Chapter 159: The great reversal

Seeing Song Qingshu’s hand getting closer, Ren Yingying’s breathing became more and more rapid, but despite this, she gritted her teeth and refused to make a sound.

“You really would rather be touched by me than scream?” Now it was Song Qingshu’s turn to be depressed.

“Go ahead and touch it. When my father and Brother Chong kill Dongfang Bubai, I will definitely cut your corpse into ten thousand pieces!” Ren Yingying’s pale face was full of hatred.

“Cut my corpse into ten thousand pieces?” Song Qingshu fell into a trance for a moment. This wasn’t the first time a woman had said something like this to him. Was he being too casual with women? After all, this was not the modern age where people were more open minded.

“Forget it. It’s fine if you don’t want to scream.” After hesitating for a long time, Song Qingshu’s hand did not press down, and he opened his mouth to call out to the people in the middle of fighting,  “Listen here Old Man Ren, Linghu Chong and Xiang Wentian or something. Now Ren Yingying is in my hands, if you don’t surrender, I will peel off a piece of her clothes every three counts to see how long she can last. Oh, by the way, beauty, how many pieces of clothes did you wear today? ” Song Qingshu finished his declaration, then asked while looking down at Ren Yingying

Before Ren Yingying could answer, Ren Wexing and the others stopped fighting in shock and anger, and cursed out loud, “You’re holding a woman hostage, how could such a thing be done by a gentleman!”

“A gentleman?” Song Qingshu laughed at them, “Former Cult Master Ren, you were a bonafide unorthodox Cult Master, and here you are, and you’re talking about being an upright gentleman, are you planning to join forces with those orthodox sects?”

“Father, Brother Chong, don’t fall for his tricks, he doesn’t dare to take off my clothes.” Ren Yingying noticed that Song Qingshu hadn’t really touched her just now, and knew that Song Qingshu’s words were mostly for intimidation.

“Really? I feel like my professionalism has been insulted.” With a crisp sound, Song Qingshu simply pulled off Ren Yingying’s light gauze skirt.

“Tsk tsk tsk, it’s quite fragrant.” Song Qingshu took a sniff at the tip of his nose, “Young Master Linghu, I’m afraid you haven’t undressed Miss Ren yet. I didn’t expect it to be the first. I’m really sorry.” After saying that he put his hands on Ren Yingying’s clothes again, making a gesture of wanting to pull.

“Ah!” Ren Yingying couldn’t hold it in anymore, a woman’s natural instinct made her let out a scream. The veins in Linghu Chong’s eyes almost burst open, and he swung his sword straight at Song Qingshu while ignoring Dongfang Bubai’s attack.

For a master like Dongfang Bubai, even a small flaw was enough to kill anyone, not to mention Linghu Chong’s guard was wide open at the moment. Dongfang Bubai’s white jade-like palm lightly pressed struk his back. Linghu Chong spurted out a mouthful of blood and fell to the ground. He tried to stand up several times, but fell down again and again.

Due to the gap created on Linghu Chong’s side, Xiang Wentian and Ren Woxing were also attacked one after another. 

Xiang Wentian was stabbed in the chest with a needle from Dongfang Bubai. He felt numb all over his body, and his soft whip fell to the ground. He couldn’t muster the strength to fight again. 

Ren Wuxing was injured even more seriously.

When Dongfang Bubai was attacking Linghu Chong, he finally found a chance, and hit her shoulder with a palm strike, and immediately began to use the Cosmic Absorbing Power. But Dongfang Bubai swiftly shot a needle into his right eye. Ren Wuxing turned pale in shock, withdrew his palms and quickly retreated. With a bang, his back hit a wall and knocked down half of it. If he hadn’t retreated in time, the needle would have pierced his brain. If that happened, it was inevitable that he would lose his life. But even so, his right eye went blind, his face got covered in blood, and his overall combat power decreased down to less than 30%.

Dongfang Bubai hit three top masters in a matter of seconds. However, her shoulder was hit by Ren Woxing’s Cosmic Absorbing Power just now. At the moment, her True Qi had almost run out, and it was inevitable that her breath would get disoriented. But, the price her opponents paid today was probably far more than her.

Looking at Song Qingshu, Dongfang Bubai was about to say something, but the roof of the house suddenly shattered, and a black shadow wearing a ghost mask struck down with a descending palm.

At the moment, Dongfang Bubai had exhausted almost all her strength, and she didn’t have any time to recover.  She could only raise her palm to receive the attack in a hurry, and her blood spurted wildly due to the clash. The black shadow was relentless, he sent kicks after kicks one after another all aiming at Dongfang Bubai’s chest.

Song Qingshu didn’t have the mood to hold Ren Yingying hostage at that moment. He hurriedly ran over using the Traceless Sand Treading Steps, grabbed Dongfang Bubai’s waist with one hand and put her behind him, and used the Proud Dragon Repents to counter attack.

The Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms was known as one of the strongest techniques in the world, and the Proud Dragon Repents was one of its most powerful moves. Song Qingshu was confident that facing this move, if the opponent did not retreat, he would be seriously injured.

Unexpectedly, the enemy remained unmoved, and without dodging or avoiding, he stretched out his palms to receive Song Qingshu’s attack. The palm strikes connected. Song Qingshu felt that his palm strike was rendered null by an unusual soft force, yet his opponent’s palm strike retained its momentum. As he was hit by the palm strike on his chest, Song Qingshu felt like he was being electrocuted, and in the blink of an eye he was seriously injured.

The good news was that after Song Qingshu blocked the attack for a moment, Dongfang Bubai finally recovered some of her breath. And with a wave of her long sleeves, dozens of embroidery needles flashed ahead, aiming to riddle its target’s body with holes.

The ghost-masked man had to stop, then he quickly drew a large circle with his hands in front of him. The air seemed to freeze, then a wall of air visible to the naked eye appeared, and the embroidery needles shot by Dongfang Bubai were blocked by it. After piercing half an inch, the needles could no longer move forward. The ghost-masked man crossed his hands, and the dozens of embroidery needles were broken and scattered on the ground. And by the time he noticed, Song Qingshu had already fled to the back mountain while holding Dongfang Bubai in his arms.

The ghost-masked man had been planning this attack for a long time. He knew that if it wasn’t for the help of Ren Woxing and others, his sneak attack would not be successful and it would be almost impossible to get rid of Dongfang Bubai. He had to finish them today.

Song Qingshu sprinted through the mountains with Dongfang Bubai in his arms. Dongfang Bubai had suffered much more serious injuries than he did. And at the moment, she was in a semi-conscious state. 

After running for a while, he had to stop. It turned out that as he was not familiar with the terrain in this area, he subconsciously ran towards a remote place, but now there was a cliff in front of them.

Being hit by the cold wind from the top of the cliff, Dongfang Bubai slowly woke up, glanced around, and a wry smile appeared on her lips, “I didn’t expect that, I, Dongfang Bubai, feared as invincible in the world, would die in the hands of a nobody.”

“The dignified leader of the Ming Cult can hardly be called a nobody…” Song Qingshu turned his head back to look at the way he came from, “Am I right, Zhang Wuji.”

The ghost-masked man took off his mask, and revealed a face with thick eyebrows, handsome features and eyes full of heroic spirit. It was Song Qingshu’s eternal nemesis – Zhang Wuji.

“Senior Brother Song really has good eyesight.” Zhang Wuji glanced at Song Qingshu in surprise, “After what happened at the Lion Slaying Assembly, I didn’t expect that Senior Brother Song would not only recover his broken meridians, but also become a powerful master of martial arts.”

Song Qingshu couldn’t help but itch with hatred as he thought back to the matters on Shaoshi Mountain. Zhang Wuji had come to visit under the guise of treating him, but in fact it was all a ruse to get close to Zhou Zhiruo. 

“The heavens have eyes, so it gave me a chance.”

“Why is Senior Brother Song so full of hatred for this Wuji in his heart?” Zhang Wuji glanced at Song Qingshu suspiciously, and suddenly said, “No wonder…I thought Zhirou’s expression looked a little strange when I saw her last time, it seems that Senior Brother Song already knew about the things between me and her.”

“Bah!” Song Qingshu angrily cursed and spoke with a smug face, “Don’t speak as if you really have something going on with her. I wonder if she told you the truth?”

“What did you do?” Zhang Wuji was startled.

Song Qingshu ignored him and took the opportunity to quietly lower his head and ask, “Miss Dongfang, do you trust me?”

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