Chapter 164: Sister will help you

“Of course you are Dongfang Muxue.” Song Qingshu finally breathed a sigh of relief when he saw her inadvertently revealing a naughty expression. Even if Dongfang Bubai could swap his soul with a woman, he would not be able to imitate the tenderness inherent in a woman’s bones. No amount of acting would help.

“You sound quite sure of yourself.” Dongfang Muxue pursed her lips and smiled, “When my brother asked me to accompany Yang Lianting, after hiding several times in a row, I finally realized that it was not feasible as a long-term plan, so I quietly contacted Ping Yizhi in secret.”

“You went looking for Ping Yizhi?” Song Qingshu seemed to have a hint of enlightenment in his heart, but he couldn’t clearly see through it.

“Although I couldn’t hide all the time, I could try to get my brother to give up the idea of ​​​​having me sleep with that man. When Ping Yizhi told my brother that he could swap the souls of two people, his mentality changed, and his thoughts were no longer the same as before. He was no longer so keen to urge me to accompany Yang Lianting, but instead he thought that after he had a woman’s body, he would serve that man himself. Haha, how ridiculous, the dignified Dongfang Bubai acted like a jealous woman!” Dongfang Muxue’s laughter was full of sarcasm and ridicule.

“So you were colluding with Ping Yizhi from the start?” Song Qingshu asked.

“Not bad!” Dongfang Muxue smiled and nodded.

“Didn’t you say that Ping Yizhi successfully swapped the souls of two people?” Song Qingshu thought of a flaw, “Could it be that he really had this ability?”

“Swapping souls?” Dongfang Muxue sneered, “That was just my brother’s wishful thinking! I had long guessed from his usual long sighs that he had such thoughts. So, I contacted Ping Yizhi before him and asked him to approach my brother while claiming to be able to swap souls. As for the two cult members, I had been the Cult Master for so many years, and I naturally had a few confidants who were willing to die for me. My brother, he was looking forward to this in his dreams, and when he got to see it, he had no doubt…”

“But why would Ping Yizhi listen to you?” Song Qingshu couldn’t figure out this point. “Dongfang Bubai was the real Cult Master, so how could he be willing to take the  risk to cooperate with you?”

“Because I taught him the ‘Sunflower Manual’.” Dongfang Muxue’s casual words were like a bolt from the blue.

“What!?” Song Qingshu looked at her in disbelief. Despite having such a severe requirement, the Sunflower Manual was one of the most unparalleled treasures in the world of martial arts, and she actually gave it away just like that!

“Otherwise, what else do you think I could give him that my brother couldn’t?” Dongfang Muxue expressed disdain towards his reaction, “Back then, in order for me to impersonate him better, my brother also taught me the ‘Sunflower Manual’. Unfortunately, my practice time was too short, and I was not his opponent. So I had to do that as a last resort.”

“No matter how precious the Sunflower Manual is, it is nothing but an external thing. Song Qingshu, you have to remember that anyone who desires greatness has nothing that cannot be given up.” In Dongfang Muxue’s eyes, Song Qingshu has always been a little soft. So, for whatever unknown reasons, she decided to speak up and educate him.

Seeing that Song Qingshu was pondering, Dongfang Muxue continued, “The ‘Sunflower Manual’ was a martial art technique that people in the wulin dreamed of having. So, Ping Yizhi immediately agreed when he heard the proposal. He most likely knew that no matter how much he did for Dongfang Bubai, he would not get the ‘Sunflower Manual’.”

“If you want to practice this method, swing the sword from the palace…” Song Qingshu only felt a faint chill between his legs when he said these words, “Were you not afraid that Ping Yizhi would regret it after seeing this sentence?”

“I’m not that stupid.” Dongfang Muxue glanced at him lightly, “Although Ping Yizhi was over fifty years old, you men take that thing very seriously. So I didn’t dare to take the risk, and gave him the second half of it. I said I’d give him the first half after the matter was done.”

“You’re too evil..” Song Qingshu could only imagine what Ping Yizhi would think if he saw the words at the beginning of the first half, “Then you really didn’t give him the first half. Did you?”

“What do you think?” A faint smile appeared on Dongfang Muxue’s face.

“Of course you didn’t!” Song Qingshu shook his head and said with great certainty.

“Ping Yizhi lived for so long, he probably understood in his heart that I wouldn’t give him the secrets of the first half after the event. Unfortunately, he could not control greed in his heart. He agreed.” Dongfang Muxue smirked, “After the matter was over, he noticed that I hadn’t taken the initiative to mention the agreement, and he was worried that I would kill him to silence him, so he fled Heimuya overnight.”

“It was really a vicious move.” Song Qingshu sighed, “What happened after that?”

“When my brother woke up from his unconscious state and saw Ping Yizhi standing behind me, he was stunned for a moment. Then he showed a relieved smile. At that moment, he suddenly stopped being that monster dressed in women’s clothes, who was neither male nor female, he had recovered his previous state. He had become that brave and wise man in my memory. I still remember the last words he spoke…” Dongfang Muxue fell into her reminiscence, a trace of sadness appeared on her face, “Xiao Xue, your brother has always treated you like a child. Like a little girl who doesn’t understand anything. I didn’t expect that you have grown so much before I knew it. It’s good…very good. In the future, don’t lose the undefeated status of Dongfang Bubai.”

“After saying that, he died by severing his heart veins with his remaining power.”


Thinking about the silent passing of a great martial artist who shook the world for an era, Song Qingshu felt that the way of heaven was truly impermanent, and all the martial arts attainments would be nothing but a handful of dirt in the end.

“Since then, I have been Dongfang Bubai, and Dongfang Bubai is me. I have gained all my brother’s attainments, and I also practiced the Sunflower Manual. As our True Qi had the same origin, soon my martial arts improved by leaps and bounds. A few years later, it even surpassed that of my elder brother…” When Dongfang Muxue said these words, there was a chill in her voice. At that moment, Song Qingshu faintly had the feeling that the lovely girl who dreamed of touching the clouds would never come back.

“It’s a pity that you lost this time.” Song Qingshu didn’t want her to change back to the persona of Dongfang Bubai.

“Today’s humiliation, I will clear it when I get my revenge in the future. I will make sure that not even the chickens and dogs remain in the Ming Cult.” Dongfang Muxue was seriously injured by Zhang Wuji’s sneak attack, and finally had to jump off a cliff. This was probably the most humiliating day of her life.

Suddenly thinking of something, Dongfang Muxue’s expression became strange, “I listened to the conversation between you two on the cliff before, it seems that you both fell in love with the same woman?”

“It doesn’t count as love.” Song Qingshu said with a dark face, “Simply put, it was Zhang Wuji and the woman who were in love with each other, but because of various misunderstandings, the woman pretended to marry me in a fit of anger. I even took her virginity using unscrupulous means…”

“What’s with ‘this woman’, ‘that woman’, isn’t she Zhou Zhiruo, the head of the Emei Sect?” Dongfang Muxue pouted.

“How did you know?” Song Qingshu looked at her in surprise.

“After the Lion-slaying Assembly in Shaolin Temple, the bloody entanglement between the three of you had long been spread all over the world. As the leader of the Sun Moon Holy Cult, I have also heard of it. I just thought it was funny at the time, and I listened to it as gossip.” Dongfang Muxue said with a smile, “I heard that you were beaten by the Wudang Sect, and your meridians were completely destroyed. After this sister’s injuries are healed, I’ll take you to Wudang and help you take your revenge.”

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  1. Will the MC techniques even with cheat always be inferior? Because every time the author remembers that if it were used by someone else it would be better, he will create his techniques or he will stay Lower always ?

    1. No it won’t. He won’t be the protagonist otherwise. Remember, compared to others who have been practising for years, our MC has been practising for not even a year. Considering how powerful he is now, his speed of improvement is really fast.

      Remember, our MC doesn’t have that kind of OP cheat abilities. He just has the knowledge. He doesn’t have any cheats that allows him to become OP overnight.
      That’s why our MC uses his brain more than his fist. He knows that no matter how powerful a martial arts master becomes, he won’t be able to beat an army of tens of thousands. So, our MC is working hard to create his own faction.
      I hope I made it clear.

      1. So over time will he master the techniques to no longer be inferior to the owners of the original techniques? Ex: Dragon’s Fist, which he said can only use a fraction of the technique and if he fights the original user of the technique he would lose “miserably” ?

        1. By saying that, he means that his comprehension and practice of the technique was inferior to the original user who has practiced it basically all their life, so the power output would also be less powerful. Comprehension and practice requires time. The fact that he could use it as well as he could so quickly was due to his cheat.

          1. I understand, I was thinking that it would be impossible to master the technique because he said that the technique depended on personality and another thing that I forgot as I don’t read these old novels and in the new it all depends how high is cultivation

          2. This novel is more about practitioners than cultivators. You can see it as the beginning era of cultivation, where many cultivation techniques are beginning to take shape, it’s just that not many people know about it.

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