Chapter 170: Return to the right path?

“Are you trying to fool this old man?” Ding Chunqiu’s expression turned frosty, “Ice Silkworms are things that only appear in myths. Even if they exist, they should be produced on the snow-capped mountains in the extreme north. How could they appear in a warm and humid place like Yunnan?”

“This Concubine doesn’t dare to deceive the old master, please listen to me slowly.” He Tieshou gave a salute and calmly spoke, “The old master must know that our Five Poison Cult is best at refining Gu Poison, and the most poisonous thing is Gold Silkworm poison. We usually collect hundreds of insects at the Dragon Boat Festival and put them in jars to kill each other. A year later, the only thing left is a golden thing that looks like a silkworm, which we call the Gold Silkworm .”

“It is said that the poison of Gold Silkworms is invisible and colorless. The poisoned person will feel like thousands of insects biting all over their body. The pain is unbearable.

The method of making Gold Silkworms is handed down from generation to generation by the Five Poison Cult, and all the previous cult masters would create it through the same method. But when it was passed on to the previous cult master, she had a question in her heart. She asked herself, what if a hundred Gold Silkworms were to be put together to kill each other, what would they breed in the end?” He Tieshou deliberately stopped talking, and instead glanced at Ding Chunqiu.

“Could it be the Ice Silkworm?” Noticing her expression, Ding Chunqiu’s heart moved.

“That’s right!” He Tieshou nodded and continued, “The previous cult master didn’t even care about destroying Gold Silkworms, and she was able to create a thing of legends. But it’s a pity that the hard work of refining a hundred Gold Silkworms had exhausted her life force. When she was finally able to see the Ice Silkworms, she suddenly passed away with a smile on her face. Because the cult master was too dedicated to refining the Gold Silkworms, she had not designated the next cult master. Originally, among the next generation, in terms of martial arts and talent, this Concubine had the highest right to inherit the seat of the cult master. It’s a pity that when the cult master passed away, this Concubine was not in the Five Poison Cult, so some people with ulterior motives took the opportunity to support Lan Fenghuang as the next cult master…”

“Alright, this old man will help Miss He regain the position of the cult master, as long as Cult Master He doesn’t forget what she promised.” Ding Chunqiu was overjoyed. Most of his poisonous methods depended on the Great Divine Wood Cauldron (Shenmu Wangding) to refine poisonous insects. If he managed to refine the legendary Ice Silkworm, it is estimated that he would have no rival in the world.

“This Concubine doesn’t dare to deceive the old master.” He Tieshou pursed her lips and smiled.


“Bad brother, stinky brother, I even lost my favorite Lightning Sable because of you, but you only care about your own happiness. All you talk about is that Miss Wang all day long, and you don’t even think about me…” It was a dense forest in Yunnan and a sixteen or seventeen-year-old girl was wandering around in the forest. She was wearing a half-arm and chest-length skirt, her face was rosy, her mouth was slightly open, and she was very charming. Although she seemed to be expressing her dissatisfaction with her lover, her words did not have the viciousness the usual jealous women would have in their words, but instead she looked pure and innocent. (G: (貂) diāo – means sable or marten.)

It turned out that she was none other than Zhong Ling, the first girl Duan Yu met secretly in the “Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils”. But it’s a pity that the heavens liked to play cruel tricks on people, and she found out that Duan Yu was actually her own half-brother.

However, she had an affable nature and was not as extreme as Mu Wanqing. Although she was very sad at first, after a while, her heart became a lot lighter, and she accepted the fact that she was Duan Yu’s younger sister from the bottom of her heart.

Because she was distressed by the loss of her pet Lightning Sable, Zhong Ling decided to go to the forest nearby to see if she could find and domesticate a Lightning Sable cub again.

“Little sister, your brother may not want you, but I’ve been thinking about you all the time.” A familiar and sinister voice suddenly reached Zhong Ling’s ear.

Looking up, she saw a thin middle-aged man sitting among the trees. He was scratching his chin with his hand, and staring at her with burning eyes. Zhong Ling screamed in fright, and her voice was suddenly full of panic, “Yun…Yun Zhonghe, why are you here?”

“Our boss was invited to go to Yunnan, and we also came to help. I didn’t expect to be so lucky to meet Miss Zhong by accident. It just happened to raise some past memories, one is gentle and charming, the other is bright and beautiful. Ah, what virtue and what temperment! If I can be blessed with that good fortune, one day— I, Yun Zhonghe, am willing to kill the husband and take the wife!”

Looking at the charming Zhong Ling, Yun Zhonghe couldn’t help thinking of her mother Gan Baobao’s mature and full figure, as well as her delicate and moving temperament. As the mother and daughter’s appearances were quite similar, when Yun Zhonghe thought of the beauty, he felt a rush of heat rushing three inches below the navel, and thought in his heart, ‘If I can obtain these two mother and daughter and live happily in the Valley of Myriad Tribulations all day, I won’t even go looking for a prostitu*te, and I would return to the right path…’

“Help! Help!” Zhong Ling screamed and ran away, but it’s a pity that the realm of Yun Zhonghe’s movement technique was too high, and every time Zhong Ling ran a few steps, she found that Yun Zhonghe was already standing in front of her and smiled lewdly, “Little beauty, come to this brother’s embrace!”

After a few back and forths, Zhong Ling had almost run out of breath, her heart was turning cold, she grabbed a poisonous snake from her waist pocket and threw it at Yun Zhonghe.

Yun Zhonghe ducked within moments and said with a smile, “Snakes are inherently lewd. It seems that Miss Zhong’s hobbies are quite similar to those of mine.”

“Ah!” Zhong Ling was angry and scared, and subconsciously let out a scream.

“Shout! Shout! No one will come to save you even if you shout and break your throat.” As if a cat playing with its prey, Yun Zhonghe was not in a hurry, but instead started to tease at his leisure.

“My throat is broken! My throat is broken!” Zhong Ling was lost for words, and suddenly shouted again.

“Pfft~” Suddenly there was a coquettish laughter nearby. She had been watching for a long time, and she couldn’t help laughing when she heard Zhong Ling’s throat break.

“Who?” Yun Zhonghe was both surprised and delighted. He was surprised at the fact that the other party didn’t make a sound, and he didn’t notice her existence at all. He was also delighted to hear that person’s voice— so soft and tender, and its owner must be a very coquettish woman.

A woman in her early twenties flashed from behind a big tree not far away. She was wearing a gold ring, white clothes and was barefoot. She had an embroidered belt around her waist. At the moment her mouth, body were trembling like willow branches, which created a really charming and seductive aura.

“I didn’t expect that I, Yun Zhonghe, would be so lucky today.” When Yun Zhonghe saw her appearance, the lower half of his body was already ready to make trouble, but he suddenly noticed the dark iron hook on the woman’s left hand, his expression changed greatly, “You are, you are… “

“Fourth, don’t be rude to Cult Master He.” An extremely unpleasant voice sounded in the air. It was a few times more unpleasant than the sound of scratching a glass. Zhong Ling’s eyes trembled, and there were two men and one woman standing in front of her.

“Fourth Yun, you’ve become so thin, and you still think about women all day long. What’s so good about women? How can they compare to martial arts?” A man with an unusually large head smiled, his wide mouth showing a row of sharp white teeth. The man had a pair of eyes that were round and small, like two beans. He was of medium build, with a thick upper body and thin lower limbs. He had a mustache like a steel brush under his nose, and his chin was like the base of a halberd. The man had a yellow robe on his body, its length was only knee-length, and was of high-grade, which seemed very luxurious. But on his lower body, he was wearing a pair of coarse cloth pants, so dirty and ragged, that its color had become indistinguishable. This man was the third of the Four Evils, Yue Laosan.

Yue Laosan suddenly saw Zhong Ling’s appearance, and became furious, “Old monster Yun, it’s good if you want to bully others, but you actually bullied my little sister!”

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