Chapter 162: Compelled

Looking down at her wet clothes, Dongfang Bubai felt shy for the first time in a long while. Usually, she was very careful about these things. She always had a layer of internal energy three inches around her body, which would prevent water from touching her body. Furthermore, even if she got drenched, she could naturally dry herself with her internal energy. But, unfortunately now that her internal energy was exhausted and she was in the middle of nowhere, she didn’t know what to do for a while.

“You should take off your clothes and let them dry. Now that you are seriously injured, you have no internal energy to protect your body. If you catch a cold, it may endanger your life…” Song Qingshu wanted to say more, but he noticed that Dongfang Bubai was already staring at him with a chilling gaze, “Are you thinking of taking advantage of me?”

“Uh, although I sometimes act a little bit sloppy, I’m still a gentleman in my heart. Even if I can’t be like Liu Xiahui, it’s not difficult to protect Jingniang for a thousand miles like Zhao Kuangyin.” Song Qingshu said with a serious expression. (G: Lui Xiahui was a man of eminent virtue, and it is said that on one occasion he had a lady in his lap without the slightest imputation on his moral character. Zhao Kuangyin was the founder and first emperor of the Song dynasty. He saved Zhao Jingniang, a beautiful teenage girl from kidnappers and protected her during her journey home.)

Dongfang Bubai stared at him, as if to distinguish the truth in his words. The night gradually fell, and a gust of cold wind blew, and both of them could not help shivering.

“If you don’t take yours off, I will take off mine. I don’t want to suffer from a cold.” Song Qingshu spoke through his trembling teeth.

Dongfang Bubai frowned, “Turn around!”

“Alright, alright, I’ll turn around!” Song Qingshu hung his shirt on the makeshift shelf beside the fire, of course, he was not so thick-skinned enough to take off his pants.

“If you look back, I will stab you to death.” Hearing Dongfang Bubai’s cold voice from behind, Song Qingshu waved his hand to signal that he knew.

Listening to the sound of a girl taking off her clothes behind him, Song Qingshu felt a strong impulse to look back in his heart. If he didn’t value his life, he would definitely look back to confirm whether Dongfang Bubai was a woman or a trans-woman. To be honest, for a while now, he always had a seed of doubt in his mind, worried that he was deceived by a trans-woman. If that happened, it would be really embarrassing.

It’s a pity that he couldn’t find a trace of true qi in his body now, and it would only be a matter of minutes for the seriously injured Dongfang Bubai to take him out. Otherwise, he would definitely take a risk, considering that she was also half-dead at this moment anyway.

In order to distract his mind, Song Qingshu asked, “Miss Dongfang, you wanted to tell me your name while we were flying, but unfortunately I didn’t have the chance to hear it. Can you say it again now?”

It immediately became silent behind him. Song Qingshu was quite disappointed, thinking that she had changed her mind and was about to find another topic, but he heard her quietly say, “Muxue, Dongfang Muxue.”

“Dongfang Muxue?” Song Qingshu’s heart moved, “I’m afraid you are not the real Dongfang Bubai.”

“Dongfang Bubai was my brother.” Dongfang Muxue slowly revealed her deepest secret, “At the beginning, he usurped the position of the Cult Master from Ren Woxing, and became obsessed with cultivating the ‘Sunflower Manual’. When I returned from my hometown, he took me to Heimuya, and asked me to disguise myself as him to handle the affairs of the Cult. We siblings looked a bit alike, and due to the prestige of the Cult Master, no one dared to look up at my face. After a few years, no one could see the flaw. I had to stay like that all day long, and over time, I have become the actual master of the Sun Moon Holy Cult.”

“Then where is your brother now?” Song Qingshu thought to himself, ‘One Dongfang Bubai was already so powerful, then wouldn’t two Dongfang Bubai break the balance?’

“Dead.” Dongfang Muxue said lightly.

“How did he die?” Song Qingshu already had a conjecture in his heart, but asked cautiously.

“I killed him.” Dongfang Muxue seemed as if she was talking about an ordinary thing.

“You had become the actual Cult Master of the Sun Moon Holy Cult, so naturally there was no need to leave another person in the world who would take everything from you one day.” Song Qingshu didn’t think of what she did as something surprising. In this world, for power, fathers kill their sons, and sons kill their father. So, what was so surprising about this? 

In fact, he would be more surprised if the dignified Dongfang Bubai did not have this kind of courage.

“I know what you mean by that.” Dongfang Muxue hung the clothes she took off on the rack, frowned and said, “But I did not do that for the position of the Cult Master. My brother was the person I loved the most, as long as he said a word, I would stand down. There was no such desire behind the scenes.”

“Then why…” Song Qingshu subconsciously wanted to turn around, and quickly stopped, almost making a big mistake.

Dongfang Muxue took a deep look at his back, and slowly put the clothes that she had just picked up to cover her chest back on the shelf, “If you dare to turn back again, don’t blame me for not remembering our previous friendship.”

“It was my fault… you continue.” Song Qingshu said with a wry smile.

“Everything was fine until the arrival of Yang Lianting. Before, you must have heard me mention the secrets of the Sunflower Manual. The first step is to swing the sword from the palace (to castrate oneself). My brother, he… after doing that, his beard gradually disappeared, and his voice changed. Along with his physical change, his temperament also changed. 

Since then, he did not love women and killed all his seven concubines, and… he had put his whole heart on that stinky man in Yang Lianting.” When Song Qingshu heard her mention Yang Lianting just now, he felt the deep hatred in her voice. He secretly clicked his tongue, and quickly asked, “What happened after that?”

“I never thought that my most beloved brother would become a woman one day. When I saw him lying in Yang Lianting’s arms so coquettishly—yes, when I remember his demeanor at that time, I can only use the word coquettish to describe it…I just felt like the heaven was falling apart. But even so, I didn’t give up on my brother, and begged him to drive away Yang Lianting whenever I had time. Until something happened later, which made me completely disappointed in him.”

“What happened?” Song Qingshu vaguely felt that something should have happened between Yang Lianting and her.

“One day, that Yang Lianting actually hit me.” There was a chill in Dongfang Muxue’s voice, “He hit me for failing in a certain task, so I ran to tell my brother. I thought he would recognize Yang Lianting’s true face, but how could I know that not only was he not angry, but he gave me a slap in the face.”

“The next day, my brother found me again and said that he couldn’t satisfy Yang Lianting because of his health, and because we looked a bit similar, he actually asked me to serve Yang Lianting in his place. Hehe, Song Qingshu, do you know? How cold was my heart at that time?”

“Dongfang Bubai was really the best among scu*mbags.” Song Qingshu couldn’t understand how he could push his own sister to his male pet. What kind of M attribute was this, he was even more perverted than Princess Jianning.

“It’s a pity that I couldn’t defeat him at the time. I knew that because of his temperament, if I dared to say no, he would definitely subdue me first, and then send me to Yang Lianting’s room. Thinking of the situation that day, I still feel terrified.”

“What? You…” Hearing her mention the matter of accompanying Yang Lianting, Song Qingshu felt anxious and was about to turn his head when a small pebble flew over, and Song Qingshu hurriedly apologized, “It’s just an unintentional reflex, you can go on.”

Dongfang Muxue was not in a hurry to talk about that, but brought up another matter, “Do you know why my brother didn’t kill Ren Woxing in the past?”

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