Chapter 171: Gathering of Four Evils

“You have a sick mind! You were fooled into being an apprentice by a stupid boy, but you are still so loyal.” Yun Zhonghe and Yue Laosan never got on well with each other, and he said with contempt, “The most agonizing thing is— that stinky boy has ridiculous luck with women. Every time I see a random woman, she ends up being your little sister-in-law!” (G: Check the wiki.)

“My master is young and handsome, with a high level of martial arts skills. It’s not that strange for many women to like him. He’s not like you. You only know how to use force on women all day long, and why don’t you take a look at your wretched appearance! Which sane woman would like you?” Yue Laosan patted his chest and said in a rough voice.

“This Yun does not dare to say that he looks better than Pan An, but it is more than enough to surpass the likes of you!” Yun Zhonghe folded his fists and sneered. (G: Pan An or Pan Yue, was a prominent Chinese fu poet in the Western Jin dynasty. He was well known for his good looks from a young age.)

“You’re like a thin bamboo pole that doesn’t have even a few taels of meat on your body. How can you hope to compare with such a tall and mighty man?” Yue Laosan gave a swipe and put the Crocodile Scissors on the ground, and his eyes burned with fighting spirit..

Yun Zhonghe subconsciously retreated, then readied his Silver Crane Claws and focused on defense, “Why, want to fight?”

“Stop this nonsense, the boss has to talk about things with our guest. Do not let outsiders see us as a joke.” A pretty middle-aged woman next to them couldn’t stand their useless quarrel anymore. There were three scars on her left and right cheeks, which covered her whole face. Those scars seemed to hide endless sorrow and sadness. This woman was Ye Erniang, who had the title of “No Evil Left Undone” among the Four Evils.

Yue Laosan and Yun Zhonghe have always been in awe of their boss, and when they heard the words, they closed their mouths and looked at Duan Yanqing.

Duan Yanqing was a man who was completely disfigured, his legs were crippled, and his whole body weight was supported on two iron rods. He Tieshou also felt some sympathy, ‘Looking at his injuries, I don’t know what tragic things happened to him in the past. I only lost a hand, however, he also doesn’t have both his feet. Speaking of which, this guy has it even worse.’

“Cult Master He can rest assured. With the help of this Duan and my fellow companions, it would be easy to help you capture the Five Poison Cult.” Duan Yanqing spoke with overwhelming confidence. In terms of martial arts, no one in the Five Poison Cult could be his equal. The Four Evils had always been known for their high attainments in martial arts, and their multiple evil deeds had made countless masters in the wulin stay clear of their path.

“Haha, what big words!” Suddenly there was a sneer in the distance, and everyone heard the faint sound of flute. From afar in the woods, a group of people slowly approached, and when they came to a distance of ten feet, they stopped—- then sang in unison, “The old master of Xingxiu has come to the Central Plains!” After stopping, they began to beat the drums. After the drum beat three times, the sound of the gong was heard, and the sound of the drum stopped.

What everyone saw were— people, more than 20 in number, lined up in the northwest corner forest. Some of them were holding flute, gongs and drums, some holding long banners with things like “Great master’s martial prowess is vast”, “Great master’s martial prowess is boundless”, “Great master’s martial prowess shakes the world” written on them. 

Accompanied by the sound of flute, gongs and drums, an old man slowly walked out, and dozens of people lined up behind him in two rows. The old man had a youthful face, and the white hair gave him a kind-hearted aura—who could this be except Ding Chunqiu.

“Oh, are you doing things for this guy who plays and sings?” Yun Zhonghe was happy when he saw it.

Ding Chunqiu’s expression turned cold, and he waved the goose feather fan in his hand, and a cloud of green smoke was sprayed on Yun Zhonghe’s face. Duan Yanqing waved his iron staff, and a burst of infuriating qi spurted out, blowing the green smoke onto a nearby tree. As if the tree was splashed with acid, it immediately withered and turned black, which was really scary.

‘What a deep internal strength.’ Ding Chunqiu secretly admired the opponents strength after seeing the other party leap over, and he immediately waved his fan to meet the attack.

Duan Yanqing was afraid of his opponents poison skills, so he only used his iron stick to perform his “Yi Yang Finger”. (G: Yi means one.)

“Both of you are concubine’s distinguished guests, there is a misunderstanding, and I hope to stop.” He Tieshou raised her hand, and a dark red soft rope hit the middle of the two.

Duan Yanqing was famous as the leader of the Four Evils, and Ding Chunqiu was also famous for being a poisonous devil.

“Cult Master He’s soft rainbow spider rope really makes this one admire.” Duan Yanqing secretly thought that when he was her age, his martial arts skills were not as high as hers.

“Master Duan’s ‘Yi Yang Finger’ also broadened this Concubine’s horizons.” He Tieshou slightly smiled, “I’ll introduce the two of you. This is Senior Ding of Xingxiu Sect, and this is Master Duan, the first of the Four Evils.”

The two had already guessed each other’s origins in their hearts, and when they heard He Tieshou’s introduction, they put a calm expression on their faces. They bowed to each other as if they already knew each other.

“The two of you are unparalleled in the world. Originally, any one of you would have been more than enough to deal with Lan Fenghuang, but this Concubine knows for a fact that a lion should  always fight with full strength, even if it’s a rabbit. So, I invited you two at the same time to prevent any variables, and I hope the two gentlemen will not take offense.” He Tieshou gave a delicate salute, and Yun Zhonghe, who was standing beside her, was stunned, and thought, ‘Although this woman is missing an arm, that still doesn’t hide her charm.’

Ding Chunqiu nodded lightly, and secretly thought, ‘Anyway, as long as you give me that Ice Silkworm when the time comes, this old man doesn’t care how many people you invite.’

Duan Yanqing was also of the same mind. He was a martial artist who had been rampant in the world for a long time, plus with the help of the other three Evils and the Woeful Breeze, he was not worried about what would happen even if there were more people like this “Old Freak of Xingxiu”.

“Little sister, what’s your name? Just now, I saw you throw out a poisonous snake as a hidden weapon. This sister sees that you have great potential in poison art.” He Tieshou turned and asked Zhong Ling who was hiding behind her.

It turned out that after the Battle of the Valley of Ten Thousand Tribulations, Zhong Ling was always afraid of the Four Evils, and seeing Ding Chunqiu’s use of poison, she understood that he was also not a good person. However, when she looked at He Tieshou, even though the iron hook on her left hand was quite scary, she saw a joyful smile on her face. 

So, Zhong Ling judged that this woman was probably the kindest person among these people, so she subconsciously hid behind her. “Replying to this sister, my name is Zhong Ling. I have liked to raise some poisonous snakes and sables since I was a child. In recent years, I somehow also seem to be able to communicate with them.”

“Zhong Ling is indeed a good name. It suits you well.” He Tieshou was overjoyed when she heard about her talents. This Zhong Ling was born with the potential of a beast trainer. The Five Poison Cult was best at raising all kinds of poisonous insects. Her future would be limitless if she joined them, “This little sister, if you are willing to be my apprentice, I will teach you more skills, so that you won’t be bullied by some bad people in the future.” After speaking, she squinted at Yun Zhonghe.

Zhong Ling was most afraid of Yun Zhonghe. Seeing that his boss, Duan Yanqing, was somewhat respectful towards He Tieshou, she hurriedly agreed, “Disciple Zhong Ling pays respect to Master.”

“Congratulations to Cult Master He for receiving a good apprentice, but let’s go to the Five Poison Cult’s headquarters as soon as possible.” Ding Chunqiu felt a little impatient when he thought of the legendary Ice Silkworm.


“I’ve never seen an idiot with such a bad sense of rhythm as you…” It turned out that Dongfang Muxue had been trying to teach Song Qingshu the tune “Clear the Dust in the Wind” on the way to Yunnan, but she didn’t expect that he would fail to learn even after so long. Now that they had reached the boundary of Yunnan, Song Qingshu was still often unable to distinguish between Gong, Shang, Jiao, Zheng and Yu. That fact made Dongfang Muxue grit her teeth in irritation. (G: Ancient Chinese music is a mode composed of those five sounds.)

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