Chapter 165: Unplanned harem

“Although your Sunflower Manual is powerful, it may not be able to match Zhang Sanfeng’s century-old cultivation.” Song Qingshu smiled disdainfully.

Surprisingly, Dongfang Muxue did not get angry, but instead nodded, “Zhang Sanfeng established a sect under the name of a Shaolin traitor. For decades, all the enmity and grievances in the wulin have been blocked by him with one punch and one sword. It is hard to imagine how difficult that is. According to legend, Zhang Sanfeng had practiced his Pure Yang Infinite Skill to the realm of Condensed Purple Qi, and his Taiji Swordplay is unparalleled in the world. If I have the opportunity, I really want to experience it.”

“The essence of your martial arts lies in the word quickness, but Zhang Sanfeng is the best at using static constant deceleration and fighting quickness with slowness. If you two really fight, I don’t think you can win.” Song Qingshu shook his head.

“I haven’t been beaten yet, so who knows.” Dongfang Muxue didn’t argue, looked at Song Qingshu’s chest and frowned, “Your clothes are almost dry, you should put them on first.”

“You can throw it over here for me, it’s not convenient for me to go over here.” Dongfang Muxue was clutching the satin wrapped around her body with both hands, revealing only her snow-white and delicate collar bones, and her two slender legs were faintly visible. 

The visual impact made Song Qingshu’s heart beat faster.

Dongfang Muxue didn’t realize that Song Qingshu was having the urge to see if the satin on her body would slip off if she let go of her clothes. With her right hand still holding the silk and satin on her body, she pushed the left hand, and the clothes hanging on the rack were sent to Song Qingshu’s hands with a gentle force, “Turn around, I want to put on my clothes.”

“Ah!” Song Qingshu turned around in disappointment, picked up his clothes and put them on his body.

“Hmph, speaking of which, I haven’t settled that account with you yet.” Dongfang Muxue’s voice came from behind.

“What account do you have to settle with me?” Song Qingshu was stunned, “If it wasn’t for me this time, you might have been doomed.”

“Turn around!” Dongfang Muxue said angrily after she was finished wearing her clothes, “If it wasn’t for you, how could I be forced to have a duel with Feng Qingyang? As a result, I was injured by his innate sword qi, and my strength was greatly damaged, otherwise Zhang Wuji would have no chance to sneak up on me!”

“It was Feng Qingyang who asked you for a duel, how was that my business?” Song Qingshu said with a guilty conscience.

“You dare to act all innocent in front of me, where did all your bravery go when you said you wanted to be my man?” Dongfang Muxue smiled disdainfully, “Don’t think I don’t know about the affair between you and that little widow of the Yuan family.”

“How come you know everything.” Song Qingshu suddenly became depressed. How could he know that after Dongfang Muxue was molested by him when she was leaving the capital, she couldn’t calm down even after returning to Heimuya. So she sent her subordinates to secretly inquire about Song Qingshu’s information. The Sun Moon Holy Cult excelled in gathering information. So it was impossible for Song Qingshu to hide that he had accompanied Xia Qingqing to the Mount Hua Sect to find Feng Qingyang.

“I see that you have plans to bring that little widow into your bed.” Dongfang Muxue suddenly asked curiously, “I killed her husband, and if it were to happen that…you really became my man, what would you do with our relations?”

“Uh…” Song Qingshu was really stumped now, “I don’t know…”

“You don’t know?” Dongfang Muxue laughed in anger, “You dare to open a harem without thinking about anything?”

“What do you want me to do? I’ll do the deed first, then deal with that later.” Song Qingshu said directly as soon as he noticed that she was angry.

“Oh, quite bold! Now you are talking like a true man.” Hearing his words, Dongfang Muxue laughed, but her smile quickly disappeared.  “What will you do about the matter between you and Kangxi’s Concubine Mi? “

Song Qing spoke while feeling a little embarrassed, “I lied to you that night. That woman was not Concubine Mi, but… Xia Qingqing.”

“That little widow?” Dongfang Muxue was stunned and glanced at him in surprise, “I didn’t expect that I had been deceived that day…but that woman’s husband had just died, and she got in bed with you. She’s really not a good woman. You should just have some fun with her, don’t get yourself too involved.”

Song Qingshu knew that she had misunderstood, but it was inconvenient for him to explain, so he could only answer with a dry laugh.

“I’ll go check our surroundings first.” Dongfang Muxue stared at his wet trousers before leaving.

Song Qingshu knew that she was giving him the opportunity to dry his pants, and he showed an embarrassed smile.

Guessing that the time was almost right, Dongfang Muxue leisurely came back. By that time Song Qingshu had already put on his clothes and trousers. In order to lessen his embarrassment, he hurriedly asked, “How is it, is there a way out of the valley? “

Dongfang Muxue found a smooth stone, sat cross-legged, and replied slowly, “This place seems to be a fractured canyon, surrounded by cliffs and hills, fortunately, they are not too high. Tomorrow, my injury will improve a little, and we can go out with my movement technique. It shouldn’t be a problem.”

“Have you found any martial arts secrets or treasures?” Song Qingshu asked with bright eyes.

“Why are you asking this?” Dongfang Muxue was obviously taken aback.

“Didn’t we fall off the cliff and not die? According to ancient legends, the bottom of the cliff is often the burial place of some seniors. Don’t they leave secrets for future generations before they die?” Song Qingshu said as if it was natural.

Dongfang Muxue kept staring at him with a strange look, “Are you serious?”

Before Song Qingshu could answer, she spoke up, “I don’t know what you’re thinking about all day long. First of all, we had flown with the Sword Flight for quite a while, and this place is not at the bottom of the cliff. Secondly, even if there were some martial arts seniors who died over there, the martial arts secrets they left behind would not catch my eyes.” Dongfang Muxue calmed down her rapid breathing, “If I were to die here, I would never leave the Sunflower Manual for others. Even if I wanted to leave something behind, I would only leave a fake book, so that the so-called destined people can practice it and die, then be buried with me.”

Song Qingshu felt chills behind his back, and subconsciously took a step back and moved away from her, “You’re so black hearted that it’s probably been carbonized.”

“Thank you for the compliment.” Dongfang Muxue raised her eyebrows proudly as if she had heard the best praise. Of course, if she knew the meaning of carbonized like the later generations, she would probably be so angry that she would want to tear up Song Qingshu on the spot.

“Let’s talk about your injury.” Song Qingshu wisely stopped talking about this topic.

“Zhang Wuji is worthy of being the leader of the Ming sect. His martial arts realm is indeed very high. Even if I was not injured, it would not be easy to defeat him.” Dongfang Muxue inspected the situation in her body and said solemnly, “Before this, I had forcibly suppressed Feng Qingyang’s Innate Sword Qi, but this time he almost smashed my whole body with infuriating energy, and I no longer have the energy to suppress my previous injury. Now. my injury is much worse, I am afraid that within ten years, I will not be able to recover.”

“Ten years?” Song Qingshu exclaimed, if the word of this spreads out, with the grudges that Dongfang Bubai had forged over the past decades, he was sure that she would die in the hands of the unending attacks from vengeful people within a year. He could only vent his anger,, “Da*mn, that Zhang Wuji, why did he suddenly appear in the Blackwood Cliff?”

“The Ming Cult and the Sun Moon Holy Cult have the same origin. I can probably guess his purpose.” Dongfang Muxue calmly said.

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  1. It always gives me a laugh when they find a little bit of skin arousing. Also, why was he embarrassed of having his pants wet? Or did wet mean piss? Tftc.

    1. Wet clothes (specially silk) tend stick to the skin they are supposed hide and that makes the things underneath more visible…and guess what pants are supposed to hide.

  2. Dongfang Muxue is the second best girl after that milf …i think she’s very interesting,doesn’t have any love intrests and is ruthless and smart enough to match with mc

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