Chapter 137: The plan and the princess

“Do you want to sacrifice the princess?” After all, he had a skin-to-skin relationship with her, and Wei Xiaobao subconsciously felt reluctant to let Jianning be touched by other men.

“Princess Jianning is not perfect. If you don’t lead Fuk’anggan into a trap and take the blame for you, how can you explain it to Wu Sangui and his son?” Song Qingshu’s words suddenly broke Wei Xiaobao’s fantasy, “You must be feeling reluctant to let the princess be touched by others. All right, then just wait for the angry Wu Sangui to slash you with a thousand swords.”

A man’s instinctive possessiveness still made Wei Xiaobao hard to let go, “We can create an illusion, it’s not absolutely necessary to let Jianning be taken advantage of by that Fuk’anggan.”

“I thought about this too…” Song Qingshu frowned and said hesitantly, “But the relationship between Wu Sangui and Prince Bao is unexpectedly close. If Fuk’anggan tells Wu Sangui everything afterwards, we’re probably finished. “

Wei Xiaobao was also a smart person, and he soon realized that unless Fuk’anggan really did something wrong to Wu Sangui and his son, it was useless for him and Song Qingshu to plan more.

“Brother Wei, I know it’s hard for you to decide. It’s up to you to decide what to do in the end. Even if you choose to turn against Wu Sangui in the end, I will advance and retreat with you.” Song Qingshu patted Wei Xiaobao on the shoulder and comforted him.

Wei Xiaobao was so moved that he was about to cry. He didn’t expect Song Qingshu to think so much about him. His face was gloomy and uncertain, and he was struggling in his heart.

Suddenly Wei Xiaobao remembered that Shuang’er was still at home waiting for him to go back in the capital. His own life was always more important than the integrity of the perverted princess, not to mention that Jianning was Wu Yingxiong’s wife anyway, and the green hat could not be put on his old head!

“But it’s not that easy to get the princess to agree.” After a long silence, Wei Xiaobao looked up at Song Qingshu.

Knowing that he had made a decision in his heart, Song Qingshu smiled slightly, “So you can’t let the princess know the truth, you can lie to her like this…” He pulled Wei Xiaobao and whispered in his ear.

After listening to the plan, Wei Xiaobao’s expression was of both admiration and fear, and he thought in his heart, ‘I didn’t expect this pretty boy face to be so cruel.’

Noticing Wei Xiaobao’s fearful expression, Song Qingshu pretended to not see it, and continued to discuss the specific details with him.

Wei Xiaobao acted according to the plan. He avoided the guards and slipped into the princess’ room, but a pillow slammed towards his head and hit his face, “Damn little Guizi, stinky little Guizi, I thought you wouldn’t come.” Jianning hit him with the pillow while crying.

During these days, Wei Xiaobao and Song Qingshu had to deal with Wu Sangui and the princess had to wait in the Anfu Garden.

“Sit down!” Wei Xiaobao was so annoyed that he directly slapped her in the face.

Jianning covered her cheeks, not only was she not angry, but she came over and gently pulled Wei Xiaobao’s sleeve, and said softly, “Lord, don’t be angry, this lowly one is just worried that you have forgotten about her. It seems that Wu Yingxiong, that turtle, is about to marry me and make me enter his household. Can’t you think of a way?”

Wei Xiaobao was already very aggrieved in his heart, but seeing her timid expression at the moment, he felt a rush of heat in his lower abdomen, “How can you be so lowly?”

“This lowly one is insignificant. My lord can harass me casually.” Noticing Wei Xiaobao’s familiar gaze, Jianning bit her red lips and said seductively.

Wei Xiaobao couldn’t bear it any longer, so he just threw himself on her.

After a session of intense workout, Wei Xiaobao looked at the sweaty woman in his arms, and he felt a little reluctant, ‘Jianning, this slu*t is simply top-quality material, I’m really a little reluctant.’

Seeing Wei Xiaobao pondering, Jianning stretched out her fingers to draw a circle on his chest, and said in a raspy voice, “My lord, are you thinking about how to kill that turtle egg Wu Yingxiong?”

If he had been questioned like this at ordinary times, Wei Xiaobao would have been furious and scolded her severely, but now he only felt guilty, and he said in a pleasant manner, “Yes.”

“Really?” Jianning sat up straight and looked at him in surprise.

“You’re really not shy of being seen naked as a woman…” Wei Xiaobao pulled the quilt over Jianning’s body and fondled her mounds, “Of course it’s true, I’ve already selected the death-soldiers from the guards and talked to them about killing Wu Yingxiong. It is as the emperor intended. We have to make Wu Sangui cut off his desire to be the emperor, and we have to do it in a way that no one suspects us.”

“Then what are you waiting for, tell them to start.” Jianning urged anxiously, not caring about the lives of a few subordinates. In her mind, it was normal for those subordinates to be sacrificed for her, it was a matter of course.

“But now there’s a problem…” Wei Xiaobao noticed that Jianning didn’t care about the lives of those guards at all, and couldn’t help but be secretly disgruntled, ‘You bit*h, everyone was born the same way in this world, so why should the lives of the royal family be more honorable? What’s more, your mother is Mao Dongzhu, and your father is the Thin Monk. That guy is nothing but a scumbag. If you compare your background, maybe you would not even be equal to these inner guards who were chosen from the children of the Eight Banners.’

“What?” Princess Jianning was startled.

“The wedding is imminent, the time is too short…” Wei Xiaobao put on an embarrassed expression, “And if we killed Wu Sangui’s son in his territory. I’m afraid we will be unable to leave Shanhaiguan alive.”

“Hmph, are you afraid?” Jianning returned to her usual savagery and scolded, “You have no conscience, you lied to this lady, but now you are trying to stall for time, if you dare to not do anything, this lady will not let you go!”

‘When did this grandpa lie to you? Obviously it was you who deliberately seduced me!’ Wei Xiaobao twitched a few times, but he suppressed his dissatisfaction and changed his tone, “Hey, you misunderstood, I just wanted to wait for the perfect time. It is not difficult to kill Wu Yingxiong, but the key is not to let Wu Sangui suspect us, so that we can get away and live together in the future.”

Jianning’s anger turned into joy, and she quickly asked, “Is there anything I can do?”

“There is one thing, but I’m just worried that you won’t cooperate.” Wei Xiaobao gave her a hesitant look.

Jianning was really furious, “This lady is personally ready to take action, so what are you afraid of, just talk and let me listen.”

Wei Xiaobao then told her plan that he and Song Qingshu had previously discussed, “Now the best candidate for a scapegoat in Shanhaiguan is Fuk’anggan, the heir of Prince Bao. As long as you invite Fuk’anggan for a meeting as a member of the royal family, and seduce him, we will arrange for Wu Yingxiong to come here and disrupt his actions. Fuk’anggan will probably escape when he is caught red handed. Then, I will take the opportunity to send someone out to kill Wu Yingxiong. After that, the whole Shanhaiguan will think it was the doing of Fuk’anggan that turtle. Everyone will think that when his bad deed was revealed, he killed Wu Yingxiong in a fit of anger, and no one would suspect us.”

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