Chapter 13: The villainess needs a lesson (part 1)

“Where are you going?”

Duke Jespen looked at Shael and asked. The Duke was very surprised to see us go outside.

Well, whenever I met Shael, we always spent time in Shael’s room.

“I’m going to teach Shael magic. Will it be all right?”

“Shael is learning magic? Is that true, Shael?”

Duke Jespen didn’t believe it easily. Of course. Shael had never learned magic and refused to learn it even until now. In order to convince Shael to learn magic, the Duke must have put in a lot of effort, but it all ended in failure. It must’ve come as quite a shock when he heard that she suddenly decided to learn magic.

“Yes, that’s right.”

Duke Jespen smiled broadly after hearing Shael’s answer. He most likely thought that Shael was so enamored with me that she even agreed to learn magic. 

However, it was all thanks to yesterday’s incident caused by that strange pill. Of course, Shael also expected this and wrinkled her face. Whatever it was, it didn’t matter to me. In the first place, wasn’t it all her own fault? Why the hell did you take that strange pill?

Duke Jespen smiled and went upstairs. 

I was sure that by tomorrow, the rumor that Shael and I fell in love would become even more consolidated. 

Shael narrowed her eyes as if she had expected this as well. After walking a little longer, we arrived at the Azbel family’s magic training ground. We could see many mages belonging to the family currently immersed in training. Then their gaze gathered on the newcomers.

They looked at Shael and me and started whispering… I could already guess what kind of rumors would spread after this. There was already a rumor that Shael was finally conquered by me. And now, that rumor would not only be spread by the maids but also to the mages affiliated with the family.

The villainess, Shael, stopped them by glaring at them.

“Look at this.”

I handed out a piece of paper to Shael. It was a piece of paper with a simple magic circle drawn on it. It was the magic I wanted Shael to learn first.

“What, what should I do?”

“Think in your head and use magic.”


The villainess glared at me in defiance. Then there was only one thing I had to do.

[Yes, I like you.]

[I love you to death.]

I played the recording from the Serpent Orb. She looked annoyed. But of course, she had no choice but to give up her rebellious thoughts.


Shael gritted her teeth and looked at the magic circle. She then closed her eyes and frowned.

“I used it. What should I do now?”

“It’s a magic that prevents burns. It must be used before using fire-related magic.”

This time, I gave Shael a piece of paper containing a magic circle of the same level as before. After receiving the paper, Shael immediately used the magic. A small flame rose from Shael’s hand, and it seemed like Shael didn’t like the heat.

“Now that’s it, right?”

Of course, that wasn’t the end. Certainly, Shael had a talent for magic, considering that she had the blood of the Azbel family, a famous mage family. So it was natural for her to do this this much. Even I, who suddenly possessed a character in a novel, quickly became stronger in a short period of time. It was thanks to the blood of the Baslett family, a family famous for their swordsmanship.

Then, even if she disliked and rejected magic, Shael had grown up watching it all around her, so she could develop incredibly fast.

“What are you doing?”

“Ah. I am not doing anything.”

Contrary to what she said, Shael was subtly pointing the flame at me. I didn’t even teach her how to change the direction of the magic, she just learned it by herself to annoy me.

“Can you even hurt me with that?”

A huge flame that was incomparable to the small flame that on Shael’s hand formed on my hand. It caused Shael to freak out and she quickly backed away from me.

“Yours is just an insignificant spark.”


There was a saying that you had to use praise in order to teach a child. But that wouldn’t work for the villainess. In order to teach the villainess, I had to rebuke her.

“Is that really the best you can do?”

Also, as soon as I provoked Shael, she started to focus on her hands. The flame in her hand gradually grew. It was honestly something amazing. As expected from the blood of the family famous for their magic.

What took weeks for me to do, she did it in just one day. She was quite gifted in magic indeed. But she wasn’t satisfied. Of course, the villainess always set me as the standard.

“That’s enough. Enough now.”

“I can do more.”

“It took me weeks to do that, so that’s enough.”

Even with those words, the villainess didn’t put out the fire. The important thing for her was not to beat the past me, but to beat the present me.

“Do you want to create a big flame that quickly?”

“If I have to learn that anyway, isn’t it natural for me to learn it quickly?”

“Then there is only one sure way.”

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