Chapter 174: Taking advantage of the danger

“Both of you will be masters of the same faction, so how could this Song limit your freedom? Just look at Cult Master Dongfang, who is also a member of the Pole Arms, do you think that we would treat him like a normal subordinate? If the two of you join the Pole Arms, you will be hired as guest ministers like Cult Master Dongfang, and you will not be controlled by the Pole Arms at all. When the Pole Arms needs your help, it is up to you to decide whether you will help according to your own situation. Of course, every time you decide to work, we will not treat the two of you badly.” Song Qingshu explained.

Ding Chunqiu was full of doubts, “Hey, is there still such a good thing? But Xingxiu Sect is miles away from your Manchu country, what’s the use of recruiting this old man?”

Song Qingshu replied, “To tell you the truth, the Qing Dynasty and Mongolia are now at a standstill, and many sects in the Western Regions such as the Snowy Mountain Sect in Lingxiao City have turned to Mongolia, and the power of the Court there is weak, so the Emperor ordered me to do my best to find ways to expand the power of the Court in the Western Regions.”

“As for Master Duan,” Song Qingshu turned to look at Duan Yanqing and said, “Western Xia and Mongolia have been at war for years. As the saying goes, the enemy of an enemy is a friend. The lord of our country has long planned to form an alliance with Western Xia. If you take up two important positions of Yipin Hall and the Pole Arms, it will definitely become the most important link between the two countries, so why not do it?”

Seeing that Duan Yanqing’s expression was changing, Song Qingshu decided to add fuel to the fire, “The Pole Arms is the best at gathering information, so Master Duan will be able to find out about what he wants in his heart. With the help of the Pole Arms, if Master Duan wants to restore his former identity, it would not be that difficult to get back what you have lost.”

In the past, the traitor Yang Yizhen rebelled, and Duan Yanqing, who was the prince, was chased and hunted, making him look like a horrid ghost, and the throne also fell into the hands of Duan Zhengming’s bloodline. After listening to Song Qingshu mention that matter, his eyes suddenly turned fierce, “Okay, after this Duan returns to Western Xia, I will report the alliance to the lord. As long as the lord nods, this Duan will join the Pole Arms.”

Ding Chunqiu didn’t expect Duan Yanqing to give in like this. Knowing that he might be doomed, if he became alone, he said decisively, “Since Young Master Song has sincerely invited me, it would be disrespectful for this old man to not obey. It will not be difficult for this Old Man to help you hold back the rebel forces.”

Although it might seem like it took a long time, from the appearance of Dongfang Bubai to Ding Chunqiu and Duan Yanqing’s defection, just a stick of incense time had passed, and by the time He Tieshou could react, it was already over.

However, He Tieshou was not someone so simple. She made a decisive decision and ordered everyone in the family, “Go!”

Ding Chunqiu and Duan Yanqing looked at each other, nodded, and then went out to confront He Tieshou and her forces, “Cult Master Dongfang, Young Master Song, we joined the Pole Arms, and we have not done anything of distinction, it is really shameful. Therefore, we will take care of He Tieshou first today as a meeting gift. I hope the two of you don’t take offense.”

“We will hold them back, miss!” There were many loyal people in the He family. When they saw that the situation was not good, they quickly sacrificed their lives to hold Ding Chunqiu and Duan Yanqing. He Tieshou gritted her silver teeth and ran out.

Seeing the disciples of the He family standing in front of him, Ding Chunqiu used the Energy Transforming Great Art and rushed over. As soon as He Tieshou’s subordinates came into contact with him, they would become withered as a mummy. It looked horrific.

Duan Yanqing took the opportunity to tap his iron rod, and then passed the crowd, and with a Yiyang Finger, he pointed to He Tieshou’s back.

He Tieshou didn’t dare to stop at all, she parried his finger in an abrupt manner, spat out a mouthful of blood, and rushed out of the hall with all her strength. Duan Yanqing gave a wicked laugh and chased after her.

Song Qingshu and Dongfang Muxue looked at each other, smiled, and continued quietly watching the show. 

“Cult Master, should I go after He Tieshou?” Lan Fenghuang asked for further orders.

Dongfang Muxue shook her head. Now, she seemed strong only from the outside, and for the time being, although she had bluffed a few people, there was no guarantee that there won’t be any flaws in the future. So, she needed Lan Fenghuang in case of any unforeseen circumstances.

He Tieshou was desperately escaping through the forest, feeling that Duan Yanqing was chasing closer and closer, she couldn’t help showing despair, and smiled bitterly, “I didn’t expect this dead lame man to run so fast.” She turned around and planned to fight to the death.

Duan Yanqing was running extremely fast, and suddenly felt a scorching energy approaching his face. He hurriedly raised the iron rod in front of him, and with a bang, Duan Yanqing’s wrist went numb, and he slid back several meters.

Looking at the print on the iron rod, Duan Yanqing was shocked: “Yiyang Finger?”

He Tieshou turned her head in amazement, only to see a thin scholar walking out from behind her, “Can Master Duan make an assessment, how well have I mastered this Yiyang Finger?” 

If Song Qingshu and Bing Xue’er were present, they would definitely be surprised. This scholar was precisely the Murong Jingyue, they have been searching all this time.

“It’s you!?” Duan Yanqing’s eyes narrowed, and his face showed complete alertness, “I didn’t expect that your Yiyang Finger has reached the realm of the upper third rank, and the breakthrough to the second rank is not that far away.”

“It’s too cold-hearted to have such an attitude towards your savior.” The scholar said helplessly, spreading out his hands.

Duan Yanqing sneered and said, “Hmph, when you saved my life, I also taught you the secret of the Duan family in Dali, the Yiyang Finger, and I owe you nothing.”

It turned out that when Duan Yanqing was chased, attacked and was seriously injured, he thought that he had become a cripple and had no hope of returning to the country. He fell victim to his own heart demon, and almost gave up on life.

When the princess consort of Dali and Duan Zhengchun’s formal spouse Dao Baifeng discovered her husband’s extramarital relations, she decided to sleep with an inferior man to take revenge on Duan Zhengchun. It just so happened that she saw Duan Yanqing on the side of the road, so she took the initiative to undress and have s*x with him for the night. How could she know that her crazy behavior out of jealousy would rekindle Duan Yanqing’s fighting spirit and create a terrible enemy for the Duan family in Dali. (G: Dao Baifeng was the protagonist Duan Yu’s mother.)

However, although Duan Yanqing had regained his fighting spirit and no longer thought about death, his body couldn’t be healed. That’s when Murong Jingyue appeared and rescued Duan Yanqing in exchange for a condition.

Duan Yanqing had no choice but to agree, and for the first time in thousands of years, the Duan Family’s secret knowledge was leaked outside. He deeply hated Murong Jingyue for taking advantage of his misfortune, so he had never been grateful for the man’s life-saving grace.

“It’s okay, let’s not mention the past, but I’m going to take this woman away today.”

When Murong Jingyue glanced at her, He Tieshou felt cold all over her body, but she knew that there was no way out for her now, and it was better to be rescued by this person.

Duan Yanqing had a murderous intention in his heart, “It depends on whether your martial arts are as good as your medical skills.” After speaking, he waved his stick and attacked.

Murong Jingyue did not dodge or evade. He stretched out his hand and pointed at the tip of the iron rod, so that Duan Yanqing could not move forward.

“Miss He, are you just going to stand there and watch us spend our internal strength? Attack him with a few poisonous needles while he can’t move.” Murong Jingyue had a bead sweat on his temple, but spoke with a relaxed expression.

Duan Yanqing was shocked, and hurriedly withdrew the stick and retreated. Suddenly suffering from such a serious internal injury, he did not dare to stay, and quickly fled to the distance.

“Thank you, benefactor for helping me.” He Tieshou let out a sigh of relief and stepped forward to thank Murong Jingyue.

“I always receive payment for saving people.” Looking at He Tieshou’s graceful and full body, Murong Jingyue showed a sinister smile.

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