Chapter 122: Agitated mind (part 1)

“Don’t go out. After you all made a fuss last time, the search in the palace is very tight now. They don’t dare to come in here, but if you go out and get caught by them, I have no way to save you. Of course I won’t be able to save your husband either.”

Song Qingshu threatened her with lies. He guessed that by now, everyone in the palace would  know that the people of the Red Flower Society have been rescued. If Luo Bing goes out and hears something, it will be very bad.

“Yes.” Luo Bing nodded meekly, and suddenly said with a shy expression, “You… Do you have anything to eat here? I haven’t eaten all day.”

Looking at the beautiful woman with an embarrassed expression in front of him, Song Qingshu laughed dumbly, and pointed to the cabinet in the corner, “There are a lot of cakes in it. Feel free to eat them. Oh yes, if you don’t mind, can you cook some porridge for me? I don’t know why, but after I was injured, I really want to drink that thing.”

Luo Bing remained silent for a while, and finally said, “Can this be considered as your request?” Seeing Song Qingshu’s surprised expression, she couldn’t help but smile: “Forget it, I will just treat it as a good deed. But do you have a kitchen here?”

“It’s next door, but I don’t have any other ingredients besides rice. After all, I rarely cook by myself.” Seeing her smiling in front of him for the first time, Song Qingshu was dazed for a moment.

“Hurry up and heal your wounds, I’m going to make porridge first.” Luo Bing picked up a few pieces of snacks from the cabinet and held them in her arms, and helped him close the door.

Song Qingshu’s expression became solemn, and he began to use the Nine Yin Scripture to heal his wounds.

After an unknown amount of time, Song Qingshu suddenly opened his eyes, and the tip of his nose smelled a fresh aroma of rice.

“Are you awake?” Luo Bing walked in slowly with a handkerchief holding a small pot. After placing it on the table, she couldn’t help pinching her earlobe with her scalded fingers.

Seeing her suddenly revealing such a young girl’s bearing, Song Qingshu said with a smile, “Is it really effective to have your earlobe pinched?”

“It doesn’t seem to have any effect.” Luo Bing put down her fingers embarrassedly, “This is what my mother taught me since I was a child.”

Luo Bing brought a bowl of porridge to the bed and handed it to him, “You have an internal injury. Drinking some hot porridge will be good for your injury.”

Looking at her soft hands, which was whiter and tenderer than a porcelain bowl, Song Qingshu said with envy, “Leader Wen is really lucky to have such a beautiful and capable wife, who can kill the enemy with a pair of swords, and make soup with his hands while wearing an apron.”

“If you speak frivolously again, don’t blame me for being rude.” Luo Bing bit her lip and threatened him. She was a woman from an ancient era, how could she stand such straightforward and enthusiastic praise from Song Qingshu? Of course, everyone liked listening to pretty words, so Luo Bing couldn’t help but show a slight smile on her face.

“This is also called being frivolous?” Song Qingshu really felt wronged now, and jokes like these were pretty common in his previous life. And they became vulgar now?

Taking the porcelain bowl and looking at the steaming vegetable porridge inside, Song Qingshu asked strangely, “Did you poison it?”

“Don’t eat if you want.” Luo Bing angrily wanted to take the bowl back, but Song Qingshu’s reaction was so quick that he shrank back subconsciously. As soon as she grabbed it, Luo Bing’s center of gravity became unstable, and she was about to fall on Song Qingshu.

Song Qingshu was naturally happy to see this happen, and he was just about to embrace her with open arms. But, how could Luo Bing do what he wanted? After all, she was a martial artist. With a twist of her waist, she froze in mid-air, and then slowly raised her body again.

“Eat or don’t eat, your choice!” Luo Bing was a little embarrassed, and stopped trying to grab the bowl in his hand.

“Of course I have to eat it, how could this Song fail to live up to the kindness of such a fine woman.” After a bowl of hot porridge, Song Qingshu suddenly felt that infuriating energy in his dantian seemed to become a little more active, and he was shocked, but he quickly recovered.

Song Qingshu opened his eyes again from the meditation, looked at the bright sky outside, and he couldn’t help but wonder, “Why haven’t the two of them come back, is there something wrong?”

Luo Bing rested her cheeks in her hands and was dozing off by the table. Hearing his voice, she was startled and woke up. Then she said, “I don’t know either.” She knew where Madame Yuan was going, but didn’t know why Li Yuanzhi never came back.

Feeling that his injury had recovered almost seventy or eighty percent, Song Qingshu jumped off the bed, “I will go out to find them, and by the way, I notified the supervisor to bring some food over. It will be the dim sum, so you can eat as much as you want.” (G: Dim sum is a large range of small Chinese dishes that are traditionally enjoyed in restaurants for brunch.)

Luo Bing nodded and watched Song Qingshu disappear outside the door. At that moment, she suddenly felt a sense of absurdity. She seemed like a wife watching her husband go out.

After coming out of the residence, Song Qingshu searched the palace with a solemn expression. At first, he thought that Xia Qingqing could no longer endure, and went to assassinate Emperor Kangxi. He asked Duo Long about it in the guise of asking about the assasination the night before. Apart from the matter of saving the Red Flower Society, there was no news of other assassins.

Next, Song Qingshu thought that Xia Qingqing was lost in the palace. Although he felt that she would not be so brainless, the palace was too big after all, so Song Qingshu was not sure. Using his current ability to do a quick search, he found nothing in the palace.

As a result, he continued to look for her until the sun went down, and he didn’t find any trace of Xia Qingqing. Suddenly thinking of a certain possibility, Song Qingshu’s face darkened, and he returned to his residence in a hurry.

“What did you say to Xia Qingqing yesterday?” Opening the door, Song Qingshu didn’t notice Luo Bing’s expression and asked with a gloomy face.

Unexpectedly, Luo Bing did not answer his question, but raised a piece of paper in her hand, and her voice was as cold as ice, “What is this?”

When Song Qingshu touched the front of his clothes, his face changed slightly. It turned out that he accidentally left the ‘wife transfer document’ from Wen Tailai on the bed when he was healing some time before.

As the matter had already come to this point, Song Qingshu no longer made senseless excuses, and calmly said, “Madame is not an illiterate village woman from the mountains, so why are you asking, when you know it already?”

“Good, good…” Luo Bing’s lips were trembling with anger, “This is indeed my Fourth Brother’s hand writing. What despicable and shameless method did you use to make him write this?”

“No matter how despicable and shameless the methods I used, the most important thing is that Wen Tailai did write this.” Song Qingshu glanced at Luo Bing, “It seems that Madame is not that important to him.”

Every word Song Qingshu said cut in Luo Bing’s heart like a sharp blade. Women were emotional animals. Many times they didn’t care about the matter itself, but cared about some things that men find incomprehensible.

From Wen Tailai’s point of view, he was purely trying to save his brothers from the Red Flower Society. He thought that even if Luo Bing knew, she would have understood his actions.

Luo Bing was indeed as he wished. As soon as she saw the letter, she was smart and understood the situation of Song Qingshu forcing Wen Tailai. However, her attention was not on that point; but it was on what Song Qingshu had said, no matter what her husband’s difficulties were, it was a fact that he gave up on her and gave her to another man!

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