Chapter 173: Act like a tiger to eat the pigs

Now, apart from He Tieshou, the one with the most fighting spirit was probably Yun Zhonghe. As he looked at Lan Fenghuang’s smooth skin, big chest and thin waist, he already started to salivate. Looking at He Tieshou again, he was secretly surprised, ‘Could it be that all the Miao women look so alluring?’ 

Feeling the silence around him, he opened his mouth and said with a smile, “He he, Cult Master, you robbed me of a beautiful meat before, how about you give this woman surnamed Lan as a compensation to this Yun?”

Zhong Ling, who was standing on the side, saw Yun Zhonghe’s eyes turning towards her when he was talking, and subconsciously shrank behind He Tieshou. He Tieshou patted her little hand and said with a smile, “Our Cult Master Lan is not only alluring, but also really skilled. Her whole body is covered with poison, can Master Yun handle it?”

“As long as it’s a woman, get on my Yun Mou’s bed, and make sure that she wants to die, and will not think about Shu.” Yun Zhonghe said this, and the women present blushed and cursed inwardly.

Qu Feiyan angrily reprimanded, “Duan Yanqing, Ding Chunqiu, how dare you intervene in the matters of the Sun Moon Holy Cult, aren’t you afraid that the Cult Master Dongfang will visit you in the future?”

Although Ding Chunqiu and Duan Yanqing were afraid of Dongfang Bubai, the most important thing in the world was saving face. If the one saying this was Dongfang Bubai himself, then both of them would have run for their lives already. Now, in front of so many people, it was a bit hard for them to look weak, so they had to bite the bullet and say:

“No matter how powerful Cult Master Dongfang is, he can’t control my Western Xia’s Yipin Hall.”

“That’s right, although the Sunflower Manual of Dongfang Bubai is powerful, this old man’s Energy Transforming Great Art is not much inferior either.”

“Really?” At that moment, there was a cold snort from outside the hall. Ding Chunqiu and Duan Yanqing felt their hearts tremble and looked towards the source of the voice in surprise. They saw two young men walking in— one dressed in red with a handsome face, and a slightly sinister charming smile on his lips. The other one was dressed in green clothes, carrying a wooden sword on his back, and he also looked suave.

“It’s you!!!” The moment Yun Zhonghe saw Song Qingshu’s face, his expression greatly changed and he hurriedly whispered something in Duan Yanqing’s ear.



Lan Fenghuang and Qu Feiyan were overjoyed when they saw Dongfang Muxue.

“Dongfang Bubai?” Ding Chunqiu and the Four Evils felt their scalps turning numb when they realized who it was, and subconsciously took a step back. He Tieshou’s face also turned pale. She never expected Dongfang Bubai to appear here.

“Old Freak of Xingxiu, your tone is not small, but I would very much like to experience your Energy Transforming Great Art.” Dongfang Muxue walked towards the main hall without bothering with anyone’s opinion, no matter if it was the Four Evils or Ding Chunqiu, they all made way for her to walk. Lan Fenghuang wisely invited her to sit on the special seat of the Five Poison Cult Master.

Ding Chunqiu secretly complained, and had no choice but to smile, “Cult Master Dongfang must be joking, how dare I compare my Energy Transforming Great Art with the Cult Master’s Sunflower Manual! This time I’m just here to discuss and learn about some poison art with Cult Master Lan.”

“Oh?” Dongfang Muxue reclined on the seat and lightly said, “Since everyone has the guts to intervene in the internal affairs of the Sun Moon Holy Cult, don’t even think about stepping out of this place alive today!”

Song Qingshu on the side secretly broke into a cold sweat. Now that Dongfang Muxue was suffering from internal injuries, she could at most exert one or two percent of her original martial arts. However, he also understood Dongfang Muxue’s plan. It didn’t suit Dongfang Bubai’s character to be soft-hearted. If it aroused suspicion from the other party and made them aware of Dongfang Muxue’s injuries, these demons would attack immediately, and then two of them would be doomed. Their only choice was to make the other party not dare to act rashly.

Suddenly noticing that Ye Erniang’s hand was stealthily moving behind her back, Song Qingshu was startled, and hurriedly stepped forward and said, “Ye Erniang, you don’t need to secretly release the Woeful Breeze, if the dignified Five Poison Cult can’t even deal with this poison, it would be better for them to close down instead. And, Old Freak of Xingxiu, you’re the one who should be more careful of them.”

Duan Yanqing and others were shocked. He didn’t expect that this guy would even know about his trump card, the Woeful Breeze. Seeing that the other party had already seen through their plan, he quickly motioned Ye Erniang to cover the mouth of the bottle, so as not to poison the people on Ding Chunqiu’s side and harm his own strength.

“Yun Zhonghe, I let you go last time. I didn’t expect that you didn’t repent! Are you not afraid of fulfilling your oath? Are you not afraid that you would be struck by thunder?” Song Qingshu turned his head, stared at Yun Zhonghe and asked.

“Bah, I was careless last time, but this time it will not be so easy for you to get your way!” Yun Zhonghe said with a dry smile, and everyone in the audience could feel the nervousness in his words.

“It turned out to be Master Song, who defeated the Sect Master of Five Sacred Mountains Alliance Leader’s on Jade Emperor’s Peak. After I got to see you today, I have to acknowledge that you are indeed a young hero.” Duan Yanqing secretly complained in his heart. He had seen the martial arts of Chongxu and Zuo Lengchan. His own martial art was not too far behind them.

However, this Song Qingshu could easily defeat those two, so he judged that his own martial arts realm was beneath him. The sudden appearance of Dongfang Bubai was already quite despairing, and he brought one more top expert! Duan Yanqing felt that next year might become his own death anniversary. But he was a peerless killer after all, knowing that there was no way out, he aroused the fierceness in his heart. He secretly readied his skills and prepared to fight to the death.

Ding Chunqiu noticed Duan Yanqing’s expression and had an estimate of Song Qingshu’s strength, then thought in his heart, ‘I didn’t expect that in the Central Plains, in addition to Qiao Feng and Young Master Murong, there is another such master in the younger generation!’

“Cult Master Dongfang, I want to seek a small favor with you, how about letting these people live?” Song Qingshu noticed the fierce light in Duan Yanqing’s eyes, turned to look at Dongfang Muxue and smiled.

Dongfang Muxue was quite impressed that Song Qingshu was cooperating with her without any prior arrangements, and she found this matter of pretending to be a tiger to eat the pigs quite interesting. So, she quickly suppressed her laughter and said with a dignified expression, “Why?”

“Cult Master Dongfang must know that the Emperor sent me to recruit experts from the wulin for the newly created Pole Arms. But unfortunately, after all this time, only small fish and shrimps have been recruited, and there are no real masters. Old Freak Ding and Master Duan are both masters from the wulin. The Emperor would be overjoyed if they join the Pole Arms. I wonder how the two of you feel about that?” Song Qingshu turned his head to look at Ding Chunqiu and Duan Yanqing when he said the last sentence.

“This Duan already works for the Western Xia’s Yipin Hall, how can I work for two countries?” Duan Yanqing snorted coldly, and he temporarily put down his desperate thoughts, completely unaware that the situation had changed completely.

“I’m used to being free, and I’m also not used to serving anyone.” Ding Chunqiu narrowed his eyes and said indifferently as he leisurely fanned the goose feather fan in his hand.

If the two were not worried about Dongfang Bubai, when they heard what Song Qingshu said, they would have attacked long ago. 

In the past, Dongfang Bubai had gone to the Lingjiu Palace on Mount Heaven and the Palace of Western Xia in order to find the Northern Darkness Divine Scripture, and there,  he fought against both Tianshan Tonglao and Li Qiushui. As a disciple of the Xiaoyao Sect, Ding Chunqiu of course knew just how powerful those two masters were, and after seeing that both of them were defeated by Dongfang Bubai, he realized that he really had no chance against such a monster.

As for Duan Yanqing, Western Xia’s Yipin Hall was founded by Li Qiushui. As a veteran in the Yipin Hall, he naturally knew how unfathomable her martial arts realm was. At that time, when Dongfang Bubai and Li Qiushui fought at the Palace of Western Xia, he witnessed the whole process. For a long time after that, Dongfang Bubai’s unpredictable martial arts made it hard for him to sleep at night.

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