Chapter 131: Daydream

“What happened?” Wei Xiaobao opened the curtain and walked in. 

Before he finished speaking, Wei Xiaobao saw a stunning young girl standing in the center, as if they were destined to meet each other, and he felt as if his chest had been hit hard by an invisible hammer. In an instant his lips and tongue became dry, he forgot to move his mouth, and he said in his heart, ‘Am I dead! Am I in heaven! Where did such a beauty come from? If I could have this beautiful woman as my wife, I would even consider siding with the emperor for real. I, Wei Xiaobao, no matter if dead or alive, no matter the trials, have to marry this girl as my wife.’

His eyes were in a daze, and he stared at Ake firmly. Ake blushed and turned around, and her eyes were full of anger.

Wei Xiaobao didn’t realize it, and thought to himself, ‘Why did she turn her head away? Her face was also slightly red! Ah…even if a hundred girls in Spring Blossom Courtyard stood together, and they wouldn’t even compare to her single eyebrow. Every time she smiles, I’ll give her 10,000 taels of silver, and that would still be quite worth it.’ 

Then he thought, ‘Miss Fang, the little princess, Mrs. Hong, Princess Jianning, and Shuang’er all the girls together can’t compare to the angel in front of me. I, Wei Xiaobao, don’t want to be the emperor, the leader of the Mystic Dragon Cult, or the chief leader of the Heaven and Earth Society; what yellow robe with three dazzling feathers, or a first- and second-rank official… I don’t care about them! I… I have to have her. I have to become this woman’s husband.’

Seeing his wretched expression and his eyes staring all over her, Ake felt extremely disgusted in her heart, and coldly asked, “General Song, who is this person?”

Song Qingshu didn’t expect Wei Xiaobao to be so unhinged and was full of contempt in his heart, ‘You are, after all, a high-ranking official in the imperial court. What kind of beauty have you never seen before? As for Ake…she is indeed very beautiful, but you don’t have to act in such an unbecoming manner.’

“Honored Lady, this is Lord Wei, the betrothal envoy this time. He is also the commander of the cavalry and the yellow flag minister of imperial envoy. He is a first-class viscount, and…” Song Qingshu didn’t mind selling Wei Xiaobao a favor this time. He listed all the official titles in turn.

“Brother Song is really a kind person!” Wei Xiaobao was overjoyed when he heard it, he glanced at Song Qingshu gratefully, and hurriedly looked at Ake and asked, “May I know the lady’s name? Have you ever been married? It doesn’t matter if you are married, you can still remarry. Well then, how about considering me?”

“Bold!” As Ake listened to him getting more and more obscene, she began trembling with anger, she stretched out two fingers and aimed them directly into Wei Xiaobao’s eyes.

Wei Xiaobao opened his eyes wide, and he saw Ake’s five fingers; slender and delicate, as if they were carved out of white jade. There were five small claws at the end of each finger. Wei Xiaobao’s heart greatly shook when he saw it, but as if he had entered a magical spell, he didn’t know how to avoid it, and reached out to touch this beautiful and cute little hand.

In the past, Duan Yu was infatuated with his so-called “Fairy Sister”, and now Wei Xiaobao had also fallen to a bewitching Beauty. Song Qingshu finally understood how brainless a man could become when he was emotionally disabled. (G: You don’t say…)

Usually, this Wei Xiaobao had a very clever way of molesting women, and If he used even 80% of his usual skills, Ake wouldn’t have a -100 favorability rating for him in the first place.

However, if Wei Xiaobao really used the kinds of tricks he usually used to seduce women, it would also prove that he didn’t like Ake as much. Today’s Wei Xiaobao was void of all the schemes and tricks in his mind, and showed the natural expression of his nature.

“Have I ever encountered such a heart-piercing love?” Song Qingshu was a little dazed for a moment, “Even if it’s the woman in my previous life, and the few women I have met in this world, their every move seems to be full of ulterior motives…the only exception is probably Bing Xue’er.”

Although there were many thoughts in his head, his movements were not slow. Song Qingshu suddenly stood in front of Wei Xiaobao and grabbed Ake’s fingers, saving Wei Xiaobao from the fate of having his eyes gouged out.

Ake’s hand felt soft and smooth to the touch, Song Qingshu was stunned, and he was a little reluctant to let go. Feeling the heat of his palm, Ake’s pretty face flushed, and she subconsciously retracted her hand. Like that her attack ended in failure.

Seeing that her hand was still in his grasp, Ake couldn’t help but scold coquettishly, then pulled back hard, and finally got out of Song Qingshu’s clutches. Looking at the two men in the tent, she felt very helpless.

When he was interrupted by Song Qingshu, Wei Xiaobao came back to his senses and saw that he was holding Ake’s little hand.

Song Qingshu was also aware of the embarrassing situation in the tent, and quickly said, “Lord Wei, this is the daughter of King Pingxi, the princess Ake.”

“‘She is the daughter of that old turtle Wu Sangui?” Wei Xiaobao glanced at Ake in surprise, her figure was graceful and beautiful, “How could that old turtle give birth to such a beautiful daughter, someone must have put on a green hat on him, yes, it must be so.”

“General Song, you just said that you would take me to see the princess, can we leave now?” Ake didn’t want to stay here for another moment, she just wanted to see her future sister-in-law as soon as possible, so that she could go roam the world.

“The noble lady wants to look at the princess? It’s easy, I’ll take you there.” Wei Xiaobao quickly stepped forward to show his hospitality with great joy when he heard her words.

Ake took a step back subconsciously, looked back at Song Qingshu, and thought to herself, “Although this General Song is also a bit lecherous, he is more trustworthy than this Lord Wei.”

“Since Lord Wei has agreed, then there is no problem.” Song Qingshu smiled, “Lord Wei, how about we go in secret? Otherwise, if others find out, there will possibly be some trouble.”

“Okay, of course it’s fine.” This was also what Wei Xiaobao wanted, because he was a little worried about what to do if the princess fussed and flirted with him, and if that was seen by the beautiful girl in front of him, that would be terrible.

Wei Xiaobao first ordered the guards to leave first. Those guards looked at him with strange eyes when they left, and secretly admired in their hearts, ‘We are all in King Pingxi’s territory, and Lord Wei dares to steal their pie, and he is not afraid of his deeds being revealed. What courage!’

“Why are the expressions of those guards so strange?” Ake, who was hiding in the dark, was very puzzled, and Song Qingshu couldn’t explain the whole story to her. Fortunately, Ake didn’t get deep into it.

Wei Xiaobao beckoned, and the three sneaked to the edge of the princess’ tent. Wei Xiaobao took out the iron-sharp dagger from his shoe and slashed lightly on the tent, revealing a small hole.

“Lady Ake, look quickly.” Wei Xiaobao turned around and smiled.

Ake glanced at him strangely, couldn’t hold back her curiosity, and bent over to look inside.

Song Qingshu immediately realized the scheme in Wei Xiaobao’s heart. Wei Xiaobao deliberately opened the hole at the waist level, and Ake had to bend over to look in, revealing her thin waist and the rounded curve at the back.

Song Qingshu’s heart skipped a beat after just one glance, his mouth went dry, and he couldn’t help but imagine various banned images in his head.

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