Chapter 130: Runaway girl

Song Qingshu smiled and replied, “The lady is famous in all four directions. Everyone in the capital knows that King Pingxi has a daughter like a fairy. It’s not surprising that I know your name.”

“Really?” Ake asked with a shy expression. She didn’t expect her reputation to spread to the capital. Although the girl was a little embarrassed, she couldn’t help but be in high spirits.

“Of course it’s true, doesn’t the esteemed lady know?” Song Qingshu deliberately pretended to be surprised. (G: Smooth Qingshu, you’re real smooth.)

“Okay, alright…” The way Song Qingshu kept praising her for her beauty, even if Ake was nervous, she felt a little embarrassed, “Since you know me, it’s okay to take me to see my sister-in-law now, right?”

“I’m afraid that will be a bit problematic.” Song Qingshu said with an embarrassed expression. What if Wei Xiaobao and Jianning were in the middle of one of their trysts and if he brought Wu Sangui’s daughter there, wouldn’t that be looking for trouble?

“There’s nothing wrong with a girl taking a look at her sister-in-law, and it won’t ruin her reputation.” Ake’s voice turned crisp and charming, it sounded soft and mellow to the ear.

Song Qingshu thought to himself that if Jianning and Wei Xiaobao were performing any of their usual plays, that would be a good show. But, he really didn’t want to take her there, so he had to say, “Why do you insist on seeing the princess? King Pingxi will welcome the princess to enter the household tomorrow anyway, and then you will not have to hurry. Lady will naturally be able to see her.”

Ake turned anxious, and said in a single breath, “But I can’t wait for tomorrow.”

“Why?” Song Qing was feeling quite suspicious, and thought that there are so many beauties in the world, and although the princess was indeed beautiful, she might not be as beautiful as Ake herself. So, why was she so hell bent on seeing her right now?

Seeing his expression, Ake realized that Song Qingshu had already developed doubts, and she struggled for a long time. From time to time, she raised her head to look at him, her red lips slightly opened several times, but she swallowed the words that came to her lips.

When Song Qingshu saw her conflicted appearance, he felt that it was extremely pleasing to his eyes and admired that she not only inherited the beauty of her mother Chen Yuanyuan, but also inherited the ability to make men’s minds sway with every gesture.

“I have some difficulties.” Ake looked at him pitifully.

“What are those difficulties?” In this world, Ake was much happier than she was in the original book. She was born as a proud daughter of heaven. Now was the most carefree age. What difficulties could she have? Song Qingshu thought in disapproval.

“If I say that I have difficulties, then I have difficulties!” Ake pouted, and her expression suddenly became a little unhappy.

If it was any other man, with such a bright-eyed and snow-skinned girl in front of them, they would not have the heart to continue asking questions. However, Song Qingshu was not like them. After all, he was used to seeing all kinds of beautiful women. He had a lot of resistance. In addition, he was really curious about Ake’s troubles. 

“Maybe I can find a way for you to meet the princess in advance.”

Seeing that Song Qingshu quickly recovered from his initial shock, Ake’s eyes became clear and bright. This person was unlike ordinary men who lost their minds when they saw her, so she subconsciously believed him a little, and asked, “I forgot to ask the general’s name just now, may I know what the general’s name is?”

“This humble one is Song Qingshu.” Song Qingshu introduced himself in a simple manner. Song Qingshu thought about how he was considered a famous person in the Qing court. After the Battle of Mount Tai and the rescue on the night of the full moon, many people held him in high respect. He was the number one expert in the Manchu Qing Dynasty. Although Song Qingshu was humble on the surface and expressed very little, he was inevitably a little proud in his heart.

Girls did not wish for their husband to be a good-for-nothing and a gentleman who only wanted to live in peace. Knowing martial arts could add a different appeal, and it would be a bonus if he was handsome. Song Qingshu felt that he easily met all these conditions. Maybe Ake would show admiration and they could form some kind of connection

“It turned out to be General Song.” Ake said to him without any change in her expression, “I will tell you my difficulty, but you have to promise to keep it a secret for me.”

Seeing that she didn’t show any surprise, Song Qingshu was secretly a little hurt. But, how could he know that Ake had always been in Shanhaiguan, she never cared about the affairs of the court, and she also didn’t care much about the wulin. Naturally, she had never heard of Song Qingshu’s name. Not showing any special emotions was not surprising at all.

“My lady, you don’t have to worry. I will never leak what the lady says today to a third person.”

“Hmmm…” Ake sighed faintly, the melancholy in her tone made Song Qingshu startled, thinking that it shouldn’t be the kind of emotion she should have at her age.

“My father is going to marry me to Prince Bao’s household. I don’t even know whether that person is fat or thin, tall or short. How could I be willing to marry him like this, so this princess has decided to run away from home!”

“Running away from home?” Song Qingshu didn’t expect this to be the reason, and felt strange in his heart, ‘How could there be such rebellious girls in every age? Ake’s martial arts skills are way too low and with her looks, I am afraid that she would be easily caught by bad people.’

“My brother has treated me very well since I was a child. I just want to see what my sister-in-law looks like before I leave. If, if…” Ake suddenly stopped, and she couldn’t speak for a period of time.

“If the princess is a crooked winter melon and cracked date, you would inform Wu Yingxiong in advance to be mentally prepared?” Song Qingshu asked amusedly, but he didn’t expect the relationship between the half-siblings to be this good. (G: Crooked winter melon and cracked date, is an idiom meaning flaws.)

“Hmph, I will tell my brother to find a way to refuse this betrothal. My brother is talented in both civil and military affairs and he is a dignified prince. What kind of beauty can he not obtain, so why does he have to marry some ugly princess?” Ake obviously cared deeply about her brother’s lifelong happiness.

Listening to the lack of respect for the royal family in her tone, Song Qingshu understood that she was probably influenced by King Pingxi, and she reflected the usual attitude of Wu Sangui and his son.

Seeing that Song Qingshu didn’t answer, Ake became anxious, “I told you about my difficulties, so you have to take me to see the princess.”

“Since you are worried about the appearance of the princess, I can tell you directly. The princess is a rare beauty with pale skin and a beautiful face. You don’t have to worry about your brother.” Song Qingshu said with a smile, but added in his heart, “It’s a pity that she is a perve*ted little slu*t.”

“I don’t believe it!” Ake shook her head, “Seeing is believing, will you take me to see her?”

“It doesn’t match with the proper norms. If I take you there, someone will inevitably let the information out. If the emperor blames me, things will become difficult for me.” Seeing Ake showing a kind of anger at being deceived, Song Qingshu hurriedly continued, “Well, I’ll take you to take a peek. As long as the princess doesn’t find you, she won’t blame me.”

“Okay!” Only then did Ake’s anger turn into joy. She was born with a pair of peach blossom eyes. Usually, her eyes were shaped like peach blossom petals, and that added to her charm; but when she smiled, her eyes squinted into two crescent moons, it seemed mesmerizing.

Song Qingshu too was fascinated for a moment, when Wei Xiaobao’s voice came from outside the tent, “Brother Song, I heard that you are interrogating the captive, how is the interrogation going?”

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