that moment. And so, that opportunity was used by Wen Tailai to successfully land an attack, even though he was far inferior to him in terms of martial arts realm.

“Thunder Palm’s strength can bend metals and crack stones, it really lives up to its reputation.” Song Qingshu spat out another mouthful of blood. He knew very well that if he didn’t have internal energy to protect his body, he would have died long ago!

Hearing the voices of the guards nearby, Song Qingshu didn’t want his true situation to be known to everyone, so he staggered to his courtyard while seething with anger.

When Luo Bing saw Song Qingshu, she was startled, and quickly stepped forward to help him, “Why are you so badly injured? What about Brother Wen and the others, have they been rescued?”

Song Qingshu didn’t answer her words. Instead, he looked around the room and asked with a frown, “Qing… Where’s Madame Yuan? And where did the girl from the Li family go?”

“As soon as you left in the morning, sister Yuanzhi left the palace. She said that she wanted to find help to save the Fourth Brother, Fourteenth Brother and the others. As for Madame Yuan…” Luo Bing said with a somewhat unnatural look, “She…She went out after a while, and I don’t know where she went.”

“Oh.” Song Qingshu nodded, while thinking in his heart, ‘Why am I so unfortunate? When I was injured, the two trustworthy women were not here, but only Luo Bing with ulterior motives remained.’

“About Brother Wen, have you rescued them?” Luo Bing asked anxiously.

“Oh, not yet.” Song Qingshu calmly lied. At this moment, he didn’t dare to say that Wen Tailai had already escaped. If he told her, then she would definitely want to take revenge taking the opportunity that he was now injured.

Luo Bing showed disappointment, “The more they stay in prison, the more danger they will have. Do you have any confidence in saving them?”

“Don’t forget that I’m the deputy head of the imperial guards now.” Song Qingshu said as he couldn’t help coughing a few times, “I met an enemy today and suffered a little injury, and I will save them when I get better. Don’t worry, for some reason, Emperor Kangxi has never thought of executing them. As long as they do not try something funny, they are still safe in the heavenly prison.”

It was a strange matter, Luo Bing wished Song Qingshu to die in the past, but now that he was seriously injured, she wished he could recover as soon as possible so that he could save her husband.

Picking up the golden sore medicine by the bed, Luo Bing handed it over, “Here is the golden sore medicine you gave me last night. The effect is not bad, you can try it.”

Song Qingshu looked at her pale face due to excessive blood loss and asked, “How is your injury?”

Thinking of when Xia Qingqing and Li Yuanzhi untied her clothes and bandaged her wound when she was unconscious, a blush appeared on Luo Bing’s pale cheeks, and she replied, “It’s just some minor skin injuries. They are nothing serious.”

“I suffered from an internal injury, and the golden sore medicine is useless.” Song Qingshu sat cross-legged on the bed, felt the residual warmth in the quilt, and said, “Since your injury is almost healed, I will use this bed for now. If you don’t mind, you can also rest on the bed. I want to heal, and I won’t care about taking advantage of you.”

Luo Bing shook her head like a rattle, and said in a hurried tone, “No need, no need, one day’s sleep is enough. In fact I am feeling quite energetic.”

Goblin: It’s time the guilty got their punishment!

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