Chapter 126: Escaping the issue (part 2)

Song Qingshu turned his head to look, and it turned out that Princess Jianning had opened the carriage’s curtain and was looking at him curiously.

This was the first time Song Qingshu had seen Jianning. She was a young girl of fifteen or sixteen, she had a melon face, thin lips, bright eyebrows, and a heroic spirit. It was quite impossible to imagine that this girl was a combination of S and M attributes.

Thanks to Liu Yucui’s brilliant performance, Song Qingshu has always had no good feelings for the role of Jianning. Although he admired Liu Yucui’s vivid acting skills, her face didn’t really suit his taste. Yes, even Song Qingshu could also be such a shallow man sometimes.

There were other versions of Deer and the Cauldron, where many beautiful women played the role of Jianning, but Liu Yucui really left that much of a bad impression on his mind. He could no longer reverse the mental image of “Jianning is not only a pe*vert, but also an ugly monster” from his mind.

‘Oh, yes…there was also that actress who played the role of Azi. I hope Azi in this world doesn’t look like that.’ Song Qingshu said to himself, ‘But I have already met Azhu in Yanziwu. They are born from the same mother, so she should be no different.’

“Slave dog, this Princess is asking you something!” Jianning had rarely been so friendly to others before, but Song Qingshu didn’t mean to respond to her at all. Instead, he was rambling to himself, and when she saw that Jianning’s true nature was immediately exposed.

“Sure enough!” Song Qingshu glanced at her contemptuously, and directly slapped her.

After suddenly getting a loud slap in the face, Jianning covered her cheeks and looked at him in disbelief, “You lowly dog…” But before she could shout out the rest of the words, Song Qingshu had already sealed her dumb accupoint.

Song Qingshu moved too fast, and deliberately blocked his front and back with his body, so the rest of the people did not see his rebellious behavior.

“If you dare to scold me like this again in the future, I’ll give you another slap in the face. Don’t think you can rely on the other guards, you must have heard of my martial arts. If you provoke me again, I will have to be violent and kill the others, then I will sell you to a brothel, and let thousands of people ride you.”

Song Qingshu glanced at her coldly. Some women were meant to be loved, but some women were born to be lashed, and Jianning ranked very high among the latter.

Seeing the pleading in her eyes, Song Qingshu took out a candy pill from his bosom, stuffed it directly into her mouth, and unsealed her dumb accupoint, “I gave you a martial arts poison just now. It is called the ‘Rotten Flesh Broken Bone Pill’, I will not explain its efficacy as you should be able to tell just by listening to its name.”

“How can there be such a strange medicine in the world?” Jianning was taken aback and asked with uncertainty.

“Believe it or not, it’s up to you.” Song Qingshu snorted coldly, “I will give you an antidote every day to suppress its toxicity. But if you dare to tell anyone about what happened today, hehe, just wait for the time when you begin to rot into a pool of pus and blood.”

Seeing that he wasn’t joking, Jianning immediately put a smile on her face, and said with a coquettish look, “Master Song, Brother Song, this slave has eyes but didn’t see Mount Tai before, and I offended you by mistake. And I don’t remember anything Brother Song did. This villain has made a mistake, please forgive me!”

Song Qingshu shuddered and gave her a disgusted look, “Don’t talk to me in such a disgusting tone, as long as you don’t talk nonsense in the future, I will naturally not let you die.”

After speaking, he made his horse gallop forward, as he didn’t want to stay here a moment longer.

Seeing Song Qingshu’s back, Jianning’s eyes flashed with a trace of resentment, and she summoned a maid and said, “When We will be resting in the town in front, you will quietly inform Lord Wei and ask him to come to my room.”

“Princess, I’m afraid… I’m afraid it’s not in line with the decorum.” The palace maid said hesitantly. According to the royal family rules, the princess should not be too intimate with other men before marrying. If a man and woman stayed in the same room, it was obvious that it would greatly violate the common decency.

“Am I the princess or you are the princess!?” Jianning was furious when she heard this, thinking that not only was she bullied by Song Qingshu, but now even a little palace maid dared to talk back to her? She grabbed the hairpin on her head and stabbed it at the palace maid, “Go! Do what I say.”

“Yes, yes…” The palace maid swayed back in pain.


Twenty miles later, the escorting team stopped at a small town. The county magistrate greeted the group and they rested in the courtyard of a local wealthy gentry.

Song Qingshu’s injuries had not healed completely, and as soon as he had time to rest, he returned to his room and began to circulate and adjust his energy.

After receiving the summon from the palace maid, Wei Xiaobao came to Jianning’s room and spoke with a flattering smile, “The princess is looking for this lowly one, what is your order?” But he cursed inwardly ‘You are an evil witch, and as soon as you are out of Xiao Xuanzi’s sight, he won’t even remember you exist. Now you are being sent to Shanhai Pass, but it is a pity that one day Xiao Xuanzi will attack Wu Sangui. It will not be long before you little bit*h will become a widow…’

Princess Jianning was holding a blue-and-white porcelain bowl, which was filled with iced sour plum soup, and while taking a few sips with a spoon, she sighed, “It’s hard to be a small county magistrate, but at least he can provide ice.”

It was currently the height of summer, and the sweet scent of sweet-scented osmanthus in the sour plum soup filled the room. Hearing the sound of small ice cubes and spoons colliding, Wei Xiaobao couldn’t help drooling.

Noticing his expression, Jianning waved her hand, “I shall reward Lord Wei with a bowl, so that it will quench his thirst.”

Wei Xiaobao was overjoyed, he took the sour plum soup and drank with a few gulps. As he felt the cold air running through his chest, he felt indescribably happy, and thought to himself, ‘For the sake of this bowl of iced sour plum soup, I won’t curse you in my heart…wait, why am I feeling so dizzy?’ 

With a bang, Wei Xiaobao lost consciousness and fell on the table.

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