Chapter 152: A girl’s heart

Song Qingshu said gloomily, “Is it so hard to accept marrying me?”

Ake was stunned when she heard the words, and looked at Song Qingshu carefully. He had sharp eyebrows and a tall figure. In addition, he became a celebrity in the court of the Kangxi Emperor at a young age. It seemed that he was not as bad as she had previously imagined.

“What happened to you, why are you looking at me with a blushing face and won’t speak?” Song Qingshu said speechlessly.

“Who’s blushing? It is just because the sun is too hot.” Ake still stubbornly said, “I don’t want to marry you anyway, I don’t… have feelings for you.”

Song Qingshu laughed and said, “It’s not like I really want to marry you as well.”

“What do you mean!” Ake stomped her feet and glared at him angrily.

“Don’t worry, I have a way to make the Emperor take back his order, and he won’t ask you to marry me.” Song Qingshu smiled lightly, he had stayed up all night in the Viscount Mansion, and had a lot of time thinking about a lot of things, how to refuse this marriage was also one of them.

“That’s good.” Ake let out a sigh of relief, showing a bright smile, but as if she suddenly thought of something, and she became a little unhappy, “Hey, why don’t you want to marry me?”

Noticing Song Qingshu’s strange gaze, Ake was also a little embarrassed, “From childhood to adulthood, other than my mother, I have never seen a woman more beautiful than myself. I am also a dignified princess, so what is there that made you not to marry me. It should be normal for you to be full of regrets, but why do you seem to be dismissive of me…” Her tone was full of coquettishness and resentment.

This woman is trouble. If you want to marry her, she will make trouble. If you don’t want to marry her, she will still make trouble. Song Qingshu pouted, “Firstly, if I wanted to marry a wife just for the pursuit of beauty, I can always just go after your mother, so why should I seek you? Secondly, in today’s troubled times, all the kingdoms are in strife. Emperors are walking all over the place, and the princesses are like dogs on the street, do you think you are that special?”

“You actually insulted my mother?” Ake more or less knew about Chen Yuanyuan’s turbulent past, so she couldn’t tolerate others making irresponsible remarks about Chen Yuanyuan. At this moment, when she noticed the frivolity in Song Qingshu’s words, she felt furious and raised her eyebrows. She proceeded to slap Song Qingshu on his face.

As soon as the words were out, Song Qingshu felt a little regretful. Just now, he was just a little unhappy with Ake’s arrogance. Now that he thought about it, Ake was just a pretty young girl, and she hadn’t made any real big mistakes.

Guilt was guilt. Seeing Ake’s incoming slap, Song Qingshu was not kind enough to just let her slap him on his face. He took a step back and stretched out his hand to hold her wrist tightly so that her slap would never connect. 

Song Qingshu was about to speak when suddenly his expression changed. It turned out that Ake sometimes asked the guards of the Pingxi palace to teach her martial arts. She did not pay attention to what she learned, and none of those masters really dared to teach her wholeheartedly. Although the guards of the palace were not at the level of a master, but each of their martial arts were quite strong. So, even though Ake’s martial arts were not very good, but there were a lot of subtle and strange tricks.

Seeing that Song Qingshu was holding her right wrist, Ake grit her teeth. Using her right foot as a fulcrum, she twisted her waist at a strange angle, raised her left foot, and hit Song Qingshu’s head from behind.

It’s a pity that the difference in martial arts between the two was too much. Although Song Qingshu was stunned for a while, he still stretched out his left hand to block her leg whip.

At the moment, Ake’s waist was bent in an exaggerated arc, her wrists and ankles were held in Song Qingshu’s hands, and only her right foot was left standing on the ground, quite like the “sleeves and waist” dance posture of the Han Dynasty.

As Song Qingshu held her slender wrists and feet, a faint fragrance of a girl came to the tip of his nose, so he subconsciously closed his eyes and took a breath.

Ake was restrained by him in such a humiliating posture, which was already quite embarrassing. Noticing his actions, she became even more embarrassed and angry, “Let me go!” There was a hint of sobbing mixed in her voice.

Song Qingshu finally came out of his daze. He let go of Ake, looked at her embarrassedly, and didn’t know what to say.

After tidying up her dress, Ake’s ears blushed, she raised her head and glared at Song Qingshu, and stomped her feet, “Song Qingshu, I hate you!” After speaking, she covered her mouth and ran out. (G: Tsundere?)

Song Qingshu also understood that his behavior had been a little rough, but he couldn’t just run after her and explain himself, so he steadied his mind and went to the imperial study.

“What, you don’t want to marry Princess Ake?” Kangxi Emperor put down his memorial and stared at Song Qingshu with a frown.

“Yes, Your Majesty.” Sometimes it took not only a glib tongue but also courage to refuse.

“Why?” Kangxi Emperor was very suspicious, “I saw Princess Ake yesterday, and she was indeed the most beautiful in the world, so why do you want to refuse?”

“I already have a wife, and my wife is the current head of the Emei Sect, Zhou Zhiruo. We have a very deep relationship with each other. When my meridians were destroyed and my life was at its end, she never gave up on me. So, now that I have become successful, how can I have the heart to abandon my wife like a scumbag. And with Ake’s dignified status as the princess, it is naturally impossible for someone like her to be a concubine, so this official has to refuse the Emperor’s kindness.” Although Song Qingshu mentioned Zhou Zhiruo, what came to mind was the figure of Bing Xue’er, who had accompanied him in healing bit by bit, and a gentle smile appeared on his lips. (G: Yes, Bing Xue’er is the best girl, and she’s a mil*f as well. What more do you want?)

Kangxi Emperor suddenly remembered that he had heard about this when he sent someone to check Song Qingshu’s details.

There was a strange silence in the imperial study room. When Song Qingshu was feeling uneasy, Kangxi Emperor said, “Well, We will put this matter aside for the time being, and now there is another thing that you need to do immediately.”

“But this official is also responsible for the affairs of Brother Wei’s funeral.” Song Qingshu’s eyes appeared to be beset with sorrow, worried that no one would take care of his friend after he left.

“Don’t worry, I have already sent Duo Long to his house to help.” Kangxi Emperor said.

“May I know why it’s so urgent?” Song Qingshu knew that it was useless to talk too much, so he had to ask.

“I recently received news that the former Master of the Sun Moon Holy Cult, Ren Woxing, has returned to the wulin and invited many strong help. It seems that he wants to go to Heimuya to regain the position of the Cult Master. Cult Master Dongfang leads the Sun Moon Holy Cult, and has always had a relationship with me and the Qing court. As we are close, I don’t want anything wrong to happen to Cult Master Dongfang.” 

Kangxi Emperor said while frowning slightly, “Originally, Cult Master Dongfang was unparalleled in the world, and I didn’t need to worry about him, but I remember that after his fight with Feng Qingyang, it seems that he has weakened considerably. Although it can also be just minor internal injuries. But just in case, I will send you to Heimuya to help Cult Master Dongfang.”

“Ren Woxing?” Song Qingshu was startled, he remembered that in the original novel, Dongfang Bubai was besieged to death by Ren Wuxing, Linghu Chong and others. In this life, knowing that Dongfang Bubai was a girl, Song Qingshu would naturally not sit idly by and watch that happen.

“Time is running out, you should set off immediately.” Kangxi Emperor nodded and instructed. “You may leave!”

After Song Qingshu exited the imperial study, he stood still on a rockery. After a while, a faint figure emerged from the shadows.

“It seems that your senses are getting sharper and sharper, boy!” An old eunuch said while coughing.

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