Chapter 163: A means of escape

“I always thought it was due to his… womanly compassion.” Song Qingshu hesitated, but still expressed his true thoughts.

“You make it sound so nice. After Brother had taken the place of Cult Master from Ren Woxing, it would be most logical to kill him off. But why did he keep Ren Woxing alive?” Dongfang Muxue snorted coldly, “Even if others don’t know it, how could I not? He did it to get his hands on the Cosmic Absorbing Power”

“Cosmic Absorbing Power?” Song Qingshu was really puzzled now, “Your brother had practiced the Sunflower Manual, and he still coveted the Cosmic Absorbing Power?”

Dongfang Muxue showed a sarcastic smile, “After he practiced the method, his personality became more and more like a woman. He was always annoyed at why he couldn’t be a real woman, until one day, Ping Yizhi proposed that he could perform a soul replacement on a woman…”

“Ping Yizhi, that famous murderer?” Song Qingshu recalled that Ping Yizhi used to be one of the four great physicians in the world. When his meridians were broken, he considered whether to seek medical treatment from him.

“That’s right, he was secretly a member of my cult,” Dongfang Muxue’s voice revealed a hint of dread, “He wanted to exchange the souls of two bodies, I feel horrified just thinking about it.”

“Could it really be done?” Song Qingshu thought to himself that even modern medicine couldn’t do it, and Ping Yizhi claimed he could, was he just bluffing?

“He did it!” Dongfang Muxue’s tone revealed both admiration and disgust, “He succeeded in swapping the souls of two cult members. When my brother saw it, he was overjoyed and decided to make Ping Yizhi help him swap his soul.”

“Cosmic Absorbing Power, could it be…” Song Qingshu suddenly realized why Dongfang Bubai needed the Cosmic Absorbing Power.

“Even though my brother wanted to be a woman completely, he couldn’t bear to abandon his status as a peerless martial artist. So he wanted to infuse his entire cultivation into that woman’s body using Cosmic Absorbing Power.” Dongfang Muxue nodded in approval.

“It’s a pity that Ren Woxing was not a person that could be easily deceived. He saw through his scheme at a glance. Although he didn’t know why Dongfang Bubai would want his Cosmic Absorbing Power, he knew that it must be nothing good. So he never gave it away.”

“Later, my brother became impatient, and went to look for the legendary Xiaoyao Sect (Carefree Sect)…”

“Xiaoyao Sect?” Song Qingshu exclaimed. Although he already knew that this world was a fusion of Jin Yong’s fourteen books, when he suddenly heard the intersection of characters in two different books, it still felt a little weird.

“That’s right.” Dongfang Muxue continued, “According to the records of the Sun Moon Holy Cult, the Cosmic Absorbing Power was born out of the Northern Darkness Divine Scripture from the Xiaoyao Sect. My brother couldn’t get the Cosmic Absorbing Power, so he put his eyes on the Northern Darkness Divine Scripture instead.”

“The martial arts realm of Xiaoyao Sect’s three old monsters— Tianshan Tonglao, Li Qiushui, and Wuyazi is unparalleled. I’m afraid your brother wouldn’t be able to get the Northern Darkness Divine Scripture from them so easily.” Song Qingshu kept evaluating the battle between the two sides in his mind. (G: you can go to FSM-wiki and visit Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils novel wiki to get a clear idea about these sects and characters.)

“I didn’t expect you to be so familiar with these martial arts secrets despite your young age.” Dongfang Muxue gave him a surprised look, “I only know that brother couldn’t find Wuyazi, and visited Tianshan Tonglao in Lingjiu Palace and Li Qiushui, the concubine of Western Xia’s ruler instead. He came back full of praise for their martial arts.”

‘Dongfang Bubai could even confront those two old monsters… hmph, Dongfang Bubai was also a monster himself.’ Song Qing cursed under his breath, then raised his head and asked, “What about the Northern Darkness Divine Scripture?”

Dongfang Muxue recalled, “After he came back, he went into seclusion for half a year, and then went out again. When he came back, he had already obtained the Northern Darkness Divine Scripture.”

‘What deal did Wuyazi make with him or was he murdered?’ Song Qingshu pondered, ‘No, theoretically, Li Qiushui should have also learned the Northern Darkness Divine Scripture.’

After hearing Dongfang Muxue talk about these past happenings, Song Qingshu was having a hard time believing them, and suddenly he thought of something, “Dongfang Invincible had obtained the Northern Darkness Divine Scripture, and the next step would be to find a woman as a cauldron. For him, this woman would definitely have to be very young and beautiful. Furthermore, she has to be able to please Yang Lianting in the future. If he wants to find a woman with a similar face, it would be even better…”

Dongfang Muxue’s expression turned grimm, she looked up at the stars, and fell into reminiscence, “You guessed it right, the woman he chose was me. Although he kept lying to me by saying that he chose Ren Yingying, but I knew in my heart that it was me. It had to be me.”

“You are brothers and sisters. So it would also make the procedure have less compatibility issues.” Song Qingshu knew that she was standing behind him right now, so he immediately made a joke.

“Ping Yizhi also told him the same. During that period of time, Yang Lianting continued pestering me, but every time I skillfully dodged it. When my brother obtained the Northern Darkness Divine Scripture, he wanted to spend some time with his lover, so he changed his previous stance and asked Yang Lianting not to pester me for the time being.” Dongfang Muxue sneered, she was very intelligent, and she had inferred all these things from all the clues throughout the years. The truth was probably not that far off.

“Afterwards, you attacked Dongfang Bubai?” Song Qingshu put himself into the situation she was facing at that time, and thought about how to avoid that poisonous hand, but it was so difficult that he couldn’t come up with a feasible plan.

“I didn’t succeed that day, and I was far from being his opponent.” Dongfang Muxue shook her head subconsciously, even though she knew that Song Qingshu had his back facing her and couldn’t see her, “And the secrets of the two Dongfang Bubai could not be made public. So I couldn’t use the power of the Cult.”

“Then why aren’t you dead?” Song Qingshu was still sweating because of her severe situation that day.

“That’s right, I was restrained by him later, and was locked in a secret room. Then he used the Northern Darkness Divine Scripture to transfer his entire cultivation into my body, and he instructed Ping Yizhi to swap our souls…” Dongfang Muxue deliberately stopped after speaking up to that point.

Song Qingshu was horrified when he heard it, and he could no longer keep himself from turning his head around, then pointing at her through his trembling lips, “You…you are Dongfang Bubai?”

Dongfang Muxue just wanted to play a simple prank, but she didn’t expect that Song Qingshu would have such an intense reaction. When she realized that the other party was about to turn his head, she turned around and covered her body tightly with her clothes.

“You’re courting death!” Dongfang Muxue’s willow eyebrows stood upright as she glared at Song Qingshu.

In fact, Song Qingshu had gotten his answer just from that brief glance. But, in order to hide his embarrassment, Song Qingshu quickly asked, “Who are you and what happened in the secret room?”

What happened in that room many years ago was one of the most proudest moments in Dongfang Muxue’s life. When she saw that Song Qingshu was full of curiosity, she temporarily suppressed her anger, and the corners of her mouth lifted up, “Guess~”

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