Chapter 129: Mother and daughter (part 2)

Song Qingshu believed it a bit in his heart. In this world, he betrayed his master and killed his uncle, and his reputation in the martial arts can be said to be like stinky tofu. However, compared with Wu Sangui, it was not even worth mentioning. At first, he led Qing troops to enter his homeland, causing foreigners to occupy the Han people’s country. Later, he also personally strangled the last hope of the former Ming Dynasty.

If Song Qingshu’s reputation was stinky tofu, then Wu Sangui’s reputation in this world could be regarded as durian. In this way, I am afraid that no one is willing to recognize Wu Sangui’s son for no reason.

“Well, even if you are the son of King Pingxi, then why are you not in the palace, but you came to spy on our entourage, what is your intention?” Song Qingshu asked suspiciously.

“Come on, serve me tea!” Wu Yingying swaggered into the chair next to him. The natural arrogance in his tone made the guards stunned for a moment. He subconsciously stepped forward to prepare tea for him.

“You go down and prepare for tomorrow’s affairs first, and this person will be handed over to me.” Song Qingshu waved his hand, and now the envoy had set up camp outside Shanhaiguan, waiting for Wu Sangui to leave the city to meet them the next day. There was also a lot of preparation work to be done in advance. .

The guards knew that Song Qingshu’s martial arts were strong, and they had just fought against this so-called prince, they knew that Wu Yingqi’s martial arts skills were mediocre, so they all retired.

“Okay, I don’t think you’re too annoying, so I’ll tell you. Although my elder brother is happy to get a betrothal from the emperor, he has never seen a princess before, so it’s inevitable that he will worry about gains and losses. As his younger brother, knowing his intentions, I wanted to run out to check for him first.” Wu Yingying’s voice was like a pearl falling on a jade plate, and he said a lot in one breath.

Seeing the pouting expression that he occasionally showed during his speech, Song Qing’s skin twitched, and he ruthlessly said in his heart, ‘I am being so polite to you while pretending to believe that you are a man. If you go around giving clues that you are just a fake, I will not treat you the same.”

“If the princess looks ugly, do you dare to refuse the betrothal?” Song Qingshu’s tone turned cold, and this attitude was clear.

Wu Yingying was stunned for a moment, and quickly said, “How could that happen? Actually, it’s just that I wanted to take a peek at my sister-in-law first.”

“You’re a younger brother, who came to see your brother’s wife who hasn’t been through the family door. How can there be such a reason?” Song Qingshu looked at him strangely, “Could it be that you have some unreasonable thoughts about your sister-in-law?”

“You!” Wu Yingying was embarrassed by Song Qingshu’s words, but what the other party said was reasonable and he didn’t know how to justify his words at the moment.

After hesitating for a long time, and seeing that there was no one else in the tent, Wu Yingying gritted his teeth, stood up and took off the hat on his head, revealing smooth hair like a waterfall, “You still think I will have unreasonable thoughts about my sister-in-law. What do you think?”

Song Qingshu was secretly delighted, but he pretended to be surprised and said, “You… are you a woman!?”

“Humph!” The other party snorted and gave him a contemptuous look, “I didn’t expect you to only look like a talented person, but you don’t even have the eyesight! Why did they let you be a guard general?”

Song Qingshu, however, carefully looked at the woman’s face. Before this, he felt that her brows were picturesque, and he had some doubts in his heart. Now that she showed a head of black and beautiful hair, which further completed a peerless face that was even more shocking than before.

Hairstyle was really important when it came to a woman. Song Qingshu thought about a certain beautiful woman in his previous life. He had read on the internet that she decided to go to a temple to become a nun. When he saw her again, she had a bright bald head. At that time, Song Qingshu looked at the ordinary nun in front of him and he really couldn’t connect her with the beautiful woman in his memory. (G: He’s talking about Ajiu.)

“Hey, why do you keep staring like a stupid?” The girl said impatiently. She had long grown accustomed to men’s eyes, and showed a hint of contempt.

Song Qingshu finally came back to his senses. Although the woman in front of him was dressed in men’s clothing, he could still see her graceful figure, her dainty shoulders, and her willowy waist; she was beautiful. It was a pity that she always had a domineering feeling on her body, destroying that unique aura.

‘The figure is quite beautiful, but I will deduct one point for the temper.’ Song Qingshu made a secret evaluation in his heart, and smiled, “I didn’t expect your Excellency to be a girl! I was just confused when you said that you were the second prince of King Pingxi, so now can you clarify your identity?”

“Are you really stupid? I already said that King Pingxi is my father, so of course I am his daughter.” Although the girl’s words were quite rude, her voice was really pleasant, and Song Qingshu was not annoyed.

“His daughter?” Song Qingshu pondered in his mind, and muttered to himself, “I remember that Ake is Wu Sangui’s only daughter. Could it be that he has other daughters?”

The girl gave him a surprised look: “How do you know my name?”

Song Qingshu was shocked and thought, ‘Yes, in this world, Ajiu hasn’t become a master yet, and naturally she didn’t go to the Pingxi palace to kidnap Ake who was still in her infancy. So Ake should have grown up in the palace since she was a child, no wonder she has developed such a domineering temperament.’

Ake was said to be beautiful enough to bring disaster to a country. It is said that she only inherited the beauty of her mother Chen Yuanyuan, so what kind of peerless beauty did her mother have?

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