Chapter 124: Agitated mind (part 3)

The fairy-like woman in front of her was naturally Song Qingshu’s original wife, Zhou Zhiruo. After being violated by Song Qingshu that night, she vowed to smash his corpse into ten thousand pieces and hunt him down to the ends of the world.

In her pursuit, she was fooled by Little Hu Fei and Cheng Lingsu and traveled to the bitter and cold land of Changbai Mountain in Liaodong. It was only recently she found out that Song Qingshu was in the Qing Dynasty. In fact, Zhou Zhiruo accidentally heard about it from the drinker’s discussion in an inn, and only then did she know that Song Qingshu had been in the Qing Dynasty, inside the palace all along.

“Yes, I chose to marry you because I was blind.” Zhou Zhiruo said with a sneer, “I even said before that, ‘Even if everyone in the world betrays me, Song Qingshu will not betray me’, but look at what happened, it’s ironic.”

“You also think that you married me!?” Song Qingshu felt his feelings going a little out of his control, “Don’t think I don’t know what you and Zhang Wuji did in the Shaolin Sect!”

“You clearly know that he and I did not cross any boundaries.” Zhou Zhiruo’s eyelashes trembled, and she gave him a deep look.

“I didn’t know… I really didn’t know until after that night!” Song Qingshu showed a crazed smile on his face, “And even if I knew beforehand, I don’t regret what I did. To be able to get your first drop of blood, I think that no matter what happens between you and Zhang Wuji in the future, he will always be a loser in front of me.”

Looking at Song Qingshu coldly, Zhou Zhiruo said, “Are you feeling proud? My whole life’s happiness was ruined by your hands! As I said that night, one day, I will tear you into thousands of pieces. I didn’t expect that one day would come so soon.”

“Your happiness!” Song Qingshu was breathing rapidly, and the more he spoke, the more excited he became. “Your happiness should have been with me, your husband…not when your husband is dying, and you are going behind his back and fooling around with your old lover.”

“Have you said enough?” It was unknown whether it was due to her staying in Changbai Mountain for too long, but now Zhou Zhiruo’s tone seemed colder than ice, without a trace of anger, “Do you think it makes sense to talk about this now?”

Song Qingshu was stunned for a moment, “Yes, I didn’t expect you to let it all go so thoroughly, and it was I who is living in the past.” The relationship between the two was very complicated. From their own perspective, there was nothing wrong with their behavior. But what the two did, intentionally or unintentionally, deeply hurt the other person.

There was no right or wrong in many things in the world, only different positions.

“If that’s the case…” Zhou Zhiruo’s lips rose slightly, “Then go to hell!”

As soon as her words fell, Zhou Zhiruo’s figure became light and erratic, incomparably graceful, her slender hand stretched out from her green sleeve, and her five fingers stabbed straight at the top of Song Qingshu’s head.

Song Qingshu’s expression changed, his vision was far from what it used to be in the past, and he grabbed Zhou Zhiruo’s claw as soon as he raised his hand.

Zhou Zhiruo’s face remained calm, as if she had expected this, and the palm of her left hand slammed towards his abdomen.

Song Qingshu hurriedly reached out to receive her attack, and after a muffled sound, Zhou Zhiruo turned in mid air and lightly floated back to her original spot.

Song Qingshu spat out a mouthful of blood. He was injured by Wen Tailai yesterday, and after a night of recuperation, it was enough to deal with martial artists such as Luo Bing. 

Zhou Zhiruo, on the other hand, was the one who won the title of “Number One in the World” at the Lion Slaughtering Assembly. Of course, there was that matter that Zhang Wuji had deliberately let her win, but it also showed that when compared to Luo Bing, their level of martial arts were simply heaven and earth.

“Have you practiced your Nine Yin Scripture to such a high level?” A trace of worry flashed on Zhou Zhiruo’s face.

“Knowing that my beloved wife is searching everywhere to kill me all the time, how can I not try my best to practice martial arts?” Song Qingshu wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, and laughed at himself.

When they fought just now, Song Qingshu parried Zhou Zhiruo’s attack with both hands, and the quilt covering him slipped to his waist. Noticing the palm print between his ribs, Zhou Zhiruo frowned and said, “Are you injured?”

Song Qingshu nodded bitterly, “That’s why you were lucky to come at the right time.”

“Tell me his name.” Zhou Zhiruo said lightly, “No matter what, you are my husband. After I kill you, I will kill him for you, as revenge.” (G: This girl is crazy!)

“If I am killed by my wife today, then I was destined to die.” Song Qingshu made a move with his right hand, sucked the Wooden Sword beside him into his palm, and said with a faint smile, “If we die together, then the journey on the road will not be lonely.”

“I taught you all your martial arts. I want to see what you have learned during this period of time that makes you so confident!” Zhou Zhiruo’s expression changed, and she no longer held back, and used the Nine Yin White Bone Claw to attack with all her strength.

Although Song Qingshu could also use Nine Yin White Bone Claw, he was not stupid enough to use them against this opponent. Unlike the claw shadows that filled the sky when he used it, Zhou Zhiruo looked like a ghost when she used the Nine Yin White Bone Claw.

Song Qingshu solemnly raised the Wooden Sword, and the tip of the sword kept touching the weak point of the opponent’s claw shadows.

“Huh?” Zhou Zhiruo stared at him in amazement as she saw her moves being systematically rendered powerless by her opponent, and she felt that Song Qingshu’s movements had become obscure. So she attacked without giving him the slightest chance to breathe.

Song Qingshu just wanted to take a brief breather, when Zhou Zhiruo suddenly appeared, and he had to give up halfway, which caused his blood to churn.

“Stinky girls, you are the head of a dignified righteous faction. How is it righteous to attack someone while they are taking a breather? And why do you keep attacking the place where I was injured!” Song Qingshu said in shock and anger while resisting.

“To deal with shameless people, you must use shameless methods.” Zhou Zhiruo did not feel affected at all, and her attacks intensified.

At the moment, Song Qingshu only felt tired and nauseous, and when he finally lost control of his mind, his Wooden Sword was knocked aside by his opponent’s left hand, and his neck was restrained by Zhou Zhiruo’s Nine Yin White Bone Claw.

“Forget it, we come naked and will go naked. In some other life, we will be a hero again.” The Wooden Sword fell to the ground as soon as he loosened his hand, but his left hand secretly grabbed the quilt around his waist.

Zhou Zhiruo secretly breathed a sigh of relief after she saw Song Qingshu’s expression of giving up resistance. She was about to say something, but who knew that the other party would directly let go of the quilt.

Zhou Zhiruo subconsciously glanced at it. Song Qingshu hadn’t had time to get dressed and now, he was naked below, so what she saw was a disgusting thing standing with its head held high, glaring at her hideously.

Although she had lost her purity to Song Qingshu before, she didn’t feel anything other than humiliation and anger that night. So she still maintained a pure maiden’s exquisite heart till today, and the shame and anger in her heart made her subconsciously turn her head.

Song Qingshu was waiting for this opportunity, and while her heart was in chaos, he poked his finger into his opponent’s armpit.

Zhou Zhiruo’s eyes were full of unwillingness, her body softened, and she slowly fell into his arms.

Song Qingshu had exhausted all his strength just now, and while hugging her soft tender figure, he secretly rejoiced in his heart, ‘No matter how high your martial arts skills are, you are still afraid of kitchen knives. I watched a lot of movies in my previous life and saw all kinds of funny actions in Ja*kie Chan’s movies. So, I just performed one of them. The moves that are obscene and ridiculous can also be used as a weapon. I didn’t think it would work in the past, but I had to reevaluate that in my heart. Now that I have learned martial arts, I know that I can do anything and use everything around me in times of life and death.’

Zhou Zhiruo’s beautiful eyes were full of anger, but Song Qingshu didn’t care and he just casually tapped several major acupoints all over her body, and slightly smiled, “You have also learned the Nine Yin Scripture, so you should know that if you want to unseal this acupuncture method, you will have to work for quite a while.”

After making sure that Zhou Zhirou had been completely restrained, Song Qingshu hurriedly sat up and circulated his qi to heal his injuries. He was now completely exhausted. If he did not recover as soon as possible, if Luo Bing returned, he would be caught unguarded.

Zhou Zhiruo was full of remorse, and she hated the fact that she didn’t break his neck the moment she grabbed it, but she was stunned at that instance.

Human mentality was like that. It has always been like this when it came to matters of revenge. When there is a chance for revenge, they become unwilling to let the other party die so easily. It was due to this contradictory mentality that Zhou Zhiruo was successfully outsmarted by Song Qingshu.

Seeing that her opponent had started to heal, Zhou Zhiruo also began to hit the acupoints with her qi. She clearly knew that Song Qingshu was now at the end of the rope, and as long as she could unseal her acupoints, he would never have the power to fight back.

But she fell into an embarrassing situation. When she fell into Song Qingshu’s arms just now, her head had to rest on his thigh when he sat cross-legged to heal. And the repulsive thing that made her so embarrassed just moments ago was now dawdling constantly near her snow-white face.

The embarrassment in her heart made it impossible for her to concentrate on unsealing the acupoints, so she couldn’t help but cry out with hatred, “Take this disgusting thing away from me!”

“I am actually filled with gratitude to ‘It’ for the help just now. The life-saving grace is greater than heaven, so how can I cross the river and demolish the bridge now?” Song Qingshu said indifferently without even opening his eyes.

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  1. Wao, I respect Song Qingshu and Jackie Chan for this, they are amazing masters. I really hate Zhou Zhirou, she did everything for her own sake. Even the fact that she wanted to cure Qingshu was just to satisfy her own hypocrisy. She should die unless Qingshu finds a good reason to not do so.

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