Chapter 138: Before the storm

“You bast*rd! You actually asked me to accompany another man…” Jianning couldn’t help but get furious when she heard the plan. She picked up the pillow beside her and smashed it on Wei Xiaobao’s face. She usually lacked control, and when she sweared, she could be really vulgar.

“It’s not like you really have to do anything with Fuk’anggan.” Wei Xiaobao explained while dodging, “Just pretend, so that we can make Wu Yingxiong misunderstand, I will bring people in at the critical moment, you won’t really be taken advantage of.”

“Really?” Jianning stopped, and her eyes widened.

“Really…if I lie to you I will be a turtle bast*rd.” Wei Xiaobao made an oath with a guilty conscience. In the past, no matter what oath he made, he would use all kinds of loopholes, so that he could avoid the iron law of the heaven — “An oath will definitely be fulfilled.” So there he never had to face any retribution. Who knew what happened to his heart this time, and he forgot to add a loophole in the oath, which would lead to the true fulfillment of this oath in the future. (G: Foreshadow. Remember, Turtle is a slang for Cuckho*lded.)

“Okay, I will trust you for now.” Jianning breathed a sigh of relief, then suddenly gave Wei Xiaobao a vicious look, “If you lie to me, I will definitely make you regret it for the rest of your life.”

“How can that be?” Wei Xiaobao smiled unnaturally, put on his clothes and walked out, “I have to make arrangements, so I’ll be going first.”

“Go, you bast*rd.” Jianning reclined on the bed and gave him a wink.

The next day, Ake’s face was flushed with shame as she chose Fuk’anggan in front of the masses, and then she shyly ran into the inner hall.

Looking at her graceful back, Wei Xiaobao secretly said in his heart, ‘I could even let go of a princess for you, and you can only be this Wei Xiaobao’s woman.’

Fuk’anggan, who was on the side, came over with satisfaction, and gave Wei Xiaobao a disdainful look, “As you can see, you were never worthy of competing with This Palace (běn gōng)…” Suddenly thinking of another meaning of “This Palace”, he quickly changed his phrasing and said, “You are unworthy. Are you only good for robbing women?”  

(G: What he used to refer to himself is the term “běn gōng” (本公), which translates as “This Palace”. The problem here is that this term can be used by both the queens and concubines with independent palaces (not all concubines in ancient times had their own palaces), or the crown prince or princess who have their own palace.)

Wei Xiaobao was trembling with anger, and was about to have a seizure, but Wu Yingxiong interjected, “The two guests came from afar, we already prepared a banquet, please take a seat.”

However, Fuk’anggan shook his head, “Thank you, prince. But this one has to go back first to prepare for the matter of my marriage with Princess Ake. The wine from your house should be used for someone who has to relieve their worries, hahaha!”  With a loud laugh he walked away.

Wu Yingxiong’s face was embarrassed, but he was overwhelmed with joy in his heart. He was also the eldest son of his house, so he was naturally closer to Fuk’anggan, not to mention that he had suffered a lot from Wei Xiaobao before. This time when he saw Fuk’anggan greatly humiliating Wei Xiaobao, he felt as if he had avenged himself, so he just felt extremely happy.

Song Qingshu quietly gestured to a guard in the corner, who nodded lightly, and then followed Fuk’anggan away.

“Brother Wei, why don’t we have a drink? Come on, let’s get close to the little prince.” Song Qingshu came to Wei Xiaobao and patted Wei Xiaobao on the shoulder quietly to wake him up from his anger.

Hearing Song Qingshu’s hint and knowing that everything was going according to plan, Wei Xiaobao was overjoyed and immediately said with a smile, “That’s right, even if I can’t be an in-law with the prince, at least we can still be friends. In the future, we still need to depend on King Pingxi and the prince. Let’s go, let’s have a drink.”

Wu Yingxiong didn’t expect Wei Xiaobao to recover so quickly. He was a little impressed, and quickly led Wei Xiaobao and his party to the hall, “This prince heard that Lord Wei loves listening to songs, so he deliberately looked for the most famous ones nearby.”

Wu Sangui and Wu Yingxiong knew that Ake would definitely choose Fuk’anggan, so they prepared a banquet and a singing and dancing troupe early on, in order to ease Wei Xiaobao’s unhappiness as much as possible, lest he told Kangxi some nonsense after going back.

“Okay, this lord likes listening to those troupes the most. By the way, is there a place where we can gamble while listening to the troupe?”

“Of course there are! And in addition to that, there are also a few gentle and understanding girls.”

“Hahaha, you really understand me.”

“Let’s go.”


On the other side, after Fuk’anggan left the Pingxi Palace,  a large inner guard wearing a yellow jacket suddenly ran over, “Little Prince, my princess invites you for a meeting at Anfu Garden.”

“The Princess?” Fuk’anggan looked puzzled, and when the other party mentioned Anfu Garden, he realized that it was Princess Jianning.

After receiving the invitation from his subordinates, Fuk’anggan was stunned when she referred to him as cousin, and he suddenly realized that according to their relation, he and Jianning were indeed distant cousins.

After reading the content of the invitation, his expression became even more strange, and the notion emerged in his mind, ‘A young girl from a royal family accidentally heard that in the far north, there was a cousin who was similar in age but was good at fighting. After that, she tried her best. She inquired about him from various channels, and when she heard that he had won one battle after another, she came to admire him more and more in her heart. This time she got married to Shanhaiguan, and she accidentally found out that her cousin was also nearby, and she couldn’t help but want to meet the hero in her heart…’

Fuk’anggan didn’t want to have too many connections with the people from the side of Kangxi, so although he always knew that the princess was in Anfu Garden, he never thought of visiting her. But, this letter which was filled with deep admiration and love made him hesitate.

He just got engaged to a princess with a beautiful country and a beautiful city. Fuk’anggan was very proud. Now he had also received favor from a princess with a much higher lineage. All of a sudden, his self-confidence became extremely inflated, he raised his head high, and directly told my subordinates, “Turn around, go to Anfu Garden.”

Of course, as the commander-in-chief of the First Army, Fuk’anggan still maintained the last trace of sobriety in his mind. He knew that he and Jianning were both members of the royal family, and they were technically brothers and sisters. So it was not too polite to ignore her invitation. What’s more, he really wanted to meet this sister who adored him and see what she looked like.

“The princess has been waiting for the meeting in the room for a long time, the little prince please enter” After entering the Anfu Garden, the guard led Fuk’anggan to the princess’ bedroom and then retreated.

Fuk’anggan hesitated, then motioned for Yu Zhenzi and others to stay outside, then pushed the door and walked in.

“Little sister Jianning has seen brother.” As soon as Fuk’anggan entered the door, he saw a girl in a palace dress not far away, bowing to him.

Fuk’anggan smelled a faint fragrance coming from her body, and his heart moved slightly, he stepped forward, the two got closer, and seeing her beautiful face with smooth skin, he thought, ‘This little princess is quite the beauty!’

Jianning was originally a beauty, but this time, in order to seduce Fuk’anggan, she even dressed up carefully. So, the usual beauty became even more beautiful.

“Princess, you’re welcome. According to reason, it is this prince who should salute you.” When Fuk’anggan lifted her up, he accidentally touched the skin of her wrist.

Jianning’s eyes froze, but she was best at acting in front of people, so she quickly showed a bright smile, and quickly covered up the discomfort, “In recent years, brother has shocked Liaodong, and the Mongolian soldiers have been frightened by your valiance. This little sister is powerless. I can’t afford a suitable gift for my brother. So I specially prepared some good wine. I hope that my brother can enjoy this and take this opportunity to tell me about the wars that you have experienced in the past. Such as the battle of Xiaojinchuan and the battle of Gurkha. I used to only rely on the eunuchs and palace maids to hear it, and this little sister has always been very regretful.”

Fuk’anggan became famous at a young age. He even claimed that he was not under any famous general in history. He felt very proud when he was praised by Jianning.

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