Chapter 127: Princess and Xiaobao (part 2)

Song Qingshu frowned when he heard the sounds from outside. He only wanted to help Wei Xiaobao, but he didn’t expect the guy to be so courageous that he really dared to strike the princess with a leather whip. He was worried that it would hurt the princess’ skin and flesh, and as an escort general, it would be difficult to give an explanation if others noticed it.

Just as he was about to speak out to stop it, Song Qingshu’s expression suddenly became very strange when he saw the next scene inside the room.

He saw Jianning wink her eyes at Wei Xiaobao, with a smile on her cherry lips, and her expression seemed to be indescribably comfortable. Wei Xiaobao scolded while whipping, “Bit*h, are you happy yet?” 

Jianning softly replied, “I… am a lowly slave, please whip this lowly slave harder! Ouch!”

Song Qingshu showed a disgusted expression, compared to the S attribute, Jianning really looked more like an authentic M. Although he had always been lustful, the women he liked were often from respectable families who were clean themselves, and the reservedness of those women was what made him obsessed with them.

Song Qingshu didn’t really prefer a coquettish and dissolute woman, and he has always had a firm attitude towards a woman like Jianning who had a weird fetish— he didn’t even want to take them to bed if they were nak*d.

Wei Xiaobao rampaged for a while, and more than half of his anger had already disappeared, and the princess just put on a “don’t pity me, ravage me hard” gesture, which was making this a little boring for him.

 Soon Wei Xiaobao threw the whip aside, and began to put on his clothes. But, who knew that Jianning would stick to his back at that moment and softly whisper, “Lord, why don’t you beat me a little more?”

AS the two people’s nak*d skin touched, Wei Xiaobao felt his lips becoming dry, his heart began to burn, and he said, “You better back down! If you keep doing this, I will treat you as a wife.”

The princess said gruffly, “I was just asking you to take me as your wife.” After saying that, she tightly wrapped her arms around him.

“Let us die then!” Wei Xiaobao moved aggressively and directly pressed her down.

Seeing that the two of them were making a ruckus, Song Qingshu was about to enter the room to stop them, but just as he stepped out, he suddenly came to his senses, ‘I didn’t want to see Kangxi clean up the civil strife so smoothly, so shouldn’t I let Wei Xiaobao break Jianning purity! Wouldn’t it be better to let this marriage come to an absurd end? Besides, I can also have leverage on Wei Xiaobao. But  if I rush in now, I will only offend the two for no reason, which would be a big loss.’

After analyzing the stakes in his mind, Song Qingshu didn’t even bother to watch the poor performance of the two, he just turned and left. He remembered that time he went to Japan to attend a conference in his previous life. He had quietly bought various works of genuine masterpiece CDs, and this little tryst between Wei Xiaobao and the princess, naturally did not arouse his interest.

The next morning, Wei Xiaobao put on his clothes and tiptoed out of the princess’ bedroom. Not long after he returned to his room, a eunuch came to report, “Master Wei, Lord Song has invited you over for a talk.”

As he had just done something wrong, Wei Xiaobao’s expression turned a little unnatural, and he silently said to himself, ‘What will happen to me if he finds out?’

After changing into clean clothes, and deliberately wiping the rouge marks on his face in front of the mirror, he finally felt relieved, and then swaggered towards Song Qingshu’s room.

Seeing Wei Xiaobao walking in with a suspicious look, Song Qingshu’s expression remained pseudo-smiling, “Brother Wei, last night was pretty enjoyable, right?”

Wei Xiaobao’s heart started beating wildly, but he put on a puzzled look on his face, “Brother Song, what are you talking about?”

“I didn’t expect Brother Wei to forget his savior so quickly.” Song Qingshu said with regret and flicked his finger. A small stone shot at Wei Xiaobao’s feet, hitting a white mark on the floor.

Wei Xiaobao suddenly realized, no wonder he heard the sound of two small stones last night, and the rope that tied him was cut. It turned out that it was the work of this guy. But thinking of the absurd things he did with Jianning after that, he couldn’t help but look embarrassed, “So Big Brother Song saw it all.”

Knowing his worries, Song Qingshu smiled and said, “Brother Wei, you can rest assured. I still know the principle of seeing no evil. I didn’t see what happened to you and the princess later.”

Wei Xiaobao secretly breathed a sigh of relief, but he suddenly became a little worried, “Last night, I was… a little confused for a moment, and I ask Big Brother Song to cover for this brother for the sake of friendship between you and me.”

Looking at Wei Xiaobao who was still a little uneasy, a thought suddenly became strong in Song Qingshu’s heart, ‘Should I take this opportunity to get rid of him, without me having to lift a finger? After arriving at Shanhai Pass, if there was a whisper in the wind, how could Wu Sangui and his son tolerate such a shameful humiliation, they would naturally cut Wei Xiaobao to a thousand pieces. Kangxi will definitely be very angry about Wei Xiaobao’s death, and the two sides may even fight directly…’

Seeing that Song Qingshu had been silent, Wei Xiaobao quietly raised his head and glanced at him, and when he met the other’s eyes, he was shocked. He knew that the other party was hesitating, and quickly said, “Brother Song, you have been living in the palace for a while. It is not that convenient a place to live, so as your little brother, I have already prepared a mansion for the eldest brother in Yanjing City, and Big brother can arrange for his family to live in it in the future.”

Seeing Wei Xiaobao offering a bribe to him, Song Qingshu smiled, “If I don’t accept it, I think you will never be at ease. Well, then I would like to thank Brother Wei for your kindness.”

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