Chapter 158: The two greatest techniques

“Ehh?” Song Qingshu finally realized what it meant to be shot while lying down, but when the scene that Linghu Chong just described appeared in his mind, it really didn’t seem all that bad.

However, to Dongfang Bubai it didn’t sound as good, her face flushed red, then suddenly a red shadow flashed, and an embroidery needle shot towards Linghu Chong. 

Linghu Chong had originally said those words to provoke her anger, and seeing her waving her sleeves, he immediately stabbed at her throat with his sword. This sword stab was extremely fast, and in the eyes of outsiders, Dongfang Bubai seemed to be blocking the tip of the sword with her needle. But at that instant, Linghu Chong felt a slight pain on his left cheek, and maneuvered the long sword in his hand to the left.

It turned out that Dongfang Bubai was so fast, it was beyond belief. Like a flash of lightning, she stabbed at Linghu Chong’s face with a needle, but because of the previous injuries, her reaction was still a little slower than usual. If the needle managed to hit, Linghu Chong would be dead, but she would also be seriously injured, so she had no choice but to retract her arm and use the needle to block Linghu Chong’s sword.

“Nine Swords of Dugu… What is your relationship with Feng Qingyang?” Dongfang Bubai asked while tidying up her clothes.

“This Linghu comes from Mount Hua Sect, and today I want to take revenge for Uncle Feng.” In reality, Linghu Chong was pretty spooked, and realized that he had encountered a powerful enemy he had never faced before in his life. So, he sent four sword strikes in a row, all pointing to the opponent’s vital points.

“Feng Qingyang was not my opponent, so what can your half-hearted Nine Swords of Dugu do?” Dongfang Bubai sneered, her figure flashed left and right, up and down, as she sprinted towards Linghu Chong. Her movement caused all four of the sword strikes to miss. 

Linghu Chong stared at the flashing shadow, and the embroidery needles flashed in all directions. He realized that there was not even a single flaw in her movement. He knew that at this moment, he should never allow her to gain momentum. So he immediately let out a shout and slashed straight at her head with the long sword. 

Dongfang Bubai grabbed the embroidery needle with her right thumb and forefinger, and with an upward movement, she blocked the incoming sword strike, and the long sword could no longer cut down.

Linghu Chong felt his arm going slightly numb, but when he saw the flashing red shadow, he sensed something poking straight at his left eye. At that instant, there was not enough time to block the needle, and there was not enough time to dodge. He thought that life would end here. Noticing that the situation was going south, Ren Woxing and Xiang Wentian used their longsword and soft whip to attack at the same time. Dongfang Bubai frowned and had no choice but to give up and take defensive measures.

The world’s three great masters joined forces to fight. It could only be imagined how powerful the momentum really was. Yet, holding an embroidery needle between her two fingers, Dongfang Bubai’s visage kept flashing between the three of them, retreating like lightning, and she showed no sign of defeat.

The three masters attacked fiercely, stabbing at all the vital points on Dongfang Bubai’s body. But her figure was akin to a ghost, erratic— flashing past like a light smoke. The two swords and the whip always remained a few inches away from her body.

Suddenly, Xiang Wentian let out a cry, closely followed by Linghu Chong, and the two got pierced by needles one after another. 

Although Ren Woxing’s “Cosmic Absorbing Power” was very powerful, Dongfang Bubai’s speed was extremely fast and that made it difficult to land a hit on her. Secondly, the weapon she used was an embroidery needle, which made it almost impossible for him to absorb any internal energy. 

After fighting for a while, Ren Woxing also let out a cry, and his chest and throat were stabbed with needles. Unfortunately, Dongfang Bubai was injured by Feng Qingyang’s innate sword qi. She was able to exert strength into the opponent’s body for a few moments, but it was still not enough to kill them, as she also had to block the fierce offensive of the other two masters. 

Therefore, although Ren Wuxing and the others were stabbed again and again, they were not seriously injured.

Ren Woxing, Xiang Wentian, and Linghu Chong continued shouting ceaselessly, with anger and panic in their voices. The three men constantly checked their own internal energy level. Their internal energy was about to run dry but Dongfang Bubai wasn’t showing any signs of being exhausted at all. 

Ren Yingying was watching everything from the side, and she realized that if this stalemate persisted for a long time, the three people would eventually be exhausted, and they would surely die under Dongfang Bubai’s needle.

Looking around, she noticed Song Qingshu, who was standing not far away, staring at the fight with concern on his face. Ren Yingying thought about something and then started to slowly approach him.

Song Qingshu watched as Dongfang Bubai was besieged by the three great masters. Although the situation looked a bit dangerous, he knew that she would not be defeated that easily.

Then, Song Qingshu suddenly noticed that Ren Yingying was sneaking towards this side, and he immediately realized what she was thinking in her head. He hesitated for a while, and did nothing in the end.

Ren Yingying came closer, then suddenly put the dagger in her left hand on Song Qingshu’s neck and threatened, “Hurry up and stop Dongfang Bubai.”

Song Qingshu raised his hands and pretended to surrender, “Okay, okay, take it easy.”

Ren Yingying was worried that Dongfang Bubai would suddenly attack, so she slowly moved behind Song Qingshu, held the tip of her sword against his back, and made him stand in front of her to prevent Dongfang Bubai from suddenly rushing over.

“By the way, beauty, what do you plan to do with me, is it something lewd?” Song Qingshu suddenly turned around and looked at her with a smile.

“You’re courting death!” Ren Yingying’s pretty face froze, and she stabbed at Song Qingshu’s thigh with her sword.

Song Qingshu felt that he had acted enough, and with a flicker, he immediately took action. Ren Yingying suddenly felt a numb pain on her waist, and fell back as if she had no strength. Song Qingshu had already sealed her acupoints .

“Why are you so careless?” Song Qingshu hugged her tender body and blew a breath in her ear.

Ren Yingying suddenly turned red to her neck, feeling ashamed and angry. All her life, she had been a high-ranking saint in the cult. She had a special status in the Sun Moon Holy Cult. Naturally, no one dared to disrespect her. When she was usually with Linghu Chong, she would feel ashamed and angry for a long time if he spoke even a little frivolously. But, Song Qingshu flirted with her in such an unscrupulous manner.

As Song Qingshu held the jade-like figure in his arms, he felt the sweetness of her scent, the coolness of her smooth skin, and he forgot to speak for a moment.

“Shameless! Let me go now!” Ren Yingying bit her lip and deliberately lowered her voice, worried that she would cause Linghu Chong and the others to be distracted.

“Let you go? How can I be willing~” Song Qingshu smiled, “As the saying goes, good fortune takes turns. You wanted to force me to scream just now, and now it’s my turn to force you.”

“What do you want to do?” Ren Yingying’s face suddenly turned pale.

Song Qingshu said, “It’s nothing, I just want you to scream and share your sorrow with your father or your Brother Chong.”

“Don’t even think about it!” Ren Yingying knew that they were already at a disadvantage. If they were to be distracted because of her, they would immediately be killed by Dongfang Bubai.

“Then, this is what you forced me to do. Do you know what kind of martial arts techniques I am good at?” Song Qingshu rolled his eyes and whispered in her ear.

“How would I know!” Feeling the breath he exhaled, a rush of goosebumps appeared on Ren Yingying’s delicate skin.

“I know quite a lot of martial arts, but the one I’m good at is the ‘Blood-washing Iron Spear’ technique. Of course, in this situation, it would be a little inconvenient to use it. But I have another technique, it’s called the ‘Dragon Milking Palm’. You should help me evaluate my mastery in it.” Song Qingshu’s smile was full of evil intentions. (G: great naming sense!)

“Could it be that you belong to the Shaolin Temple…” Before Ren Yingying could finish speaking, she suddenly realized their nasty connotations and immediately shut her mouth in shame.

“You really won’t scream? If you won’t scream, I’ll really touch~” Song Qingshu’s right hand slowly approached one of Ren Yingying’s twin peaks, and stopped only a few inches away from the delicate and pretty thing.

Goblin: This chapter was hell to translate due to all the detailed fight scene. I did my best to help you visualize all the movements. I hope it helps.

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