Chapter 156: Calm before the storm

Despite Song Qingshu’s repeated protests, in the end, he was no match for Dongfang Bubai’s deaf ears, so he had no choice but to put on Yang Lianting’s clothes.

Song Qingshu sniffed the clothes on his body with obvious disgust on his face, “This dress smells weird…” He looked up at Dongfang Bubai’s face, and changed his words, “Is that what Yang person wore?”

“You’re handsome and , and have a bit of the style of Yang Lianting back then.” Dongfang Bubai nodded in satisfaction, without any intention of answering his question.

‘It doesn’t have any smell, it should be new…’ Song Qingshu had no choice but to keep telling himself.

Looking at Dongfang Bubai embroidery all day was quite boring for Song Qingshu. So he yawned and asked, “Why do you stay here all day long?”

“This is the place where I live alone. No one can come here without my consent. And, no matter who comes in here without it, there is only a dead end.” Dongfang Bubai seemed to be tired from all the embroidery. So, she lay down on the bed to take a rest.

Song Qingshu saw her waistline showing off, and said dejectedly, “Are you really alright with lying down like this? There’s a man in front of you!”

“So what?” Dongfang Bubai opened her slender phoenix eyes and glanced at him lightly.

“Aren’t you afraid that I will take advantage?” Song Qingshu asked in surprise.

“How can you take advantage with your eyes? It doesn’t matter if you can’t help but want to make a move, you can’t beat me anyway.” Dongfang Bubai yawned in a bored manner and closed her eyes again.

“You’re making me feel insulted. A man’s self-esteem is very valuable.” Song Qingshu glared at her.

“Really? What can you do even if I insulted you? Want to take a bite~” Dongfang Bubai’s red lips parted slightly, and she looked at him with a faux-smile, but she deliberately played with a shiny embroidery needle between her right hand fingers.

Looking at her moist red lips, Song Qingshu really wanted to jump up and take a bite, but after weighing the strength of the two, he finally dismissed that tempting idea.

“Don’t your subordinates know that you are a woman?”

“What is the age of Miss Dongfang?”


Song Qingshu asked a lot of questions like a cannonball, but unfortunately Dongfang Bubai lacked interest and had no intention of answering. 

Song Qingshu didn’t seem to be discouraged. He rolled his eyes and asked another question. “By the way, there is a question I have been wondering about for a long time. What’s your name?”

This time Dongfang Bubai did not ignore him, and gave him a strange look, “Don’t you know?”

“Dongfang Bubai?” Song Qingshu smacked his lips and shook his head in disbelief, “I don’t believe that any parent in the world would give their child such a madly cool and tyrannical name.”

“Impudent, how dare you call the Cult Master by name!” At that moment, a clear female voice came from behind, making Song Qingshu stunned, thinking, ‘Isn’t this the forbidden place of Dongfang Bubai, how can other people dare to come in.’

Looking back, he saw a young girl, about thirteen or fourteen years old. She was wearing a green dress, with snow-white skin, a delicate and lovely face, which still carried a bit of baby fat, but had a very solemn expression. She respectfully knelt down and gave a salute, “Disciple Feifei, pays her respect to Cult Master and Master.”

“Get up.” Dongfang Bubai gently waved the sleeve of her left hand, and the girl felt a soft force lift her up.

“Has the revolt of the Five Poisons Cult been pacified?” Dongfang Bubai asked.

The girl was about to speak, but looked at Song Qingshu, her expression showed her hesitation to speak.

“It doesn’t matter, he is on our side.”

Dongfang Bubai’s words made Song Qingshu want to burst into tears with excitement. He was about to open his mouth to express his joy when he suddenly realized that he seemed to be acting a bit too cheap, and immediately adopted an indifferent expression on purpose.

With Dongfang Bubai’s permission, the girl replied, “The two most powerful factions of the Five Poisons Cult have always been the Lan family and the He family. In recent years, the He family has produced a genius named, He Tieshou. Her attainment is also the best among the past decades, and her momentum gradually overwhelmed the Lan family. The reason for He Tieshou’s revolt was because…because the Cult Leader killed Yuan Chengzhi. She had always admired that man surnamed Yuan, so she staged a rebellion in the name of love. The Lan family is losing ground. This disciple is incompetent, and was unable help them stabilize the situation.”

“He Tieshou?” Dongfang Bubai recalled the scene when she came to Heimuya to visit her, “That girl is really good, but I didn’t expect that she would dare to betray This Seat for a man. You are still young, so it is normal for you to be unable to fight her, this time I sent you down the mountain just to train your mind, so you don’t have to mind it so much.”

“Thank you, Master!” A hint of joy appeared on the girl’s face.

“I said that you were teacher and apprentice, why do you have to salute at every turn, so that you are so different?” Song Qingshu couldn’t stand it any longer, came to the girl, and circled around her a few times, “You called yourself Feifei, and you’re also a member of the Sun Moon Holy Cult, so you should be Qu Yang’s granddaughter, Qu Feiyan?”

The girl looked at him in surprise, and Dongfang Bubai also frowned, “How do you know her name?”

Song Qingshu didn’t answer, but fell into reminiscence. After watching the movie version “Swordsman” in his previous life, he felt that the most pitiful person in the story was this quirky little girl, who was killed by Fei Bin from the Mount Song Sect not long after she appeared. 

If it wasn’t for that, she wouldn’t have left such a deep impression on him. The chubby little girl actress from the movie actually starred in “The Legend of the Double Dragon of the Tang Dynasty” eight years later as the Concubine Xuan. Her performance as the little chubby girl in the movie really blinded Song Qingshu’s sinful eyes.

Dongfang Bubai didn’t really care about that question. Seeing that Song Qingshu didn’t answer, she put the matter aside, then raised her hand and threw a token into Qu Feiyan’s hand, “Feifei, you take this Black Wooden Order with you. Go to Dali, mobilize all the resources that can be mobilized, help Lan Fenghuang, and make sure not to let the Five Poison Cult be swallowed up by He Tieshou.” 

Dongfang Bubai didn’t know why, but recently she felt a little restless in her heart. After her martial arts level reached a certain realm, she was able to get a keen sense of some potential dangers. Her injuries had not recovered much, so for the first time in her life she let a man, Song Qingshu, stay by her side and help her. This time, she also subconsciously pushed away Qu Feiyan. Although she may not have done it specifically with the thought of protecting her, how could she know how much impact this decision would have on the future.

In the next few days, the two sometimes chatted, but most of the time, Song Qingshu had to sit still and watch Dongfang Bubai do embroidery. As for the night, the thing that Song Qingshu had been looking forward to, meaning— being alone in the same room, did not happen. When night fell, Dongfang Bubai would disappear who knows where, leaving Song Qingshu alone in the empty room.

After a few days like this, a purple-clothed messenger came in and reported, “Reporting to the Cult Master, Elder Shangguan has caught the traitor Xiang Wentian, and is now waiting outside for the Cult Master’s summons.”

Song Qingshu’s heart skipped a beat, ‘Here we go!’ 

Dongfang Bubai had already changed back to men’s clothes at the moment, and he spoke with an indifferent expression, “Bring them in.”

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