Chapter 169: Iron hook on slender hand

“Hey, hey, what’s all this nonsense about my strength in seducing women?” Song Qingshu protested with black lines on his face, “When did I ever seduce anyone?”

“That little widow of the Yuan family, how long has it been since her husband died, and she was put to bed by you… And Miss Ren, who has always been graceful and calm, also flushed red from a few of your few words.” Dongfang Muxue started counting her fingers, and began to list his accomplishments one by one.

“Okay, okay…” Song Qingshu wisely gave up on arguing with her about that issue, “Let’s find a way to get out of this valley first. It will be a great tragedy if Zhang Wuji decides to check and find us.”

“You aren’t able to use your internal energy right now, and you won’t be able to use your movement technique, right?” Dongfang Muxue found that there was no way out of the valley other than to climb out using the cliffs on both sides. It was causing her a headache .

Seeing Song Qingshu nodding, Dongfang Muxue stretched out her hand, grabbed his belt and flew out.

“Ah! My waist is breaking, my waist is broken…” Song Qingshu was lifted up by her in midair, watching himself getting further and further away from the ground, he gasped, and flailed his hands and feet everywhere.

Dongfang Muxue suddenly felt her thighs being hugged by him, but before she could scold the guy, his hands and feet had already become entangled, and he was hugging her legs tightly like an octopus with its tentacles. She felt her body fall, so she quickly pulled Song Qingshu into her arms, and coldly said, “You hugged my legs, are you trying to kill us both?” 

Even though there were many varieties of movement techniques, one had to use their feet, even if they were as light as a Swallow

“If you knew this, you should have hugged me like this from the start.” Song Qingshu breathed a sigh of relief, then he felt that everything he touched was so soft! After a moment of stunned silence, he was overjoyed, and immediately reacted, putting his head on Dongfang Muxue’s shoulder.

“Stay away from my body, you are not my male pet (gigolo), don’t act like a woman.” Dongfang Muxue felt a thin layer of goosebumps appear on the skin around her neck, and quickly dodged back.

“Sister, why don’t you consider accepting me as a male pet.” Song Qingshu’s eyes lit up when he heard this.

Dongfang Muxue was both angry and amused, and glared at him, “If you talk nonsense again, I will throw you down… ah…” When she was halfway through the sentence, she felt the hands around her waist becoming tighter. She felt a trace of heat coming from him, so she had to swallow the second half of the sentence, speed up and fly out of the valley.

“Have you not hugged enough yet? Let go!” Dongfang Muxue saw that he had not let go of her hands yet, and activated her True Qi. Song Qingshu only felt that his hands went numb, and he was pushed three feet away.

“Let’s talk about how to learn ‘Clear the Dust in the Wind’.” Noticing Dongfang Muxue’s dark expression, Song Qingshu hurriedly changed the subject with a smile.

Dongfang Muxue snorted coldly, turned around and walked towards the south. 

“Hey, wait for me…” Song Qingshu hurriedly chased after her.

Two figures, one red and one green, gradually disappeared into the woods.


Western Regions, Xingxiuhai. In a certain secret room.

In the central chair sat an old man with a goose feather fan in his hand. His face had a healthy complexion with a surprisingly youthful look, his head was full of white hair, and he had strands of silver beard under his chin. He was the very picture of an old master from legends.

“Hahaha, the poisoning skills of the Five Poison Cult are really extraordinary, but unfortunately it still can’t compare to this old man…”

Sitting opposite of the old man was a woman with phoenix eyes and long eyebrows. The woman was very beautiful, but there was a dark poisoned iron hook at the front end of her left hand. Compared with her fair and slender right hand, it created a strange contrast. This woman was none other than He Tieshou from the Five Poison Cult.

“This Concubine has long heard that the old master’s poison is amazing, and I have come to visit thousands of miles away with admiration in my heart. Does the old master usually greet visitors with such things as heart refining bombs, green phosphorus needles, and invisible powder?” He Tieshou used soft words, while acting coquettish.

“Hehe…” Xingxiu Sect Elder Ding Chunqiu said with a dry smile, “Since you are visiting sincerely, why do you have to use one of the two most powerful poisons of the Five Poison Cult? Dam*n that poisonous hand!”

He Tieshou calmly replied, “Oh, This Concubine heard that the old master was very interested in the most poisonous things in the world, and how dare I contaminate the old master’s eyes with ordinary poisons. So, I used the most powerful green silkworm. I did that as a show of respect, but didn’t expect that the old master’s attainment was unparalleled in the world, and it would be dealt with effortlessly. According to This Concubine’s opinion, Ouyang Feng’s title of ‘Western Poison’ should be the most appropriate for the old master.”

Ding Chunqiu’s expression brightened. He Tieshou’s words scratched the old itch in his heart. He always felt that he was the best in the world in poison art, but that reputation was given to Ouyang Feng. Once, he even set out to compete with Ouyang Feng, only to give up when he heard that the other party had gone to become a court official.

“Miss He is not wrong, but Ouyang Feng still has some skills. May I know why Young Miss decided to visit my Xingxiu Sect?” His expression became more friendly as he spoke.

It turned out that He Tieshou heard that Yuan Chengzhi was killed by Dongfang Bubai, and wanted to avenge him. So, she decided to compete with Lan Fenghuang for the position of the leader of the Five Poison Cult. She was winning, but Dongfang Bubai sent Qu Feiyan over to help. Although Qu Feiyan was young, as the only disciple of Dongfang Bubai, her martial arts was not weak. So, He Tieshou no longer had an advantage in terms of martial arts. Her side could no longer compare to Lan Fenghuang, and gradually fell into a state of disadvantage.

He Tieshou was considered a genius from the He family. She knew that in the long run, she would only be defeated, so she decided to seek external support. Ding Chunqiu was one of them, and He Tieshou hoped to use him to restrain Lan Fenghuang in the use of poison.

Hearing the other party’s intention, Ding Chunqiu was quite moved, and thought in his heart, ‘In recent years, I have encountered a bottleneck in the use of poison. I have long heard that the Five Poison Cult is good at using poison, and we are similar in many places, especially our teaching. Their Golden Silkworm Gu Poison is one of the top ten poisons in the world…’

However, Ding Chunqiu did not show these thoughts on his face. He kept his expression indifferent, and acted as if he was lacking in interest, “Xingxiuhai is quite far away from the Five Poison Cult, and this old man doesn’t have the time to run to help you fight for your profit.”

Ding Chunqiu’s attitude was not beyond He Tieshou’s expectations, she only smiled and said, “This Concubine naturally does not dare to let the old master run for nothing.”

Ding Chunqiu saw her coquettish demeanor, her eyes filled with spring, and there seemed to be a hint of hidden meaning in her words, so he frowned and said, “This old man has never been a womanizer. Besides, I’m old enough to be your grandfather…”

He Tieshou knew that her words had been misunderstood, so her face flushed, and she cursed inwardly, ‘This old man has been cultivating for so long, but his mind is full of filthy things.’

“Old master has misunderstood. What This Concubine meant was the most Yin and cold thing in the world – Ice Silkworm!”

“Ice Silkworm?” Ding Chunqiu was stunned for a moment, but as a master of poison, he quickly remembered the relevant information: Ice Silkworm, it had a very Yin nature, was highly poisonous, and was produced in the wilderness of the North. Feeding on leaves, the silk they produced was extremely tough. So much so that it can’t be cut by sword. It works far better than ordinary silk, when used as strings of the Guqin. However, it melts when it encounters fire.

“That’s right, after this matter is done, This Concubine is willing to give you the Ice Silkworm.” Seeing the expression on Ding Chunqiu’s face, He Tieshou knew that the other party had already become interested.

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