Chapter 166: Will you bite me?

“It’s good that we are on the same side now.” Song Qingshu looked at her with a wide-eyed smile.

“You’re barely considered a friend now, and there’s nothing wrong with telling you this.” Dongfang Muxue rolled her eyes, “Don’t be so proud and sit still.”

“You continue…” Song Qingshu also found a stone and sat down with his body half-reclined  and his hands behind his neck, as if preparing to listen to a good play.

“Speaking of which, the Sun Moon Holy Cult can be considered a branch of the Ming Cult. The first emperor of the Ming Dynasty, as well as many of the founding heroes, all came from the Ming Cult. After the founding of the Ming Dynasty, the emperor was somewhat wary of the forces of the Ming Cult, and formulated various suppression policies. Many Ming Cult members returned to the headquarters of Ming Cult, at Bright Peak in the Kunlun Mountains, but a considerable number of people were reluctant to part with the prosperity of the Central Plains, so they moved to Heimuya, Pingding Prefecture.” 

Suddenly Dongfang Muxue flicked her finger, several embroidery needles shot straight into the water, and created a loud noise.

“What are you doing?” Song Qingshu thought there was an enemy, but when he looked around, he couldn’t see anything except the sparkling water.

“I feel a little hungry. I was thinking about catching a few fish, but I didn’t expect to not hit a single one. Could it be that my aim has deteriorated after being injured?” Dongfang Muxue looked at her fingers in a daze.

After a moment of thought, Song Qingshu understood the reason, “It’s clear that you have never caught a fish before, did you shoot your needle directly at the head of the fish?”

“Naturally, a single needle through the brain also saves them from the pain.” Dongfang Muxue nodded.

“Because of the water, the head you are aiming at is not actually the head of the fish. You can try shooting their tails.” Song Qingshu suddenly felt a sense of superiority in terms of IQ.

“Why is it so troublesome!” Dongfang Muxue always felt that the meaning of Song Qingshu’s smile was not quite right. She lightly waved her wrist, and with a loud splash, she sucked several fish directly out of the water and threw them in front of Song Qingshu , “Here you go. Clean them up and prepare some grilled fish.”

“You’re really not being polite to me, haven’t you heard that saying— a gentleman stays far away from the kitchen, just to avoid more murders.” Song Qingshu kept muttering while looking at the few lively fat fish.

In a flash of cold light, a few embroidery needles shot into the fish’s brain, and the fish who were still alive and kicking just a moment ago, stopped moving.

“How can you be so indecisive as a man?” Dongfang Muxue’s tone was full of dissatisfaction, “Now that the fish are dead, go get to work!”

“I have my own set of rules.” Song Qingshu smiled lightly without defending. He took the fish and disemboweled them by the water, cleaned them up. When it came to killing, he didn’t want to kill, unless he felt it was absolutely necessary.

Glancing at him with satisfaction, Dongfang Muxue continued to explain, “Because the Sun Moon Holy Cult was split from the Ming Cult, the Ming Cult in Bright Peak often thought themselves to be the chief sect. However, the Sun Moon Holy Cult thinks that the other party was not qualified to intervene in its matters and internal affairs. Even after two hundred years, the contradictions and conflicts between the two factions have never stopped.”

“The Ming Cult has always wanted to gain direct control of the Sun Moon Holy Cult, but after a hundred years of development, the Sun Moon Holy Cult has already become a faction that is no less powerful than the Ming Cult. Coupled with the selfishness of the previous Cult Masters, they naturally did not want to merge into the Ming Cult and become its vassal. This time, it seems that the reason behind Zhang Wuji’s appearance in Heimuya is due to some kind of agreement between him and Ren Woxing. In order to regain the position of the Cult Master, Ren Woxing actually betrayed the interests of the Sun Moon Holy Cult, what a disgrace…” Dongfang Muxue sneered, obviously, she was extremely dissatisfied with Ren Wuxing for getting outsiders to intervene.

Song Qingshu used a wooden stick to skewer the fish, carefully grilled them on the fire, and kept flipping them, so that the fire could occasionally touch the fish meat, so as to avoid being burned by the open fire. Watching the skin gradually turn golden, Song Qingshu secretly swallowed, and asked with suspicion, “Zhang Wuji’s followers are hundreds and thousands in number, and they have been fighting for years in the Western Regions, Mongolia and Huibu, and they still have the desire to take over a faction in wulin?”

“A faction in wulin?” Dongfang Muxue sneered, “You must have underestimated the strength of the Sun Moon Holy Cult. The number of small sects and organizations under the Sun Moon Holy Cult is like the feathers on a peacock, and our followers are spread all over the world. The level of control of the Beggar Sect after their split is far inferior to my Sun Moon Holy Cult. As long as I want to, with a wave of my hands, I can gather a hundred thousand elite soldiers in Heimuya in a short period of time…”

“You have such power?” Song Qingshu was stunned, and a faint smell came to the tip of his nose. It turned out that he was so absorbed in the discussion that he forgot to flip the grilled fish, hurriedly took it down, and handed it to Dongfang Muxue.

Looking at the charred black fish skin with disgust, Dongfang Muxue tore open the charred side with her fingertips. She picked up the tender fish meat inside and put it in her mouth, then frowned, “It’s a bit fishy, ​​no salt at all…”

“You think this is your Chengde Hall?” Song Qingshu picked up another fish and continued to grill, “When are you going to return to Heimuya? Count me in then, and I’ll help you…”

“In the end, isn’t Zhang Wuji putting too much pressure on you?” Hearing his words, the lines on Dongfang Muxue’s face softened a lot, but her words were still extremely mean, “Thinking about it, if I were Zhou Zhiruo, and there was a man who held thousands of troops in his hand and could change the flow of the situation with his gestures, and on the other side was just a sloppy dog of the Qing Court with some martial arts skills. I would naturally choose the former without hesitation, let alone that man was still her former sweetheart…”

“Exposing people without exposing their shortcomings, hitting people without slapping their faces. That’s enough talk from you.” Song Qingshu looked at her while feeling depressed.

“I’ll just keep saying the things I want, what can you do to me?” Dongfang Muxue looked at him with a smug look, “Will you bite me?”

“If auntie can’t endure it, uncle won’t bear it either!” Song Qingshu threw the fish in his hand,  rushed over, grabbed Dongfang Muxue’s shoulders, and before her stunned eyes, he lightly bit that fair, soft and crystalline face. (G: Idiom.)

Dongfang Muxue finally reacted, her face suddenly flushed red, she raised her foot and kicked Song Qingshu ten feet away.

Song Qingshu slowly got up from the ground, spat out a mouthful of blood, and wiped the corner of his mouth lightly, unable to hide the smile on his face, “I have lived for so long, and I had never heard such a request, since that’s the case…how can I not satisfy you?”

“Are you alright!?” Seeing the blood dripping from the corner of Song Qingshu’s mouth, Dongfang Muxue secretly regretted her actions. She didn’t hold back the slightest in the kick just now. If she hadn’t been seriously injured today, that kick would have killed Song Qingshu long ago.

“I won’t die yet…” Song Qingshu coughed violently, and forced his trembling body to stand up. Then he spoke with a smug look on his face, “It seems that you are still reluctant to let me die after all.”

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  2. I like this story, but this fixation on not killing that the MC has is quite strange to me, a person living in this ‘modern’ world. If people tried to kill me, I’d kill them. Simple as that.

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