Chapter 172: The big devil

“It’s not my fault that I was born with such an insufficiency.” Song Qingshu revealed a faint smile beneath his helpless expression, and he thought of a story from his previous life.

In his previous life, Song Qingshu had a friend. When he was playing near the West Lake in Hangzhou, he encountered an event where a child was drowning. In a moment of desperation he jumped down to save him, but then he remembered that he couldn’t swim himself! 

Fortunately, a girl passing by jumped down and saved both him and the child. After he was rescued, in order to thank the girl for her life-saving grace, he invited the girl to have a meal, and after getting to know her, he begged her to teach him how to swim.

The girl also admired his dedication towards saving people, so she agreed. However, what they didn’t expect was that Song Qingshu’s friend’s ability to learn was so poor that he couldn’t learn how to swim even after a long time. In the end, it took him two full months to barely learn how to swim. During that time, the girl was teaching him to swim hand in hand, and eventually they fell in love.

Later, when Song Qingshu attended his wedding, the groom told the truth after a bout of drinking. The truth behind the matter was that the guy had actually learned how to swim in the very first week, but he pretended that he didn’t learn it just to stay with the other party. When Song Qingshu and others took this information to the bride, the bride smiled slightly and said, “I already knew that he was pretending.”

“They were really a pair of crafty people.” Song Qingshu couldn’t help laughing and scolding when he recalled what happened. Looking at Dongfang Muxue’s slender figure, he thought to himself, ‘Then what’s wrong with me being a bit stupid?’

The two walked all the way to the headquarters of the Five Poison Cult. Seeing that Dongfang Muxue never asked for directions, Song Qingshu asked in confusion, “Sister, have you been to the Five Poison Cult before?”

“Of course I’ve been there before, or how would I have a good relationship with Lan Fenghuang otherwise?” Dongfang Muxue remembered an old incident, and felt a little hot on her face.

It turned out that when Dongfang Muxue came to the Five Poison Cult in person as the Cult Master, Lan Fenghuang fell in love with her when she saw her handsome and charming temperament. The women from the Miao ethnic group have always been bold in their pursuit of love. So, one night Lan Fenghuang stripped off her clothes and ran to Dongfang Muxue’s room to warm her bed only wrapped in a thin blanket, making the always cold and dignified Dongfang Muxue blush in embarrassment. 

Accidentally, Lan Fenghuang came to know the truth that the cult master of the Sun Moon Holy Cult was actually a woman, and her face went pale with fright. According to Dongfang Muxue’s usual style, if someone found out this secret, she would definitely kill them. Even if the other party was also the master of a subordinate cult. 

But when she saw Lan Fenghuang’s pitiful appearance, and then thought that the other party only did it because… she fell in love with her, her heart softened and she let her go. Thanks to that debt of gratitude, Lan Fenghuang became extremely affectionate towards Dongfang Muxue. The two became like sisters in private, and then a rumor spread to the outside world that Lan Fenghuang had become the lover of Cult Master Dongfang.

Entering the Five Poison Cult’s sphere of influence, looking at the bodies of the Five Poison Cult members lying all over the way, Dongfang Muxue’s expression sank, “Something happened to Lan Fenghuang!”

“It seems that there are also disciples of other sects.” Song Qingshu observed the surroundings and noticed bodies of a few different faction members. The clothes of the Five Poison Cult members were very distinctive and recognizable, so it was easy to notice them.

“Let’s quickly go to the headquarters, I hope it’s still not too late.” Dongfang Muxue looked into the distance, a rare expression of anxiety on her face. 

“But your martial arts…” Song Qingshu didn’t finish speaking, but his meaning was already obvious.

“I don’t have time to care about those measly people.” Dongfang Muxue stretched out her jade white hand and grabbed Song Qingshu’s shoulder, and sped towards the headquarters.

The two of them soon came to a forest. The forest was so dense that sunlight could hardly penetrate it. Thick smoke lingered in the air, and it gave off a suffocating feeling. Dongfang Muxue’s voice sounded in Song Qingshu’s ears, “The reason why the Five Poison Cult is so mysterious is because most people can’t even find where it is located. The Wuxin Mountains in the Central Plains block the way. In addition, not only are the forests dense like a maze, but there are also poisonous insects and beasts everywhere, as well as a deadly miasma that can be found everywhere.”

“If the maze is formed by the trees, then can’t they find a way out by flying directly over the tree?” Song Qingshu was stunned, and couldn’t help but think of the Peach Blossom Island’s Mysterious Concealment Formation (Qimen Dunjia) technique. Could it be that this thing is something similar to that? (G: Belongs to an ancient Chinese divination tradition.)

“Have you forgotten the miasma in the woods?” Dongfang Muxue explained, “As long as the Mysterious Concealment Formation is set up, there must be clouds and mists to complement it. If you fly above, you will only see a vast expanse of white, you won’t be able to see the way at all.”

“It will clear out if I set it on fire.” Song Qingshu said while feeling a little depressed.

“Let’s not talk about the wet weather in Yunnan, which will make it difficult to set fire to the trees in the forest, and even if you managed to do that…” Dongfang Muxue laughed, “I’m afraid you yourself will suffocate to death in such a big dense forest.”

“It’s not difficult to get out of the maze. When you encounter a dead end, you just have to turn around and go back. When you encounter a fork in the road, you can always go right or left, and get out. I am not that worried about the formation, but I am concerned about another question. If this Wuxin Mountain is really as dangerous as you said, then why was it so easy for the foreign enemies to break in?”

“If my assumptions are correct, it must be He Tieshou, the traitor of the Five Poison Cult, who led the outsiders in.” Dongfang Muxue said in a deep voice. After leaving the forest, the two sped up and walked through the Holy Beast Pool, Dingshan Waterfall, and Wuxin Mountain. The Temple of Zhurong, the headquarters of the Five Poison Cult, finally appeared in their sight.


In the Zhurong Temple, Lan Fenghuang and Qu Feiyan stood side by side, looking solemnly at the approaching crowd behind He Tieshou. They angrily said, “He Tieshou, in order to seize the position of the cult master, you actually leaked the secrets of the cult to outsiders! Do you realize that this is a grave sin that amounts to death penalty from ten thousand snake bites?!”

“Lan Fenghuang, you don’t need to pretend to be the cult master. That position should have belonged to me in the first place. Back then, you stole the position while I was not there. It was also sin that amounted to death penalty from ten thousand snake bites.” He Tieshou walked out from the crowd, and smiled. She was in a good mood at the moment, given the fact that she was winning.

Lan Fenghuang sneered, “It was obviously because the two generations of saintesses from your He family were trapped in love. One caused the disappearance of the Five Poisons and Three Treasures, and the other was even more incredible, she completely disappeared from the wulin. You have such a disappointing history, so how dare the Cult let the women of your He family be the cult master? Now it seems that the women of your He family are indeed only driven by passion. I heard that your sweetheart Yuan Chengzhi was killed by Cult Master Dongfang, and you decided to do this for revenge, am I right?”

He Tieshou’s pretty face swelled to red, and Ding Chunqiu and Duan Yanqing behind her were also stunned, ‘I didn’t expect that this girl did this to offend Dongfang Bubai of the Sun and Moon Holy Cult. On the night of the full moon, at the battle of the Forbidden City, the Sword Saint Feng Qingyang, who was known as the number one sword master in the world, was defeated and disappeared. From that point onwards, Dongfang Bubai was already regarded as the number one martial artist in the wulin. It is really unwise to offend that big devil for a little profit.’

Thinking of this, both of them already had the intention of retreating in their hearts.

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