Chapter 13: The villainess needs a lesson (part 2)

How to quickly improve your magic skills? 

“It’s simple, very simple.” I said as the sound of burning flame was heard from my hand.

“You have to do this.” I said that as I moved the fire closer to her.


“If you are a descendant of the Azbel family, you must about know this.”

There were many ways to acquire magic quickly. Among them, it was pretty easy to quickly learn fire-related magic. It’s just you had to suffer a lot.

She stared at the flames in my hand. She was sweating.

“I don’t think that’s very safe…”

“Why would you think that? Even if you’re hurt, I can use healing magic.”


The villainess went silent. 

Of course it was all a joke. I wish she could learn magic quickly, but if I set her on fire, Duke Jespen will turn me to ashes.

“It was a joke.”

“I don’t think it was a joke.”

“It was, because of this…”

She couldn’t argue more. It was because I pointed to the orb I was carrying in my arm.

I can use this orb for the rest of my life, right?

I approached Shael. Her hands were red. The reason was that even after using basic burn prevention magic, the flames were too strong.

“Show me your hand.”

“I hate it.”

“Are you feeling ashamed of your fiancé who you love to death?”


The villainess stared at me as if she wanted to kill me. I don’t know for how long I’ll have to be on the receiving end of those eyes in the future. I used a healing spell on her hand and said.

“This time, try this.”

“It’s annoying.”

Of course, Shael had no way to refuse it. The ground in front of her rose. But the degree was very  subtle. To the point where you wouldn’t notice unless you looked closely.

“Is that all you can do?”

“How about you try it too?”

The ground rose with a heavy sound. It looked about an inch tall. It was clearly recognizable at a glance.

“How about this?”

“I’m new, and you’re not.”

“No. This is my first time using this magic.”


The villainess seemed startled. 

[Maybe I’m less talented at magic than this guy?] She must be thinking that. Of course, Shael was a great talent for doing that much in her first try. Indeed, as expected of the bloodline of the Azbel family. Honestly, she was learning at a speed that no one would be able to achieve.

Still, I was able to maintain a clear difference from her…

Actually, this wasn’t the first time I’ve used magic. In fact, this earth type magic was my favorite. So, wasn’t it natural that I would do well? 

I managed to fool the villainess completely, because now she was using this spell with clenched teeth. 

Touching her ego seemed very effective as usual. 

I looked at the ground in front of her. Before, you had to look carefully to notice it, but not anymore. The ground had risen to the point where it was clearly visible. She was comparing the magic I used with her own. Of course, her magic couldn’t beat mine. I used my earth magic again and the earth rose higher and higher. 

“Really, this is your first time using it?”



The villainess went silent again. But in order to heighten her enthusiasm, I must overwhelm her. The ground soared according to my will, and this time it was high enough to reach Shael’s shoulders.

“It’s quite easy.”


The villainess continued to remain silent. Now, this seems like the right time to console her.

“But well, yours wasn’t that bad, Shael, you do have the talent.”


To be comforted by someone who did something better than you. Perhaps it would be more effective than hitting Shael with a whip. Perhaps, from now on, she will devote herself to earth magic every day.  Because she wanted to defeat me. But my expectations were proven wrong. She had… an eccentric mindset.

“Sword. Then I want to learn swordsmanship.”


“I’m going to learn swordsmanship.”

What the hell does this mean? To think that she wanted to learn swordsmanship while leaving magic, which she had tremendous talent for.

“Why do you want to learn swordsmanship all of a sudden? You have a great talent for magic.”

“No, I need to learn swordsmanship.”


She confidently answered my question.

“I would be able to bully you better if I learn swordsmanship.”

Was it okay to say such aggressive words in front of the person you want to bully? She was even smiling as if she was imagining a future where she was bullying me.

“Is that so?”

I thought while stroking the handle of the sword at my side. It seems that the time had come to bring out this famous sword again. The bad girl who didn’t listen needed a lesson.

That would be quite entertaining indeed.

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