Chapter 160: Slap

Dongfang Bubai opened her charming phoenix eyes and looked at Song Qingshu carefully, then her lips slightly parted, “I never trust anyone…” Just when Song Qingshu was secretly feeling a little disappointed, she changed her words, “But today, I will trust you. Just this once…”

Song Qingshu was overjoyed, “Don’t panic if I do something strange later.” After speaking, he raised his head to look at Zhang Wuji, and showed a triumphant smile, “Zhiruo has become my woman.”

“She was originally your wife…” Zhang Wuji’s voice abruptly stopped, and he finally understood the meaning of Song Qingshu’s words. 

He thought back to the past, when he and Zhou Zhiruo once lived in another land, on an isolated island, and they had sworn to be with each other. 

However, at the moment, he felt like he was struck by heavenly lightning, and he just blankly stood there. His eyes lost their light, and he seemed to hear countless messy sounds in his head, but he couldn’t understand what they were saying. (G: Important plot point.)

Suddenly, Zhang Wuji woke up, and looked at Song Qingshu with a grim face, “Zhiruo never liked you, how could she do that with you? I was fortunate enough to witness the nasty behavior you did with Miss Ren just now. I think it must have been because you used some shameful and despicable means!”

“That’s just your wishful thinking. Zhirou is my wife, do we need to make such a fuss when we have fun in the boudoir?” Song Qingshu knew exactly how serious his injury was, and it would be unwise to continue to aggravate him, but the nature of man made him unable to let go of this opportunity that could destroy his rival in love.

“You’re courting death!” Zhang Wuji changed his usual gentle image and rushed over.

Song Qingshu took out his Wooden Sword and went up to meet his strike. Currently, he could be counted amongst the few most powerful martial artists in the wulin, and his skills in swordsmanship were almost back to its roots. Originally, if he had a fair duel with Zhang Wuji, even if he lost, it wouldn’t have ended that badly. It’s a pity that in the fight before, in order to save Dongfang Bubai, he had to hold her in one hand and receive the enemy’s strike with the other hand. In that fight, Song Qingshu had to match his speed with the opponent’s speed, move his palm forward, and then receive Zhang Wuji’s attack with a frontal collision.

Zhang Wuji was in possession of Nine Yang Divine Art, and his internal energy was probably one of the best in the world. In addition to that, his Heaven and Earth Great Shift was best at stimulating the potential of the human body, so he almost devastated Song Qingshu with that one palm strike.

Song Qingshu’s inner qi was already going haywire, so now he had to fight with the opponent only with his exquisite swordsmanship. However, he couldn’t even complete even one move with his Wooden Sword, it was all rendered null in mid way due to Zhang Wuji’s Heaven and Earth Great Shift. After a few moves, Song Qingshu understood that if he continued to fight any longer, both he and Dongfang Bubai would only end up dead on the spot.

So, he quickly sent a few sword strikes to force Zhang Wuji back, jumped beside Dongfang Bubai, and retreated to the edge of the cliff.

Zhang Wuji was not in a hurry to give chase, but wanted to slowly compel him, “Why is Senior Brother Song so desperate to jump off a cliff?”

Song Qingshu knew very well what was going on in his body, and there was still a seriously injured Dongfang Bubai with him. Even if he used the Traceless Sand Treading Steps, he wouldn’t be able to escape even if he wanted to run. He glanced down at the cold and windy cliff behind him, and smiled bitterly at Dongfang Bubai, “Why don’t we jump off the cliff.”

“Alright, I have been undefeated all my life, so I would rather let the heavens take this life back than die at the hands of ordinary people.” Dongfang Bubai knew that it might be hard for them to escape today, and the dignity of a master made her decide to jump off the cliff without hesitation.

“That’s not necessarily true.” Song Qingshu stretched out his hand around Dongfang Bubai’s waist and gently embraced her, “There is a saying, that in the wulin, there is a law that you will never die if you jump off a cliff. We can take a bet.”

Zhang Wuji knew that Dongfang Bubai’s original martial arts level was not under his own, and he was a little afraid of Dongfang Bubai and Song Qingshu’s dying counterattack. When he heard Song Qingshu’s words, he couldn’t help laughing, “Senior Brother Song, do you really think the reality is as beautiful as in that myth? Even if there is a deep pool below, any martial arts master who falls from this cliff of ten thousand feet will be turned into a puddle of meat all the same.”

“How would I know if I don’t try?” Song Qingshu looked at him indifferently.

“If you want to jump, just jump, I won’t stop you. If you die in my hands, Zhiruo might blame me in the future. But, you should rest assured, I will raise your wife. I will help you take good care of Zhiruo.” When Zhang Wuji heard that Song Qingshu had taken Zhou Zhiruo’s chastity, he already had murderous intentions in his heart. However, he still had some reservations about killing him and didn’t want to do it himself. He felt that it would be too lenient to let Song Qingshu just jump off a cliff and die, so he decided to insult him before he jumped off and vent out the anger in his heart.

Dongfang Bubai frowned as she listened to them speak. From the previous conversation between the two of them, she roughly understood that they were fighting over the same woman. However, she did not expect that Zhang Wuji, who was a dignified master of a faction, would say such things while disregarding his identity. And she thought to herself, ‘Could it be that men become so irrational when they are jealous?’

“Even if I turn into a ghost, I won’t let you go!” Song Qingshu stood on the edge of the cliff with his arms around Dongfang Bubai, turned around and gave Zhang Wuji a deep look.

“Those words are often spoken by the weak.” Zhang Wuji stood with his hands behind his back and smiled disdainfully.

Song Qingshu ignored him, grabbed Dongfang Bubai and jumped to the bottom of the cliff. Zhang Wuji frowned and ran to the edge of the cliff to take a look. He only felt relieved when he vaguely saw the figures of the two rapidly descending down the cliff.

“I didn’t expect that I would die with you.” Said Dongfang Bubai, as she heard the whistling sound of the wind in her ears. She then hooked Song Qingshu’s neck with both her arms and put her face on Song Qingshu’s chest. Although she was about to die, her expression remained indifferent and calm.

“A hundred years from now, when someone sees our skeletons, will they think that we are a pair of idiots who died for love?” Song Qingshu took out his Wooden Sword from behind his back, closed his eyes and felt the wind speed, while teasing the woman in his arms.

Dongfang Bubai didn’t get angry this time, instead she pursed her lips and smiled, “That doesn’t sound that bad. I’m going to die soon anyway, so let me tell you my name, that way there will be someone in this world who will know that I once existed…”

“Don’t be too busy with speaking discouraging words, hold on tight!” Song Qingshu shot the Wooden Sword forward, kicked the cliff with all his strength, and jumped to the edge of the Wooden Sword with the help of the rebounding force. 

Dongfang Bubai in his arms was horrified to find that after a violent swing, the two actually stepped on the Wooden Sword and flew in the air.

“Sword Flight? How could it be possible…” Dongfang Bubai muttered, with her eyes full of disbelief. That day, in the battle at the peak of the Forbidden City, Feng Qingyang performed the Sword Flight and gave her a huge shock. Her shock was so big this time because she had thought that Feng Qingyang was just pulling off a fancy trick. But now, the two of them were standing on the Wooden Sword, and although they were a little unstable, they were really flying forward!

“It’s impossible!” Dongfang Bubai thought she was hallucinating after being seriously injured, and gave Song Qingshu’s thigh a hard pinch.

“Ah!” Song Qingshu gritted his teeth in pain, and the Wooden Sword became unsteady. That caused their flight trajectory to deviate a bit, and it finally stabilized after a while. Song Qingshu viciously slapped Dongfang Bubai’s plump backside and said, “Woman, be calm, don’t cause any trouble right now!”

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