Chapter 129: Mother and daughter (part 1)

As long as Xia Qingqing cooperated willingly, Song Qingshu was sure that he could successfully take over the Golden Serpent Camp in one way or another. But unfortunately Xia Qingqing’s departure had made all his efforts go down the drain. 

That’s why Song Qingshu seemed so angry that night when he knew that Luo Bing had caused trouble, and vented his frustrations on her in a fit of rage.

He couldn’t come up with any more clever plans until the Emperor sent his relatives to Shanhai Pass. Looking at the towering city wall that was faintly visible in the distance, Song Qingshu secretly sighed in his heart, ‘Now I have to keep taking one step forward and see if there will be any turning points.’

Suddenly thinking of something, Song Qingshu sent someone to call Wei Xiaobao over. Seeing his tired footsteps, he couldn’t help showing a knowing smile, “Brother Wei, please take care of your health.”

Wei Xiaobao showed a rare blush, and said, “I have made Brother Song laugh.” But in his heart, he thought, ‘The princess was so supple and demanding, and I was almost drained dry by her during this period of time.’

“This time, it’s not that this brother wants to meddle in your business. It’s just that we are now in Wu Sangui’s territory. If Brother Wei still goes in and out of the princess’s bedroom as he did before, and if it falls into the eyes and ears of those who care, then there is no telling what will happen.”

Song Qingshu was worried that this guy would be fascinated and would not know how to restrain himself. If things were to be revealed, let alone Wei Xiaobao, as the guard general of the betrothal, he would probably be punished to death.

“Thank you Brother Song for reminding me.” Wei Xiaobao felt tight in his heart. He was really reluctant to part with Jianning these days, but he still had reason and understood that his life was the most important thing.

“Princess Jianning has been given to Wu Yingxiong by the Emperor. She is destined to be the next generation Princess Pingxi. It is alright to just play with her. But, if you get emotional and ruin the Emperor’s plan, I’m afraid…” Song Qingshu did not finish his sentence, but what he meant was already obvious.

“It was alright to just play with her?” Wei Xiaobao was greatly impressed with the word choice. In Song Qingshu’s mouth, the blue blooded princess seemed to be no better than an ordinary palace maid. ‘Ah, that’s not right…Jianning was originally a villain. Not even a palace maid.’

“There’s one more thing.” Song Qingshu spoke up after thinking for a moment, “About Princess Jianning, you have to take care of it, or she could mess everything up by talking nonsense.”

“Don’t worry, Brother Song, I have a way to convince her.” Wei Xiaobao said this, but he was very troubled inside. Recently, Jianning has hinted to him many times that she wanted him to find a way to turn Wu Yingxiong into Wu Shixiong. How could he dare to agree, so he had to act as if he agreed, while thinking hard about whether there was a way to get the best of both worlds. (G: The xiong in Yingxiong means bear, and Shixiong means “dead bear”. Get the pun?)

Song Qingshu knew Jianning’s temperament well, and didn’t think she would give in so easily, but since Wei Xiaobao said so, he didn’t want to ask again. Thinking of Wei Xiaobao’s ability to turn misfortune into good fortune, he also believed that he really had a solution.

Wu Yingxiong, that sad chump suddenly felt a little pitiful in his heart. Considering the behavior of Wei Xiaobao and Jianning these days, it was impossible for him to have a good end. His fiancée had prepared a big green hat for him in front of his bridal chamber. Not to mention, there was a very good chance that he would soon become a father.

“Reporting to the two Lords, we caught a suspicious person who kept peeping at the convoy, but, but…” Song Qingshu was thinking about things when a guard ran over to interrupt him.

“Why are you stuttering? But what?” Wei Xiaobao was feeling a little annoyed in his heart. Seeing the guard’s hesitation, he opened his mouth and scolded.

The guard’s face turned pale, and he quickly said, “But the person who came here calls himself Wu Yingying, the younger brother of Wu Yingxiong, the prince of Pingxi.”

“Didn’t the King of Pingxi have only one son?” Song Qingshu looked at Wei Xiaobao with uncertainty.

“How could Wu Sangui, that old turtle, be so lucky to have two sons? He must be a fake. Give him a hard beating and throw him to the side of the road.” Wei Xiaobao waved his hand impatiently.

“As you command!”

Seeing the figure of the guard who was about to retreat, Song Qingshu thought in his heart and quickly stopped him.

“Wait, you bring that person here. I would like to have a look.”

Wei Xiaobao seemed to lack interest, and quickly said, “Brother Song, I’ll be going first, the princess has been angry for the past two days, I have to coax her.”

Song Qingshu nodded. Not long after Wei Xiaobao left, the guards escorted someone over. 

“Let go of me! Believe it or not, when we arrive at Shanhaiguan, I will let Daddy drag you all out and behead you.”

Hearing the other party’s delicate voice, and seeing his face with red lips and white teeth, Song Qingshu’s expression became stunned, ‘Why does this man look like a sissy, could it be that he is a woman disguised as a man?’ 

Song Qingshu raised his head unwillingly to look at his Adam’s apple, who knew that the other party was wearing a high-necked long coat, and his neck was tightly covered.

“You said you were Wu Yingying, the youngest son of the King of Pingxi?” Song Qingshu waved his hand, motioning the guards to let her go.

“This daught… this son is right!” As soon as he got out of trouble, his first reaction was to pat the dust on his body, obviously he was not very fond of being dirty.

“As far as I know, the King of Pingxi has only one son, and that is Wu Yingxiong, the prince who was bestowed the betrothal this time.” The journey was quite boring, and Song Qingshu didn’t mind cooperating with his little play.

“Hmph, that’s because you have little knowledge.” The man snorted coldly, but he also understood that Song Qingshu wouldn’t just believe in him, and quickly defended himself, “It doesn’t matter if I tell you, I’m daddy’s illegitimate child, and naturally few people know about it.”

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