Chapter 157: A rare treasure

Soon a few people came in carrying a stretcher. Song Qingshu looked carefully. The person on the stretcher was wearing a white coat. There was a lot of blood on it, and it looked like he was seriously injured.

“The Cult Master is virtuous, benevolent, righteous, and wise, rejuvenating the holy cult, and the common people. Shangguan Yun, the elder of the White Tiger Hall, bows to the Cult Master.” A man dressed in elder clothes bowed.

Dongfang Bubai remained expressionless and asked lightly, “Why didn’t Elder Jia come back with you?”

“Reporting to the Cult Master, Elder Jia and his subordinates went to arrest the traitor Xiang Wentian under the order of the Cult Master, but the martial arts of Xiang Wentian, that evil thief, was too strong. Elder Jia sacrificed himself to give his subordinates a chance to seriously injure Xiang Wentian…” Shangguan Yun didn’t dare to tell the truth. 

In fact, Jia Bu had already died at the hands of him and Xiang Wentian because he didn’t agree to join Ren Woxing, and ambush the Cult Master. And, thinking of Dongfang Bubai’s ruthlessness, he was still a little frightened.

“Who are these people behind you?” Dongfang Bubai couldn’t be bothered to listen to his nonsense, so she interrupted him and asked.

Song Qingshu lowered his eyebrows and stood aside, as if he was the real Director Yang. He quietly looked at the people who Dongfang Bubai pointed at, and noticed one man with a tall frame, long face, and a face as pale as snow, as if there was no blood at all. Compared to the complexion of a normal human his face was so pale that it was enough to scare people, like a zombie who had just emerged from the grave.

Standing next to the man was a young man with a square face and thin lips. His face was quite heroic. He should be Linghu Chong. 

There was also a low-level cult member next to him. His skin was so white that it seemed almost transparent. Some of his skin was visible due to the clothes he was wearing, which resulted in his flushed cheeks. Who else could it be except Ren Yingying who had disguised herself as a man?

Song Qingshu could see through their disguise, so of course Dongfang Bubai could also see it, and she sneered, “Elder Ren, I originally thought you were a hero, but I didn’t expect you to act like a lowly weasel.”

Seeing that the other party had already figured out his identity, Ren Woxing looked up to the sky and let out a long laugh. He shook off the clothes of the low-level cult member on his body, then looked at Dongfang Bubai and angrily said, “Thief Dongfang, you locked me away that day at the bottom of the West Lake. I bet you never imagined that there would be such a day as today?”

Xiang Wentian also got up from the stretcher, and together with Linghu Chong, he took out his weapon from the stretcher. Then he walked to the other side, aiming at Dongfang Bubai with a dignified expression.

“This Seat allowed you to save your life in the West Lake of Hangzhou. As the saying goes, there is heaven above, and Suzhou and Hangzhou below. The scenery of the West Lake is famous around the world, and that is also the best place to enjoy the scenery of the West Lake. I didn’t expect that not only are you not grateful, but you are full of resentment towards This Seat.” Dongfang Bubai shook her head, apparently she was feeling very sad.

“Bah!” Ren Woxing laughed in anger, “So you locked me at the bottom of the West Lake, where I couldn’t even see the sun, and it was supposed to be a good life!”

Dongfang Bubai said, “At least This Seat didn’t kill you, wasn’t that good enough? As long as I ordered the four friends in Jiangnan not to give you any water to drink, could you even endure  ten days or a half months?”

Ren Woxing snorted coldly, “Don’t think I don’t know what your plan is. For more than ten years, you have made Heizi use every other means to deceive me into telling you about the Cosmic Absorbing Power, so naturally you won’t let me die.”

“Elder Ren is as observant as ever, and I really admire you for that. I didn’t expect you to see it right from the beginning.” Dongfang Bubai said that she admired him, but her expression remained as usual. She probably never expected that Heizi could really deceive him.

“If I were really that observant, I wouldn’t have been usurped by you, a traitor. If I have to talk about admiration, you are the person I admire the most.” Ren Woxing said through gritted teeth.

“Elder Ren is being humble. You definitely realized that something was wrong back then, so you were uneasy and kindly passed the “Sunflower Manual” to me. You wanted to harm This Seat, but you didn’t expect This Seat to attack first and succeed.” Speaking of what happened that year, Dongfang Babai couldn’t help releasing a trace of bloodlust.

“Hahaha, speaking of the Sunflower Manual, since you’ve really practiced it, I’m afraid that you’re no longer a man or a woman.” Ren Woxing said with a smile, “If you want to practice that thing, you have to swing the sword from the palace! Dongfang Bubai, you are really good.” His voice revealed endless mockery and contempt. (G: The sword from the palace refers to the castration process of the court eunuchs.)

Song Qingshu’s heart jumped when he heard it, and he glanced at Dongfang Bubai, ‘I have clearly touched her soft bouncy mounds, and in this world riddled with flat chests, that’s a rare treasure! But, do I really have to take off her pants to finally determine her gender?’

Dongfang Bubai glanced at Ren Woxing disdainfully, “How can a layman like you understand the truth behind the transformation of heaven and man and the growth of all things mentioned in the manual?”

Ren Woxing suddenly frowned, “Dongfang Bubai, I haven’t seen you for more than ten years, why are you getting younger and younger? Could it be that the Sunflower Manual really contains ancient methods of self-cultivation as rumored?”

“If the elder is interested, I can bring the sword from the palace. I will let you practice it to return the favor for that day.” Dongfang Bubai showed a smile.

“Bah!” Ren Woxing scolded angrily, “I don’t want to become a monster that is neither male nor female.”

Dongfang Bubai’s gaze turned cold, and everyone only saw a flash of pink go past them. It seemed as if his body hadn’t moved at all, but with a thud, Shangguan Yun fell to the ground. 

Shangguan Yun still had his sword in his hand, his body swayed a few times, then he tilted forward, fell to the ground, and did not move at all.

Although it had only been a moment since he fell, Ren Woxing and other experts could see it clearly. There were small red spots on the center of his eyebrows, on his left and right temples, and the four large points in the middle of his nose. Blood had started to ooze out from those spots. He was clearly stabbed by the embroidery needle in Dongfang Bubai’s hand.

Ren Wuxing felt terror in his spine, and he unconsciously took a few steps back. Linghu Chong pulled Ren Yingying with his left hand and placed himself in front of her. The room turned silent for a while, and no one took a breath.

Ren Woxing slowly pulled out his long sword and said, “I didn’t expect that the Sunflower Manual was so powerful.”

Dongfang Bubai had returned to her original place, playing with the embroidery needle in her hand at her own leisure, “Shangguan Yun thought of relying on you and dreamed of becoming a dragon, but he didn’t expect that you would use him as a shield in a critical moment without hesitation.”

It turned out that taking advantage of the laid back atmosphere just now, Dongfang Bubai had suddenly launched an attack. With his long sword still in its sheath, Ren Woxing was unable to defend with it in time, and poor Shangguan Yun, who thought that it was safer to stick with Ren Woxing, was used as a meatshield.

Ren Wuxing also felt ashamed, but luckily, apart from Dongfang Bubai, the rest were basically people close to him, and he didn’t worry about today’s events spreading out.

Linghu Chong was also horrified, thinking that the best way to deal with Dongfang Bubai would be to first make him lose his composure, and then look for some flaws in his moves. He looked up at Song Qingshu standing in the corner, and said with a smile, “Your Excellency is a dignified master of a faction, but what is the use of your martial arts and dignity, when you still have to obediently lie under that little pretty boy over there. And hope that he will take pity on you. Hey, just thinking about it makes me disgusted, you really are an embarrassment to all the men in the world.”

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