Chapter 15: The villainess is heavy (part 1)

A middle-aged man who had identical facial features as me was sitting on the other side of the dining table. 

It was the Duke, Ezran Baslett. 

I was eating with him in an awkward atmosphere.

‘I can’t eat properly.’

‘Ah, it might be better to be with Shael. No, I’m sure it will.’

Eating in front of the father of the original owner of the body I possessed didn’t seem like something I could enjoy.

“Eran, it sounds like there will be a banquet at the Mage Tower this time.”

“A banquet at the Mage Tower, so you mean?”

“Yes, it seems that the Mage Tower Lord has sent invitations.”

I had no choice but to shake off my useless thoughts at once. Because I heard something very important. 

A banquet held at the Mage Tower. It was the stage of an incident that marked the beginning of the original novel. It was also an incident where Shael and the main character of the novel ran into each other. This was the reason why Shael harbored ill will toward the female lead. So, it was a rare opportunity to change the ending of Shael, the villainess in the novel.

So, I have to find a way somehow.


“I’m only saying this as a possibility. But, what if someone accidentally spills wine on you and stains your clothes?”

“I will have to punish them.”

I didn’t know what level of punishment the villainess was talking about. I only knew one thing. It was the fact that if I left her as she was, things would go the same way as it did in the original novel.

The heroine of the novel, Clie Ruspela, accidentally spills wine on the villainess, Shael Azbel. And as fate would have it, the villainess just happened to be wearing her favorite clothes on that occasion.

It was obvious what the villainess would do in that situation. She would insult Clie. She was a villainess who liked to harass even her own fiancé, who was one of the few people who truly cared for her. So, in a way, it was natural. Moreover, a commoner spilling wine on the daughter of a duke? It would be considered something unacceptable even if it was an accident.

However, how could that commoner come to the banquet of the Mage Tower?

The reason was that the Mage Tower Lord had fallen in love with her at first sight. Even the crown prince, who had come disguised at the Mage Tower banquet, had a crush on the protagonist.

Then how would things play out?

The villainess, Shael, would become a stepping stone for the heroine to stand out. The bad-tempered villainess was a powerful stepping stone that made the people sympathize with the protagonist.

Of course, it was natural for Shael to be angry with the female lead, Clie. Any high-ranking noble would be angry if a commoner spilled wine on their clothes.

However, in romanic fantasy novels, that fact was not important.

The target of the readers interest was Clie Ruspela, not Shael Azbel.

In the novel, everyone who came to the banquet at the Mage Tower pointed their fingers at Shael, saying that she was bullying Clie. This created a sense of mob mentality amongst the readers. 

Normally, it would’ve been unbelievable to do such a thing to the Azbel family’s precious daughter, but it was all made possible due to the absence of the Duke and Duchess Azbel.

More than anything else, the Mage Tower Lord, who held great power, was also on their side. 

People whispered, and even laughed at her when they saw Shael who had never danced before, dance improperly and unable to use magic even though she was from the Azbel family.

Perhaps this was also the incident that forced Shael from the original novel properly learn magic. Of course, even that bit of magic was learned very roughly.

Considering how Shael hated learning magic, I could see how annoying this incident must have been to her. However, no readers except me paid attention to Shael. After that, Shael began to detest the heroine.

The Shael in the book began to walk the path of a typical villainess.

‘Now, what can I do to prevent such a catastrophe?’

It was impossible to prevent her from going to the banquet of the Mage Tower. Because someone from the Azbel family’s lineage had to be present at the banquet in the Mage Tower.

The reason for that was that the Azbel family was famous for their high mana capacity. Of course, the Duke and Duchess of Azbel had to be be away for a political affair during this time as well. They wouldn’t be able to attend the banquet as they were traveling to distant provinces.

It was inevitable that Shael had to go to the banquet. 

‘Never, I will never be able to stop her from going there.’ 

So I had to prevent what Shael would experience at the banquet. The female protagonist will accidentally spill wine on Shael… I will be able to prevent that by sticking to her side.

But I don’t actually know what might happen. So I decided to prepare in advance so that Shael would not be laughed at. With that thought in mind, I said, “I heard that you are going to the banquet organized by the Mage Tower.”

“I will do what I want.”

Only thorny words sprouted out from the villainess’s mouth. Apparently, she was able to sense something ominous. Well, her intuition was correct.

“Let’s practice dancing, Shael.”

“I don’t like it.”

The villainess hated dancing. Of course, I had something in my possession that was very persuasive.

[Yes, I like you.]

[I love you to death.]


She looked at me as if she was going to eat the Serpent Orb whole.

“I will use it until the day I die. So, please give up.”

At my statement, she had no choice but to get up.

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