Chapter 128: Future plan

Song Qingshu finally gave up the tempting idea. For some reason, his intuition vaguely told him that Wei Xiaobao’s death in Shanhai Pass would not be the best ending, at least it was not the best way for a guy like him to die.

Now that even Song Qingshu had acquiesced to his deeds, and the rest of the betrothal team were not taken seriously by Wei Xiaobao. Every night after that, the princess quietly asked Wei Xiaobao to accompany her. Wei Xiaobao was afraid of Song Qingshu’s jokes at first, but it was difficult for young people to control the affairs of men and women. He had a chance to entangle his body with a charming princess, so how could he be willing to give it up? Even if he was a gentleman, he might not be able to control it, not to mention Wei Xiaobao never cared anything about etiquette.

In the first few days, he was sneaky, and stayed overnight in the princess’s room. During the day, he was a marriage envoy, and at night, he was the lover. The palace maids and eunuchs were afraid of the princess, and Wei Xiaobao also constantly rewarded them with a lot of money. In addition, Song Qingshu, the general who was guarding the betrothal, had not spoken against it, so who would dare to gossip?

During this period of time, Song Qingshu didn’t have the mind to pay attention to the pair of adulterers. Instead, he was always worried about Xia Qingqing and Li Yuanzhi’s whereabouts.

For him, staying in the Qing court was just a temporary measure. Originally, all the layouts of his plans were being carried out in an orderly manner. But, with the disappearance of Xia and Li these two women, two crucial links were now missing. Song Qingshu looked at the distant sky, his expression was a little unsightly. A stern look flashed in his eyes, ‘Could it be that I still have to choose that method in the end?’

Song Qingshu knew that that method was too dangerous. Although the benefits were huge enough to turn him into a giant overnight, if he was not careful, he would be doomed.

For a long time, Song Qingshu knew very well that because of the incident with the Wudang Sect and after the Lion Slaughter Assembly, his reputation in the wulin could only be described as ‘disastrous and hopeless’. So, at the time he didn’t care much about joining the Qing court, as it wouldn’t bring that much of a negative impact on his reputation in the wulin. It meant that there were too many lice to care about the bite.

Besides, even if he acted as a chivalrous hero all day long, the impression of the people in the wulin would not change much, so Song Qingshu gave up the plan to be in the wulin from the beginning, and instead chose to start somewhere anew.

He originally planned to use the forces of the Qing Dynasty to gradually grow into an existence that others hated and feared, just like Oboi, who shook the world in the past.

Not long after the demise of the Ming Dynasty, the Qing Dynasty was filled with anti-Qing and former dynasty restoration forces, such as the Heaven and Earth Society, the Red Flower Society, and the Golden Serpent Camp in Shandong.

After Yuan Chengzhi was killed by Dongfang Bubai, although Song Qingshu had been expressing deep regrets on various occasions in front of Xia Qingqing, in reality, he was secretly delighted.

As soon as Yuan Chengzhi died, the Golden Serpent Camp became headless, and he had the possibility of taking it over as his own. Of course, the Golden Serpent Camp was full of issues, and the various forces inside fought each other fiercely. 

Song Qingshu knew from the start that even if he obtained Xia Qingqing, it did not mean that he had obtained the Golden Serpent Camp as well. His reputation was just too bad. In addition to Xia Qingqing’s identity as the widow of the late Golden Serpent King, if the two showed even a little ambiguousness in front of the soldiers of the Golden Serpent Camp, he was afraid that even Xia Qingqing would be implicated.

At that time, the two of them would be branded as adulterers, and not to mention entering the Golden Serpent Camp, they would  have no place to stand in the world. Then he could only be at ease as the lackey of the Qing court.

Song Qingshu didn’t want to do this, so he didn’t plan to follow Xia Qingqing to Shandong to take over the Golden Serpent Camp, but waited for everyone in the Golden Serpent Camp to ask him to take over instead.

If Song Qingshu told other people about this plan, he was sure that ten out of ten people would think that he was crazy. But Song Qingshu knew in his heart that nothing was impossible in the world.

However, to achieve that, Song Qingshu must have enough strength in the Qing court, at least he must have an army under his command, so that he would have a chance to face the Golden Serpent Camp, and have the strength to beat them.

When everyone in the Golden Serpent Camp would be afraid of him from the bottom of their hearts and realize that they could no longer defeat him on the battlefield, one or two smart people would naturally emerge, and they would suddenly realize Song Qingshu’s identity as a Han Chinese. Even if there was no such smart person, it didn’t matter, Song Qingshu would naturally arrange it quietly from the dark.

A common problem with anti-Qing and rebel organizations was that they often had certain illusions about Han officials in the Qing court. They always feel that as Han Chinese, it would be easier for the officials to identify with their ideas and to join their great cause.

It’s a pity that such things often backfire, they run into walls everywhere, and in the end they pay the price in blood.

These organizations don’t seem to understand why this was happening, aren’t they also Han Chinese? So why are they more cruel to them than the Manchus? They don’t understand, but Song Qingshu did.

When those Han people chose to be officials of the Manchu’s Qing court, there was no turning back for them. In the Qing courts system, it was an indisputable fact that their own kind were more important, and the Han officials had to make several times more efforts to climb higher in ranks.

Like these anti-Qing and rebel organizations, other Manchu officials and even the Emperors also distrusted these Han officials, and they would show that distrust on a daily basis, intentionally or unintentionally. So, In order to show their loyalty to the imperial court, these Han officials had to act cautiously.

Especially when it came to extremely sensitive issues such as the Anti-Qing forces and rebels, if it was a Manchu official, maybe he would pass by with a smile, and no one would doubt his loyalty. But, if it was a Han official, if he did not Immediately take a firm stand on the surface, it would bring back results ranging from bleak career prospects to the punishment of family annihilation.

As for how to clarify one’s position, what could be more effective than the blood of those who fought against the Qing court?

Just like in the world of Song Qingshu’s previous life, there were many Chin*se officials in the UAS government, and many of them were very high-ranking. When ordinary Chin*se people see that a UAS minister is Chinese, they immediately get excited, thinking that it is a good thing for Chi*a.

But they don’t know that the actual situation is exactly the opposite. These officials tend to be more ruthless and harsher than native-born white Am*ricans. Because they are Chin*se themselves, if they want to sit in a stable position, they must dispel the doubts in the hearts of the Am*rican people and other officials. So that it becomes easy for others to understand their stance on the Chi*a issue.

Song Qingshu, however, was fundamentally different from those Han people who were officials in the Manchu court and pursued high-ranking positions and great wealth. What he pursued was the world, and the Manchu court could not give him that, so he did not need to be as loyal to the court as they were.

As long as there were enough interests, it was very easy for him to turn his back. In Song Qingshu’s original plan, after he had defeated the Golden Serpent Camp, Xia Qingqing would come forward and guide the people of the Golden Serpent Camp to try and convince him to join them.

Why did Song Qingshu think that such a plan was feasible? Because the Red Flower Society tried every means possible to try and make Prince Bao join them. Just because they believed that he was a Han Chinese, they were prepared to pay any price. Even their chief Chen Jialuo gave his beloved woman Princess Xiangxiang to Prince Bao for the so-called righteousness, just to make him make up his mind to fight against the Qing Dynasty and restore the Ming Dynasty.

It’s just that they didn’t understand one thing. Pince Bao was already confident of becoming emperor. So, what else could the Red Flower Society give him? Did they really think that national justice would be useful, or that a peerless beauty could make Prince Bao abandon the seventy-two concubines of the three palaces and six courtyards?

Goblin: Another important chapter. We finally know what the protagonist’s ultimate plan is, and why he is so obsessed with the women. It’s not only because of his lu*st, but also because he needs them to fulfil his plans. If he thinks that a woman is necessary for his plan, he’ll do whatever it is needed to get her. It doesn’t matter if she was previously an enemy or not.

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