Chapter 126: Escaping the issue (part 1)

“May I know which golden branch and jade leaf the Emperor will betroth to Wu Yingxiong?” In order to flatter better, Wei Xiaobao spent a lot of effort to improve his communication level, and he more or less deliberately memorized some idioms related to royalties, “But that would be too good for that cheap b*stard Wu Yingxiong.” (G: golden branch, jade leaves is an idiom. It means blue-blooded nobility, especially, imperial kinsmen or peerless beauty.)

“Of course We won’t let him benefit from this…” Suddenly realizing something, Emperor Kangxi glanced at Song Qingshu and said, “We plan to betroth Princess Jianning to him. When the time comes, Xiaobao, you will be the envoy of betrothal, and Qingshu will be the guard general to the bride. The two of you will escort Jianning to Shanhai Pass all the way, and take the opportunity to win over Wu Sangui.”

Seeing that Emperor Kangxi’s words left a lot of things unclear, Wei Xiaobao was overjoyed, ‘It seems that Xiao Xuanzi still treats me as his closest. Brother Song must not know that Jianning was the daughter of the fake queen mother.’

He suddenly thought of the matter that he also had a good relationship with Jianning. Although she didn’t look as good as his wives, she was still a beauty. It would be a pity if she went to that cheap Wu Yingxiong. But, there was nothing he could do to prevent that.

However, after thinking about it for a moment, he realized that Wu Sangui was the richest person in the world, and he had always been generous to his court officials. This time if he went to Shanhai Pass, he was guaranteed to make a lot of money, and his heart was suddenly happy again.

Song Qingshu, on the other hand, was very reluctant in his heart. Firstly, Xia Qingqing and Li Yuanzhi’s whereabouts are unknown now. He still wanted to stay in the capital to inquire about the whereabouts of the two. Secondly, he didn’t want to be too involved in the affairs of the Qing court and help Kangxi eliminate dissidents.

A Qing court with many hidden dangers and enemies was the most beneficial to Song Qingshu. If Kangxi really successfully integrated the forces of Wu Sangui and Prince Bao, the Qing court would have no internal troubles. Further adding to that, Kangxi was a promising emperor. So, he was afraid that Kangxi would successfully conquer the world, Song Qingshu himself would really only be a dog of the Qing Dynasty.

“Okay, you all go back to prepare first, and set off to escort Jianning to Shanhai Pass in three days.” Emperor Kangxi stayed unaware of what the two of them were thinking.

Song Qingshu returned to his courtyard. Before opening the door, he was still a little uneasy, not knowing how to face Zhou Zhiruo again.

When he saw that there was no one in the room, and the beautiful woman was gone, he felt a little bit of relief at the same time he felt a sense of loss.

In fact, when Song Qingshu looked at Zhou Zhiruo in bed in the morning, he knew that she was awake. But the other party was willing to continue to pretend to be asleep, and he had no reason to burst the bubble.

The two reached a rare moment of tacit understanding, thereby the last veil was not torn. Song Qingshu didn’t know how to face Zhou Zhiruo, and Zhou Zhiruo also didn’t know how to face Song Qingshu.

She came here full of conviction to take revenge, but the result was that she lost both the honor and the army. So, Zhou Zhiruo’s heart was full of embarrassment.

‘His martial arts realm at this moment is already higher than mine, and I failed to make use of the opportunity of him being injured last night. If I want to kill him again, it will be even more difficult. Only by improving my martial arts can I possibly have the chance to get revenge.’ (G: yah…you keep telling yourself that.)

Zhou Zhiruo muttered to herself as she left, wondering if she was really thinking about revenge or was she trying to cover up the panic in her heart at this moment.

Perhaps realizing her unusual weakness, Zhou Zhiruo’s eyes turned cold, and she thought of the two children by the Dongting Lake, ‘Those two children are so protective of Song Qingshu, they must have a close relationship with him. Just wait until I catch them and bring them in front of you, then we’ll see whether you want their lives or your own?’ Zhou Zhiruo glanced at the room angrily, then turned and resolutely left.

Song Qingshu naturally didn’t know all this, he was staring at the messy room in a daze. There was shattered china on the floor and the sheets on the bed have been torn into pieces. Song Qingshu’s face twitched, “What a violent woman, do you know how hard I had to work to acquire these things? If I brought them with me back to modern times, they would sell for a lot of money. They were all antiques!”


In the next few days, Song Qingshu went everywhere to inquire about Xia Qingqing and Li Yuanzhi, but found nothing.

In Song Qingshu’s eyes, Xia Qingqing was not only a pitiful woman, but also represented the entire Golden Serpent Camp. And, Li Yuanzhi was not only an eccentric official lady, but she also represented her admiral father who held a huge army in his hands.

But now both of them were missing and Song Qingshu felt that most of his previous efforts were turned into nothing. He suddenly started to feel a little listless.

After three days, Song Qingshu said goodbye to Yanjing City and escorted Princess Jianning to Shanhai Pass together with Wei Xiaobao.

“I hope they see my letter if they come back.” Song Qingshu rode on his horse in a trance, and the guards were near Jianning’s carriage.

The letters he left in the house simply indicated his whereabouts. He didn’t dare to write anything else in detail. If someone else found out, the charge of fornicating with outsiders could not be taken lightly.

Of course, Song Qingshu understood that the probability of the two women going back was almost negligible. There was no news broadcast in this world, and there was no way to post a missing person notice. This world was so big. If he wanted to meet those two women again, it would be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

“As they say, we’ll meet again if we are fated. It seems that I can only hope for fate to work its magic. But man I hate this feeling of powerlessness.” Song Qingshu laughed at himself.

“General Song, what fate are you talking about?” At this moment, a female voice came from beside him.

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