Chapter 14: The villainess has a bad day (part 2)

Shael nodded in agreement with my words. The villainess was surprisingly easy to fool. Did she really think she could win? I think it was because I had complimented her swordsmanship, saying that she was excellent, and gave her unfounded confidence. As expected, I can use my praise as a powerful weapon against the villainess.

Whoop hoo…

Heh, I wasn’t even ready yet. Shael really just swung her sword, not paying attention to my situation. Of course, the sword never reached me. It was the same for the following swings. When she swung her sword, I dodged. After repeating this for a dozen more times, we reached the time limit before I knew it.

“Twenty minutes have passed, Shael.”


The villainess silently approached me. It was time for her to take the punishment.

“It may hurt a little.”

“Don’t talk nonsense, do it quickly!”

I punished her as she wished.

“Jooh… that hurt so much!”

Shael resentfully complained to me. But so what? It was already spilled water. She accepted the bet and lost.

“There is still one left.”


A louder sound than before was heard, and Shael glared at me while holding her forehead.


“The sound is quite clear.”

“Haah… what?”

It wasn’t a compliment.

“I meant that it seemed like there was nothing in your head.”

“Let’s do it again.”

Shael said indignantly. Do you want to fight again?

“How about three flicks this time?”

I suggested to Shael, and she nodded her head without even thinking about it. Shael probably thought that she would win this time. I didn’t think she would accept it, to be honest. It was quite a mystery how the villainess’ mind worked. So, the sparring between Shael and I began again.


The result was obvious. Shael was defeated again. She covered her forehead and glared at me. She was giving me silent pressure, implying that she would kill me if I hit her hard. Of course, I couldn’t just let her have her way. Shael glared at me as she rubbed her forehead. I felt sorry for her, but I still wasn’t going to let her be.

“What are you doing? We still have one more left.”




After practicing the swordsmanship, Shael followed Eran to her own room.

‘Ah, my forehead is still sore. How is it possible to make it hurt so much with only one flick?’

Shael regretted making the bet. She had thought that she could win, and the she would do everything she could to cra*ck her fiancé’s forehead!

“Looks like I’m going to have a hole in my forehead because of someone.”

“That’s true. It’s a pity.”


Shael vowed to sharpen her swordsmanship and win next time. The reason why she was able to make this resolution was also thanks to the fact that she really enjoyed learning swordsmanship. It was surprisingly not bad. ‘I don’t know why. Is it because I might one day be able to cra*ck that guy’s forehead?’

She didn’t really know. All she could tell was that she enjoyed swordsmanship.

“How could you hit your fiancé so hard?”

“I properly adjusted the force.”

“Don’t lie!”

Otherwise, there was no way her forehead would still be so sore.

“Would you like to get hit with a proper flick?”


The villainess had no choice but to give in to Eran’s threats. But she had lots of time to get revenge in the future. She thought of the “Heavy Pollen” she had bought at the auction house. Heavy Pollen was something that made the body heavy.

Today’s incident was just a ruse to draw Eran’s attention. So, she would definitely be able to win next time.

While Shael thought about that, she silently walked alongside  Eran. 

They were walking from the Azbel family’s training ground to the Azbel family’s mansion. It was quite a distance. At the moment, Shael and Eran were on the path with flowers on both sides. It was also her favorite walkway.

It was the first time she had passed this place with Eran, her fiancé. She likes walking trails. She thought that if she came here with her goddamn fiancé, she would feel very bad.

But if she thought about how she felt right now…

It wasn’t a pleasant feeling. But it wasn’t as bad as she had thought. ‘Is that because Eran is suitable for venting anger?’ She wasn’t sure how the things they did today become a way to vent her anger.

She was rather miffed by her fiancé. It was because recently she was feeling a completely unknown feeling. It was also a feeling she had been feeling a lot lately. And, she had that strange feeling whenever Eran would be around her. So, she tried to be mean to him.

“Walk correctly, Eran!”

“I am walking correctly. You should fix your eyes, Shael.”


She canceled the evaluation where she thought that walking with Eran on this path wasn’t too bad. ‘

‘Yes, going for a walk with my fiancé… feels more annoying than ever.’

The villainess complained as she stroked her forehead, which was still tingling.

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  1. ‘Yes, going for a walk with my fiancé… feels more annoying than ever.’ , What should he receive your insults with open arms? , Thanks for the chapter and keep up with the great work

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