Chapter 125: Same bed, different dreams

“You!” Zhou Zhiruo saw that the other party was ignoring her request, so she clenched her teeth tightly, closed her eyes, and didn’t bother to look at him anymore.

No one knew how long it took. Suddenly, Zhou Zhiruo seemed to feel something, she opened her eyes, and found Song Qingshu blankly staring at her, his eyes full of admiration and also contradictions.

“Your injury is healed?” Zhou Zhiruo didn’t know that Song Qingshu’s accupoint sealing technique was an imitation of Ouyang Feng’s reverse Nine Yin Scripture. So she was feeling numb all over her body.

“How could it be that fast? But, it’s enough for now. It’s a long night, with a warm fragrance and a warm jade in my arms. If I were to meditate until dawn, it would be too much of a waste.”

Song Qingshu’s gaze was on Zhou Zhiruo. The long blue dress wrapped her beautiful figure, the neckline was faintly showing her ivory-white skin, and her moist lips exuded a charming luster. Looking at it, Song Qingshu’s throat felt a little dry.

Zhou Zhiruo was very familiar with that gaze of his, and a hint of panic appeared between her brows, “What do you want to do?”

“Why do you ask, when you already know?” Song Qingshu had just felt the soft and lusciousness of Luo Bing, and just when he was about to enjoy this mature body to the fullest, he had to stop abruptly because of Zhou Zhiruo’s appearance. And now, the fire in his heart became more and more intense.

Fortunately, there was a better compensation at the moment. He gazed into Zhou Zhiruo’s deep eyes. The eyes which were always cold, were now filled with panic. Song Qingshu bent over and whispered in her ear, “Of course, it’s you!”

“You! Uh…uh…” Zhou Zhiruo was about to rebuke, but found that her lips had been blocked, and all her words had turned into meaningless scattered syllables.

“Well…at least wipe it clean!” Knowing that it was inevitable, Zhou Zhiruo made the only request that the other party could possibly agree to when she finally got a breather.

Zhou Zhiruo clearly remembered that Song Qingshu was fooling around with another woman just moments ago. She couldn’t bear the humiliation of enduring another woman’s fluids into her body.

“It doesn’t matter!” (G: Tamed.)


The next morning, Song Qingshu lay on his side on the bed, looking at his nominal wife with a complicated expression.

The sunlight coming in from the window fell on her fair skin, her black hair was scattered in a mess, and the lines of her soft profile seemed to be drawn with a single stroke of a brush, exuding a serene atmosphere in the hazy morning light. .

Song Qingshu really hoped that she would always stay asleep like this, because he knew that once she woke up, the two of them would return to that kind of mortal enemies again.

His left hand hesitated several times near her delicate neck, then Song Qingshu sighed, and finally felt reluctant to end her.

“Master Song, Master Song?” A guard knocked cautiously at the door.

Song Qingshu glanced at Zhou Zhiruo subconsciously, and after seeing that she did not intend to wake up, he quickly got out of bed and walked out.

“What’s the matter?” Song Qingshu closed the door as soon as he went out.

“Your Majesty is in the morning court session, and summons Lord Song to wait in the imperial study first.” The guard replied respectfully.

“Okay, I’ll go right away, you go first.” Song Qingshu wondered what Kangxi had to do with him this time.

“Yes!” The guard bent down and exited the courtyard.

Song Qingshu got dressed, looked back at the woman sleeping quietly on the bed. He slightly moved his lips and tried to speak a few times, but in the end he didn’t, and chose to leave silently.

After the sound of Song Qingshu’s footsteps disappeared, Zhou Zhiruo, who was asleep on the bed, suddenly opened her eyes and sat up.

She accidentally saw her reflection in the bronze mirror on the table on the bedside. What she saw was a woman with a delicate face, and there were obvious signs of spring in the corners of her eyebrows. Zhou Zhiruo felt annoyed in her heart, she flicked her hand, and the bronze mirror fell to the ground with a clang.

Looking at her scattered dresses, Zhou Zhiruo couldn’t help but feel sad. She hugged her knees and sobbed silently with her head buried between them.


Song Qingshu didn’t have to wait for long in the imperial study. Emperor Kangxi soon came in followed by Wei Xiaobao.

“This official has seen the Emperor!” Although he was reluctant, Song Qingshu still had to show some of the gestures he should as an official of the court.

“Don’t be too polite.” Emperor Kangxi waved his hand, and the warm smile on his face showed that he was in a good mood.

“May I know why the Emperor summoned this servant and Lord Song at the same time? Is there any task for us to do?” Wei Xiaobao also said with a smile.

“If your thoughts were spent on studying, you wouldn’t be just a viscount now.” Emperor Kangxi sent him an amused look.

“This servant wishes  to serve the Emperor wholeheartedly. The Emperor’s rewards are not always small. What does being a viscount or earl have to do with it?” Wei Xiaobao deliberately said with a serious expression.

“You bootlicker! Just look at the other person in the room being so mature and serious, but why are you like this?” Although Emperor Kangxi said this, he was quite happy in his heart.

“Lord Wei has a swift mind, and he finished what I wanted to say in the blink of an eye. I was short of words for a moment, so I could say nothing.” Song Qingshu didn’t want to offend Wei Xiaobao for no reason.

Sure enough, Wei Xiaobao glanced at him in amazement, thinking in his heart, ‘My god, I didn’t expect Big Brother Song to have such a sweet tongue. He usually stays silent, but he does have his moments.’

“Okay, okay, We didn’t call you here to flatter each other.” Emperor Kangxi continued after a moment of silence, “Didn’t Prince Bao send people from the Red Flower Society to assassinate Us last time? We had to take the overall situation as the top priority, and We had to let those assassins go. But We can’t keep getting beaten up like this without fighting back…”

Wei Xiaobao stepped forward and said, “Prince Bao hides evil intentions. This servant has long disliked him. May I know how the Emperor plans to deal with him?”

“It’s not the time to do that now…” Emperor Kangxi shook his head, “If We want to deal with Hongli, Wu Sangui from Shanhai Pass will be deeply saddened by the death of the rabbit; and the fox, and will definitely not stand by. King Pingxi and Prince Bao both have hundreds of thousands of elite soldiers in their hands. The alliance between the two is not good for me.” (G: Prince Bao’s other name is Hongli.)

“If that is the case, then does the Emperor mean to destroy the alliance between the two?” Song Qingshu asked.

“Yes…” Emperor Kangxi nodded, “Wu Sangui and Hongli are not of the same mind, and their relationship is also very fragile. We plan to win over Wu Sangui first and then divide the two.”

“Wu Sangui commands immense respect from his troops, and now he is a prince, so I am afraid it would not be so easy to win over.” Song Qingshu thought about it and analyzed it.

“It would naturally be difficult to win him over with normal means, but what if We were to betroth the Princess to the Prince of Pingxi?” Emperor Kangxi showed a confident smile.

‘Could it be Jianning?’ Song Qingshu thought in his heart. Although the plot of The Deer and the Cauldron had changed a lot in this troubled world, but history seems to be correcting mistakes intentionally or unintentionally, and it keeps making the plot follow the original work.

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