Chapter 151: Contradictions

Song Qingshu originally planned to carry Shuang’er to the room by himself, but later realized that something was wrong. It would be fine if Song Qingshu’s intentions were really unscrupulous, but on this occasion he really didn’t have any evil thoughts mixed in. So, if he carried the reputation of a womanizer on his back for this, it would be too wrong. Therefore Song Qingshu called the maids to come and testify for him if he ever found himself in trouble.

When they got in the room, Song Qingshu was about to put Shuang’er down on the bed to rest, but as if Shuang’er seemed to be somehow aware of it in her sleep, she stretched out her arms and tightly hugged his hands, and muttered in her sleep. “Xiaobao, don’t go…”

Song Qingshu glanced at the two maids in embarrassment, and the two maids looked at each other, thinking that since it was their mistress’s own wish, there was nothing they could say, so one of them said, “Lord Song, please accompany the Mistress, we will be taking our leave.” After that, they panicked and wanted to run out.

“You have to stay!” Song Qingshu said in a deep voice, “Sister-in-law is in an unstable state today, so she mistook me for Brother Wei. I am worried that she will do something stupid, so I will accompany her first. You need to stay and be a witness. As soon as you leave, her reputation will be gone.”

“Yes!!” The two maids bowed, and asked, “May we know if Master Song needs hot water or anything, you can instruct the servants to do it.”

“No need, you can just stay in the room.” Song Qingshu turned around and looked at Shuang’er in his arms. She was frowning, and pursing her thin lips tightly, obviously she was not at peace even in her dreams. He couldn’t help reaching out and gently pulling the strands of hair scattered on her face behind her ears. (G: Kind of romantic.)

Shuang’er was lying in Song Qingshu’s arms, and the two inevitably had some skin-to-skin contact. Shuang’er’s skin was cold and it was very comfortable to touch. Song Qingshu moved his body and found a more comfortable position. He leaned against the bed and stared blankly into space. He had many contradictions regarding Shuang’er in his heart. With the Sutra Of Forty-Two Chapters already in his possession, he could just walk away without any trouble, considering that he was also the main culprit in Wei Xiaobao’s death. But it proved really hard for him to just calmly watch as such a kind girl died.

“Tao Hong, do you believe that they don’t have something going on between them?” Noticing Song Qingshu’s actions, the two little girls started communicating silently by gesturing with their eyes.

“I am not sure about the Mistress, but seeing Lord Song’s gentle actions just now, it would not be strange that he has something in his heart.”

“I don’t think Mistress is much different either. Just look at how she is hugging Lord Song so tightly and she even put his hands in such a shameful place…”

“Hey, how can people of our status have the qualifications to judge these things?”

“I’m just unhappy that the young master has just passed away, and his wife is already with another man…”

“Heh, did your little heart fall into the hands of a lover after the young master molested you back then?”

“Go to hell!”

The two girls grew up and played together since they were young, so they could understand each other’s thoughts with just one look, and there was no sense of obscurity when they communicated.


In the early morning of the second day, Song Qingshu felt that Shuang’er’s emotions had calmed down. He gently took out his hand from Shuang’er’s arms, gently supported her back and slowly laid her flat on the bed, then pulled the quilt up to cover her body.

The two little maids were dozing off in the corner. When they heard the sound, they woke up immediately. Song Qingshu whispered, “If I stay here, it would be too embarrassing for my sister-in-law after she wakes up, so I will be leaving first. You two stay here. You must keep an eye on her… she shouldn’t try anything drastic again, but there’s nothing wrong with being more careful.”

“Xiaobao!” Shortly after Song Qingshu left, Shuang’er suddenly felt that her arms were empty, and subconsciously reached out to grab it, but when she caught nothing, she suddenly woke up.

“Mistress, are you awake? This servant is going to prepare water to wash your face.” Liu Lu hurried over to help her up.

Shuang’er stared blankly at first, then she slowly recalled what happened last night, and her cheeks suddenly blushed red, ‘What’s the matter with me, why did I mistake Brother Song as Xiaobao? I acted in such a shameful manner, what will I do in front of him in the future? How will I look him in the eye…”

“Last night, Brother Song… he didn’t do anything to me, did he?” Shuang’er found it a little hard to ask, and she struggled for a while, but still asked.

Tao Hong pursed her lips and smiled, “He didn’t do anything, he just slept with Mistress for a night.” 

Shuang’er usually treated the two maids very well, so she didn’t have any hesitation when it came to joking in private.

“You two dead girls, why didn’t you stop it and let me be hugged by another man.” Shuang’er gave them a stern look, feeling embarrassed and anxious.

“This servant also thought so, and we originally planned to disregard the strength of Master Song’s martial arts, and even risk our small life to fight him. But, how could we know that Mistress, you yourself took the initiative to hug Master Song and kept calling the name of the young master. So, how could we dare to make a mistake?” The two girls said with an aggrieved expression.

Shuang’er also slowly recalled some specific scenes. She felt that the part of her chest that had been touched by Song Qingshu was turning very hot. She suddenly saw the package on the side of the bed and realized that she was the one who gave it to Song Qingshu last night. Her expression suddenly became one of confusion, “Where is Big Brother Song now?”

“Master Song said that he was afraid that the Mistress would be embarrassed after waking up, so he left first.” The two girls replied in unison.


Song Qingshu knew that Shuang’er would not have the urge to commit suici*de for the time being after his hypnotic suggestion. At the very least, she wouldn’t try to do so before Wei Xiaobao was properly buried. In order to avoid the embarrassment of seeing each other, Song Qingshu decided to go back to the palace first, and then come to the Viscount Mansion to help later.

After coming back to the palace, he heard a woman’s voice from far away from his residence. 

“Where’s Song Qingshu? Tell him to come out.”

Song Qingshu was subconsciously overjoyed, wondering if Youyou had come back? But when he heard the voice of the guard’s reply, he couldn’t help feeling disappointed.

“Reporting to the Princess, Lord Song went to the Viscount Mansion yesterday to preside over Lord Wei’s funeral.”

“May I know why the Princess is looking for this Song?” Song Qingshu slowly walked in, motioned for the guards to take their leave first, and looked back at Ake.

Today, Ake was wearing a pale green robe, covered with a white gauze, revealing a graceful neck and a clearly visible collarbone. Her shiny dark hair was tied with a hair band crafted from three thousand blue silk, and a longevity hairpin made of pure white jade inserted into it. She had a strand of blue silk ribbon hanging on her chest, and a faint blush on her cheeks. Furthermore, with the light makeup on her face, she was the very picture of an alluring beauty.

Hearing Song Qingshu’s voice, Ake raised her head, ran over, stared at Song Qingshu and angrily said, “Song Qingshu, what did you tell me and my mother at the temple? I was actually given to you by the Emperor, did you expect this outcome beforehand?”

Fun Fact: Pteronophobia is the fear of being tickled by feathers.

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