Chapter 127: Princess and Xiaobao (part 1)

After an unknown amount of time had passed. 

Wei Xiaobao’s consciousness began to clear from its drowsy state, and he felt cold all over his body. Suddenly he heard a sound that seemed like laughter and opened his eyes, only to see the princess looking at him with a smile.

With an “ah” sound, Wei Xiaobao noticed that he was lying on the ground and when he tried to get up, he realized that his hands and feet were tied up. He was shocked, and struggled a few times, but he couldn’t move at all. His clothes were completely stripped and he was naked. It was a really frightening situation.

Jianning smiled and said, “Dog slave, are you awake?”

“Princess, is this some kind of joke?” Wei Xiaobao was in shock. It was one thing that stinky bit*h had tied him up, but why did she have to strip him naked?

“Why would I joke?” Jianning’s pretty face sank, and she kicked his waist, causing Wei Xiaobao to grit his teeth in pain, “Tell me! Are you and my brother emperor hiding something from me?”

‘Could it be that she also knows about the fake queen mother?’ (G: Visit wiki to know more.)

How could Wei Xiaobao dare to say anything about this matter? He hurriedly smiled and said, “We have nothing to hide from you, how could the princess ask such a question?”

“Hmph, then why did he suddenly bethroth me to that prince of Pingxi? When my brother emperor talked to me, he was no longer as pleasant as he used to be, and, and now… any dog ​​slave dares to bully me.”

The more Jianning talked, the sadder she became, but she was worried about the ‘Rotten Flesh Broken Bone Pill’, so she didn’t dare to tell anything related to Song Qingshu for the moment.

“This lowly one has been wronged!” Wei Xiaobao thought that Jianning was talking about him, and quickly explained, “It really was not my idea to marry you to Shanhai Pass.”

“It does not matter if it was your idea or not. Anyway, it’s a foregone conclusion that I will be married to Shanhai Pass.” Jianning said angrily, thinking that when she becomes someone else’s daughter-in-law in the future, she would no longer be able to be as carefree as she was in the palace. And an evil fire burst out in her heart.

“Little Guizi, I love beating people. If you manage to make me feel comfortable, maybe this princess will let you go as soon as I am happy, otherwise…” Jianning took out a leather whip from under the quilt, and gazed maliciously at Wei Xiaobao.

“Otherwise what?” Wei Xiaobao asked fearfully, looking at the shiny leather whip soaked in oil.

“Otherwise, this princess will claim that you have insulted me. Hehe, not to mention my brother emperor, even Wu Sangui will chop off your head if they heard that.” Jianning whipped Wei Xiaobao’s bare skin a dozen times. Looking at the other party’s body covered in blood, her eyes were suddenly filled with a strange excitement.

“You mad woman, you stinky bit*h. I really met you due to the sins of the eighteen generation of my ancestors!” Wei Xiaobao was in severe pain, his hands and feet were tied tightly, and he yelled loudly as if he didn’t care anymore.

“Slave dog, who are you scolding?” Jianning whipped him with the whip again, and at the end, Wei Xiaobao didn’t even have the strength to scold.

Jianning squatted down and gently stroked the scars on his body. Her breathing suddenly became rough, and her voice was suddenly full of coquettishness, “Doesn’t it hurt? The more it hurts, the more interesting it will be.”

When Jianning was using the whip, Song Qingshu, who was not far away, heard the sound of the movement and came to investigate. Then he saw the scene inside the house through the gap in the window. After thinking for a moment, he threw a stone, cutting the rope binding Wei Xiaobao’s hand.

While struggling, Wei Xiaobao suddenly found that he could move his hands, and without thinking about it, he reached out and slapped Jianning.

Jianning was stunned by his slap and fell to the ground. Before she could react, Wei Xiaobao had already mounted her and raised his hand to slap her in the face, “Stinky bit*h, did you beat this grandpa just now?”

Wei Xiaobao didn’t dare to take out his anger on her face after a few hits. He was worried that the scars would be noticed by the people outside, but he couldn’t swallow the insult of being tortured by the her just now.

He grabbed the clothes on her chest, pulled it hard, and with a screeching sound, the dress was torn immediately. The dress that Jianning was wearing was originally thin, and due to this tear, a piece of snow-white skin on her mounds was exposed. Wei Xiaobao had much hatred in his heart, and he picked up a wax candlestick not far away, lit the candle, poured the melted wax on her mounds, and cursed, “Stinky bitch, see with your own eyes how I take my revenge!”

The princess was in pain and cried out with an “ah”. Wei Xiaobao was worried about them being heard by others, so he leaned over to pick up a pair of socks and was about to shove them into her mouth. However, suddenly he heard the princess softly say, “Lord Wei, you don’t need to use the socks, I’ll just stay quiet.”

As soon as the words “Lord Wei” entered his ears, Wei Xiaobao was stunned for a moment, and when he heard her next few words, he couldn’t help but feel a wave in his heart. Then he heard her softly speak again, “Lord Wei, just spare this lowly one. If you are not happy in your heart, you can whip this one to quell your anger.”

‘This princess is really a perve*ted bit*h.’ Wei Xiaobao thought to himself, and sneered, “Do you think I dare not? I have lived for so long, but I have never heard such a request. I will satisfy you today.” Then he lifted the whip in his hand and brought it down. The princess softly cried out in response, “Ouch, ahhn!”

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