Chapter 139: Another side of the princess (part 1)

Holding the glass in front of him, Fuk’anggan hesitated a little. Jianning guessed what he was thinking, and laughed,  “Why, are you afraid that it is poisoned?”

Although Fuk’anggan knew that the imperial family seldom used this simple and crude method unless it was the last resort, he was also familiar with Han culture and knew that “a gentleman does not stand under a dangerous wall”, so he looked at Jianning with a smile and said nothing.

Jianning stretched out her hand, took the wine glass in her hand, put it to her lips, took a sip, and returned it to Fukangan, “Brother, are you relieved now?”

The shallow lip prints on the edge of the wine glass were particularly noticeable against Jianning’s fair wrists, and Fuk’anggan felt relieved. Although he knew that this was a bit inappropriate, a man’s hormones still made him enjoy the ambiguous atmosphere in the room.

Fuk’anggan was an experienced playboy, he played with the wine glass in his hand, turned it gently, and drank it to the side with Jianning’s lip print.

Although Jianning was annoyed in her heart, for the sake of her future happiness, she had to greet him with a smile. Fuk’anggan noticed that although he had sent enough signals just now, but the other party was not angry at all, and his mind started to become even more imaginative.

After drinking the warm wine cup after cup, Jianning felt that her whole body was getting hotter and hotter, and she couldn’t help but feel a little anxious, ‘Why isn’t Xiaobao coming?’

Fuk’anggan’s mind gradually became foggy, and the woman’s face in front of him, which was red with alcohol, seemed extraordinarily charming. He suddenly felt a trace of heat rising in his lower abdomen, so he stood up and walked towards Jianning.

“Princess, I’m a little drunk, and my words may not be clear. Let’s get closer. I’ll tell you about a strange experience I once had.” Fuk’anggan came to Jianning and sat down, took advantage of the situation and hugged her waist.

Jianning subconsciously wanted to refuse, but for some reason, she felt her body going limp and seemed to have lost her strength. She pushed the other party several times, but she couldn’t push him away. Then she looked at Fuk’anggan’s handsome face again, and this time he didn’t seem to be that annoying anymore.

“That’s fine. When Wu Yingxiong, that turtle comes in and sees this, Fuk’anggan wouldn’t be able to explain himself.” Jianning comforted herself and fell into Fuk’anggan’s arms.

Fuk’anggan felt that the woman in his arms was getting softer and softer. Thinking that the other party had made it clear by throwing herself in his arms, he couldn’t help but feel lustful. He picked her up by the waist and walked over to the side of the bed.

Jianning was getting a little panicked now, and while scolding Wei Xiaobao, who had been late to come, she murmured, “No…don’t…”

Seeing Jianning’s weak resistance, Fuk’anggan thought she was pretending to be reserved. He smiled in his heart, firmly restrained her hands, and put down the half-hanging silk gauze by the bed.

Hearing the sound from inside the room, Yu Zhenzi and Tian Guinong looked at each other, thinking that the little prince was simply too bold! He even dared to put his hands on Wu Sangui’s daughter-in-law who had never been touched by his son.

Although they were a little surprised in their hearts, they did not have any doubts. Fuk’anggan has always been a man who chased after flowers and willows. In Shengjing, he often seduced many beautiful women with his noble status and handsome appearance and took them to bed.

It’s just that, this was Wu Sangui’s territory, and it was a bit inappropriate to do such a thing here. But as subordinates, it was not easy for the two of them to rush in to spoil their master’s fun. So, all they could do was to not let anyone approach the room.


In the palace of the King Pingxi, Wu Sangui and his son noticed that Wei Xiaobao was fascinated by the troupe, and finally breathed a sigh of relief, ‘I would rather offend a gentleman than a villain, now it seems that Wei Xiaobao has finally been reluctantly appeased, and they were out of trouble for now. After getting such generous gifts, when he returns to the capital, he will have to think of his own benefits, and he will have to say a few good words in front of Kangxi…”

How could they know that Wei Xiaobao was thinking about Jianning’s side at the moment, ‘Shi*t, I didn’t expect that I would take the initiative to wear a green hat one day…’ 

Looking back at Wu Yingxiong’s face which had a flattering smile, he couldn’t help but curse, ‘Little turtle… your wife is being played with by that little pretty boy. Hey…the princess is not my wife, why am I feeling distressed? It’s the problem of this turtle right here. Hahaha.’ Thinking of this, Wei Xiaobao felt a lot more comfortable.

“Master Wei, General Song… something bad had happened…” At this time, a large inner guard in a yellow jacket ran in, and came to Wei Xiaobao and Song Qingshu. He was about to report, and suddenly found Wu Sangui and his son were also there, and they suddenly showed a look of embarrassment.

“Since the two of you have something to discuss, us father and son will go over there to watch the game first.” Wu Sangui stood up with a smile.

“Everything can be said in front of you, King Pingxi does not have to be so polite,” Song Qingshu turned around and said to the guard, “King Pingxi is not an outsider, and it doesn’t matter if you say it.”

“But…but…” The inner guard glanced at Wu Sangui and hesitated.

“Just say it!” Song Qingshu also felt a little annoyed and shouted directly.

When Wu Sangui and his son heard Song Qingshu say that “King Pingxi is not an outsider”, although they knew that the other party was deliberately showing affection, they felt at ease, and couldn’t help looking at the guard curiously to see what was going on.

The inner guard gritted his teeth and said loudly, “Prince Bao’s heir Fuk’anggan broke into Anfu Garden, and now he is in the princess’ room, and he has defiled the princess.” As soon as these words came out, the noisy Pingxi palace suddenly quieted down.

The smiles of Wu Sangui and his son stopped abruptly, and Song Qingshu stood up angrily, “What’s going on?”

The guard hurriedly explained, “The princess was originally showing kindness, thinking that as a member of the royal family, she should invite Fuk’anggan for a meal. Who knew Fuk’anggan’s wolf ambitions, after a few glasses of wine, he actually started to take the initiative to make moves onto her physically.”

“Then what were you doing?” Wei Xiaobao slammed the teacup in his hand to the ground and asked angrily.

“We were stopped outside by Fuk’anggan’s men and couldn’t get in.” The guard said with a look of shame, “That’s why we hurriedly came to ask the two lords to go back.”

“What are you still waiting for? Let’s go!” Wei Xiaobao glared left and right, and ran to Anfu Garden with his subordinates.

Hearing that his fiancee was defiled, Wu Yingxiong’s face suddenly sank. “Let’s go over to see the situation first!”

When Ake heard the news in the inner room, she also hurried out and asked anxiously, “I heard from the servant that Fuk’anggan… to sister-in-law… is this true?”

“Don’t talk nonsense!” Wu Sangui’s face was sinking like water, and he ordered, “Drag that minion out and chop him up! The rest of the family, if they dare to discuss this matter in private, will be sentenced to death.”

Everyone in the palace kept silent, watching as Wu Sangui and his daughter followed Wei Xiaobao and the others with the guards.

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