Chapter 150: Die for love

This undergarment was just worn by Shuang’er not long ago and the residual warmth of her body could still be felt from it. However, Song Qingshu suddenly realized what was inside the package.

‘I’ve always had a headache about how to push down Shuang’er so that I can get the treasure map embroidered on her undergarment. I didn’t expect that she would hand it directly to me.’ He thought in a daze.

“Then I’ll rely on Big Brother Song.” When Shuang’er saw that he was silent, and subconsciously nodded, she showed a smile of relief and walked towards the mourning hall.

“Are you planning to go with Brother Wei?” The voice from behind made Shuang’er tremble.

“I’ve deliberately covered it up, but I didn’t expect to be seen through by Big Brother Song.” Shuang’er turned around, revealing a helpless smile.

When Song Qingshu realized that she had the intention to hand over the treasure map of the Sutra of Forty-two Chapters to the Heaven and Earth Society, he understood that Shuanger had already decided on the intention of death. 

But, how could he, a modern person, watch the tragic death in the name of love happen before his eyes, so he quickly tried to comfort her, “Brother Wei…Brother Wei loved you so much. His soul in heaven knew what you wanted to do, he probably wouldn’t want you to do this. He definitely wouldn’t want you to suffer any harm.”

Shuang’er’s expression did not change, but instead she softly said, “Brother Song, you don’t know Xiaobao. Xiaobao…he is most afraid of loneliness, and he would definitely want me to accompany him. Now, he must be worried that I will give him a green hat after his death and make him a tortoise.” As she spoke, a happy smile appeared on her lips.

‘Yeah, looking at her expression, it’s obvious that her heart is really set on her decision.’ Song Qingshu felt a headache coming his way. Although he knew that Shuang’er and Wei Xiaobao had a good relationship, but he didn’t expect it to be this good. So he had to change his strategy and persuade her, “Sister-in-law, if you go with Brother Wei, then what if…what if…”

After thinking about it for a long time, he couldn’t figure out how to persuade her to change her mind.

“What if?” Since Shuang’er had already made up her mind to die for love, she let go of herself more than usual, and looked at Song Qingshu with a smile. She was a little curious as to what reason he would give.

“What if you are pregnant with Brother Wei’s child?” Song Qingshu’s mind flashed, and he quickly said, “If you let Brother Wei’s unborn child die with you because of your love, wouldn’t he be very sad that the Wei family line is ruined? Do you want that?”

“Brother Song!” Shuang’er glanced at Song Qingshu angrily, and her snow-white face suddenly turned bright red, “No one is pregnant with Xiaobao’s child.” (G Yah…I sense something.)

“It’s been less than a month since Brother Wei left the capital. You haven’t seen the physician, how could you possibly know?” Song Qingshu made up his mind that he would arrange for a few imperial physicians to come over tomorrow, so that they would give the verdict that Shuang’er was pregnant. Maybe it would dispel her thoughts of suicide.

“Anyway, I know it myself.” Shuang’er bit her lower lip, her face flushed with shame, unwilling to continue this embarrassing topic with Song Qingshu.

“Uh, okay.” Song Qingshu didn’t know much about some of the woman’s secrets. Seeing that she said it so decisively, he knew that this reason might not work, but at this moment he had come up with another reason, “Sister-in-law, don’t you want to get revenge for Brother Wei?”

“Revenge?” There was a hint of doubt flickering in Shuang’er’s big eyes.

Song Qingshu had to bite the bullet and make up a lie for her, “If Fuk’anggan hadn’t insulted Princess Jianning. Then Princess Jianning wouldn’t have committed suicide in shame and anger, so much so that she dragged Brother Wei to be buried with her. Fuk’anggan is the culprit, behind their deaths. It’s really unwise to be in a hurry to die and not to seek revenge from him.”

Unexpectedly, Shuang’er lightly shook her head again, “Others may not know Xiaobao’s character, but I am very clear. Although you are hiding it from me and not telling me the truth of the matter, things have already become clear in my heart. The princess has always had a good relationship with Xiaobao. But when she was insulted by Fuk’anggan, before she died, she did not seek Fuk’anggan, but wanted to take Xiaobao to be buried with her, which showed that in her heart at that time, she hated Xiaobao more than Fuk’anggan. What exactly made the princess hate Xiaobao so much, I don’t want to guess, and I don’t want to know. I just know that Xiaobao must have done something wrong, so why should I blame others for his death?” (G: Expect more intelligent women like this in the future.)

Song Qingshu looked at her in surprise. He didn’t expect that Shuang’er, who was more inclined to the image of a maid in the original book, actually had such a rich independent personality and such a kind heart.

“Brother Song, what are you looking at?” Seeing Song Qingshu staring at her for so long, Shuang’er felt a little embarrassed.

“Sister-in-law, do you have any older or younger sisters?” Song Qingshu already knew the answer, but he couldn’t help but ask.

“No!” Shuang’er was once asked the same question by Duo Long, Zhang Kangnian and Zhao Qixian, so she naturally knew what the intended meaning was.

Seeing Shuang’er’s anger, Song Qingshu sighed in his heart: Such a good girl was really hard to find, even if you searched with a torch. ‘Since you don’t have a sister for me to marry, then you will just have to do that yourself.’

“Brother Song, you don’t need to persuade me any more, I have made up my mind. It’s getting late, Brother Song, go back first, and remember to come and bury Xiaobao and me together tomorrow.” Shuang’er calmly declared her own death, and that calm smile made Song Qingshu’s heart tremble.

Song Qingshu lowered his head all the way, and followed Shuang’er to the mourning hall in silence. Seeing that he was getting closer and closer to the mourning hall, Song Qingshu understood that as long as he stepped out of the Viscount Mansion, he would never see this kind and gentle woman again. As if making up his mind, he suddenly raised his head and shouted, “Shuang’er!”

“Huh?” Shuang’er turned around suspiciously, but what she saw were only two pupils that were as black as ink.

Soon Shuang’er’s expression changed from bewilderment to surprise, “Xiaobao, are you not dead?” After speaking, she threw herself into Song Qingshu’s arms.

Holding Shuang’er’s soft waist, Song Qingshu didn’t have any evil thoughts at the moment, and nodded, “Yes, I’m not dead yet.”

Hearing Wei Xiaobao’s voice, Shuang’er couldn’t bear it any longer. She lay in Song Qingshu’s arms and began to cry. Maybe the pressure was suddenly relieved or she hadn’t slept much in the past few days, she fell asleep while crying.

“Go to sleep, go to sleep.” Song Qingshu said pitifully, hugging Shuang’er by the waist, and walked towards the two maids not far away.

“Master Song, what are you doing… Mistress she…” Seeing Song Qingshu holding Shuang’er in his arms, the two maids only felt that their brains were about to short-circuit. They suddenly thought of a terrible possibility at the same time, ‘Master Song did this kind of thing. He won’t kill us to silence the witness, would he?’

“If I remember correctly, the two of you are called Tao Hong and Liu Lu.” Song Qingshu never imagined how frightening he was in the hearts of the two little girls, “You two come with me and send your young mistress to her room to rest.” Holding Shuang’er, he walked straight to her bedroom.

“Ah!!” The two girls looked at each other, and hurriedly trotted to follow behind him.

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